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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a serious issue in towns, cities and urban areas across the country. From small ‘tags’ to large scale murals, graffiti can have a serious impact on the aesthetics of a property. If it is not removed, graffiti can make the façade of a building appear uncared-for and the property itself look like it is in need of maintenance.

Our graffiti removal services make it easy for property owners and managers to clean the doors, walls and other external surfaces of their buildings. Quick and efficient, our cleaning services can remove graffiti and restore a wide variety of construction materials to their former glory.

Removing Graffiti from Domestic and Commercial Buildings

The paint and pens used to create graffiti are often chosen for their permanence. This can make graffiti very difficult to remove, especially for inexperienced contractors. In order to achieve good results and protect a building from future attacks, operatives need to use specialist tools and equipment and carry out the work thoroughly.


The key to effectively erasing graffiti and restoring the aesthetic appearance of a property is timing. The sooner graffiti is removed from the surface of a building, the better the result will be. This is because, over time, the solvents in the ink or paint will soak into the exterior of a property. The deeper these solvents are absorbed by the brick, stone, cladding or other materials, the harder they are to remove. Graffiti should always be cleaned off as soon as it is spotted. This ensures good results and a clean, tidy façade.


Specialist products make graffiti removal from cladding and other materials easier and more efficient. Using the correct chemicals and processes also ensures a good result from the clean as well as long lasting protection for the building. Spectrum operatives have access to a range of unique, patented tools that have been specially designed to effectively clean all types of external surfaces.

Our operatives use systems like DOFF steam cleaning to thoroughly remove graffiti from brick, stone, cladding and other materials. Spectrum cleaning teams also have extensive expertise in access, ensuring they are able to reach all areas of a building.


When paint or ink has soaked into the surface of a building, a solvent is often needed in order to remove it. Different paints and different surfaces require different solvents. Knowing exactly which chemicals to use helps our operatives to achieve outstanding results and protects the substrate from accidental damage. This expertise allows Spectrum to remove all types of graffiti from commercial and residential buildings.

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Why Use Us For Graffiti Removal?


No matter where the graffiti we cover a full spectrum of access ranging from rope access, BMU and cherry pickers, to our own in-house painted modular pole systems. We can access any area of your building in the most smart and cost-effective way.

& Experience

Spectrum's depth of knowledge and experience in this field and in the chemical combinations that can be used is extremely important, as different surfaces respond differently to different types of treatment. Spectrum treats every surface bespoke and will never recommend a chemical or treatment until the wall has been inspected.

High Temperature

Most contractors assume graffiti can be removed with high pressure washing, howevever, this can cause severe damange to a porous substrate. We use a high temperature low pressure steam to guarentee results every time.

Which Surfaces Can Graffiti
Be Removed From?

As long as the correct chemicals and processes are used, graffiti can be removed from almost any surface.


Brick is commonly used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. It is also used for boundary walls and other dividing structures. As brick is so common in the UK, it is one of the materials that our graffiti removal teams are most used to working with. Our operatives use a specialist solvent to loosen inks and paint from the surface of the brick before applying super-heated steam over the affected area. This makes graffiti removal from brick a lot more efficient.


If graffiti has been applied to a period property, it is important to use a gentle cleaning process to avoid damage to the underlying stone. Using a method like pressure washing would potentially damage the stone and may not remove all of the graffiti from its surface. Instead of jet washing, our teams use processes like DOFF cleaning to achieve excellent results every time.

Wooden Cladding

Wooden cladding is now commonly installed on builds across the UK. Like brick, wood often absorbs inks and paints and so solvents are required to extract the graffiti during the cleaning process. In most cases, our operatives are able to completely remove graffiti from all types of wooden cladding.


Although metal is less prone to absorption, expertise is still required to achieve good results from this type of graffiti removal. Our team will assess the metals used on the façade of the property before selecting the most appropriate cleaning techniques and chemicals for the job.

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What Can Graffiti Removal Be Used For?

Environmentally Friendly
Graffiti Cleaning Services

We know that the environment is important to many people, especially when it comes to using cleaning solutions outside. To reassure you, our products are environmentally friendly so that we can protect the environment and the surface being cleaned.


Using our experience to identify the substrate and required chemical we can ensure that not only is the graffiti removed but the surface is left undamaged.


After a graffiti cleaning service we can treat the area to prevent future issues.

Our Accreditations

What Our Customers' Say?


Block Management

As a Block Manager I look for reliability, integrity and professionalism, Spectrum have not only gone above and beyond, they keep surprising us each time! Lucian is always willing to help, he has an incredible charisma and I can't thank him enough for the support he has provided us at HAUS! I look forward to continuing working with Spectrum, and wish them continuous success!


Facilities Manager

Spectrum used a ladder-less gutter cleaning system which was able to reach our gutters approximately 12m above the ground. The ladder-less gutter cleaning method meant we didn’t have to hire a cherry-picker or scaffolding, which would have been expensive and time-consuming to install and use. Spectrum staff were able to show us video recordings of the inside of the gutters during and after the clean, and also emailed the footage to us once the work was complete. Spectrum have been professional, polite and thorough in their work and I would highly recommend Spectrum for their gutter cleaning service.


Site Manager

Spectrum provided a top-class service from the outset, at tender stage, through to the completion of the contract. The works required the use of both BMUs and rope access. To this end they provided operatives with an excellent knowledge of their working practice and whom performed in a safe and professional manner with courtesy at all times.


Property Manager

I am pleased to provide Lucian and his abseiling division at Spectrum with a reference for the Abseiling Services he has provided us with over the years. Lucian has conducted his business at Spectrum in a professional, honest and reliable manner. Lucian’s team have being efficient and very thorough in their work and I would happily recommend Spectrum for any of their abseiling services.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum are unique because of the range of services they provide. Their knowledge, how fast they respond to questions posed from residents and their can do attitude.


Procurement Director

Spectrum are friendly, get work done quickly and will always help to resolve an issue.


Site Manager

Spectrum provided a top-class service from the outset, at tender stage, through to the completion of the contract. The works required the use of both BMUs and rope access. To this end they provided operatives with an excellent knowledge of their working practice and whom performed in a safe and professional manner with courtesy at all times.


Property Manager

Spectrum have high levels of customer service. Speed in dealing with urgent jobs. Skill in carrying out works thoroughly to high standards including finding safe ways to access difficult areas.

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Recent Completed Projects

Window Cleaning and Coronavirus Cleaning for our Client in Hackney

+plus pointOur experience in access made it possible to carry out this work.

Why use Spectrum for Graffiti Removal from Render and other External Surfaces?

Spectrum has extensive expertise in cleaning all types of properties and all types of surfaces. Our operatives are able to select the best processes for each clean and achieve outstanding results on every project.

Access Guaranteed

Graffiti can appear anywhere on a property. In many cases, our operatives are required to clean graffiti from surfaces several storeys up, and from areas that are very difficult to reach. This is where our expertise in access is invaluable. Our operatives are able to use everything from rope access to BMUs and cherry pickers. In many cases, Spectrum graffiti removal teams use our own patented modular pole system. This dramatically increases their reach and allows them to clean many areas from the safety of the ground. Our expertise in access allows us to clean every corner of a building in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Knowledge and Experience

The chemicals used to remove graffiti from external surfaces are very powerful. It is essential that the correct chemicals, or combinations of chemicals, are used on every job. Using the wrong products can result in an ineffective clean and can even cause damage to the substrate.

Spectrum looks carefully at every surface before beginning a clean. This gives our operatives the opportunity to assess the surface and select the best product for the job. We take a bespoke approach to every project and never recommend chemicals or treatments until the property has been properly inspected.

A Long-lasting Result

Once graffiti has been removed from the surface of a building, our operatives will apply a specialist treatment to prevent future issues. This step helps to ensure our clients are able to enjoy a clean, graffiti-free façade for as long as possible.

To find out more about our graffiti cleaning services, or to discuss a project of your own, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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