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What Are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools? - Our Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

What Are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools? 


Gone are the days when we carried out gutter cleaning using a ladder, a pair of gloves, and some basic hand tools. Nowadays, gutter cleaning tools are state-of-the-art pieces of kit.

They are able to proceed without a ladder. There is much less risk involved, making the process much quicker. Additionally, they are also more cost-effective and make even less mess.


Staying on top of regular gutter cleaning is a must for any commercial or residential property. If you don’t, you could be looking at thousands of pounds worth of damage if they’re not regularly maintained. With this in mind, let us mention that regular maintenance isn’t just about cleaning. It is also about repairs, realignment, downpipe installation and fascia and soffit maintenance.


The question is, though, which gutter cleaning and repair tools do we use to ensure we are at the top of our game? Tools enable us to reach heights that many other cleaning services cannot, and at a price many others cannot compete with.


The Best Tools For Regular Maintenance Are Gutter Cleaning Vacuums


One of the factors to consider when planning your regular gutter maintenance is the best tool for the job. The second is how you will reach the guttering? If your property is one level, it can be more manageable.

However, when you need gutter cleaning tools for a second story, we say to be safe and call the professionals. We have the gutter cleaning tools to do the job much better than by hand and, most importantly, safely.


Gutters perform a primary function for your property. They channel the flow of rainwater from the rooftop via a downpipe to your drainage system. This makes it possible to protect everything from the roof, the walls, and even your building’s foundations. It will even help against the saturation of grass or plant-based areas surrounding the property.

The issue with guttering is that it’s prone to be filled with debris and often has poor access. This, in turn, means it is hard to remove without the use of specialist cleaning tools.


Whether it’s leaves, sticks, mould or even bee or wasp nests, if left to build and pile up, it becomes soggy and compacted, causing the water to lay on top with no way to drain. Where does the water go? It finds a new way and overflows, causing water damage internally and externally to the property. This is where our specialist gutter cleaning vacuum comes into play.


Introducing Spectrum’s Gutter Cleaning Vacuum


Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we have our own secret weapon designed and developed for our own needs and purpose. Our super-efficient gutter cleaner with a built-in vacuum makes it possible to reach all the hard to access areas which would not be possible with a standard suction gutter vacuum tool. There are other gutter cleaning vacuums on the market, but when considering the requirement for reaching buildings of up to eight floors from ground level, you know it needs to be some advanced kit.


What Is So Special About Our Gutter Cleaning Vac:


·Reaches heights of up to eight floors - some advanced gutter cleaning from the bottom up!


·No need for scaffolding or ladders, so there’s less expense and less potential damage.


· High-pressure cleaning and suction, which performs just as well at height as lower levels.


·Video and photography footage for quality control, providing proof that your gutters are clear.


·Mess free - debris is removed and collected in a dedicated refuge enclosure.


Cleaning your eight-story building’s guttering is no easy task. Even for experts like us, it has taken training in a whole manner of ways. Firstly, to ensure both staff and passers-by are safe and secondly in the vac system's manoeuvrability. It is an art form that we’ve mastered to leave those gutters clean and debris free.


Pioneers in Gutter Cleaning Methods


This is achieved through our team, who are fully qualified and experienced in the use of cherry pickers (also known as MEWPs), scissor lifts and specialist skills in abseiling.


Having the capability to use ropes means we can work in various environments on a wide range of jobs, specifically helping with gutter maintenance, leak detection, waterproofing, glazing, and banner installation. We can also use the same methods for additional support, such as bird proofing, specialist building cleaning, and general window cleaning.


Using ropes with a team of advanced trained abseilers is exceptionally economical. It takes fewer people to accomplish more tasks faster, which means minimal downtime and improved profits because of increased production. This technique is perfect for gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance.


You can watch a video of our team in action. It highlights the level of expertise required to master such heights with a cool head while paying your guttering the maintenance attention it needs.


To find out more about our gutter cleaning services or our gutter maintenance service, please get in touch. Call us direct on 020 3551 6206, visit our contact page or email We operate all over the UK, so our teams are available nationwide.

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