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When 3 Companies Couldn't Find An Access Solution We Knew We Had To Solve It!


Gutter Cleaning

 Inaccessible gutters were at last cleaned thanks to unique 3D printed tools.

The project at Island Row blocks in London focused on gutter repairs and gutter cleaning. Spectrum was asked by an existing client to clean and repair the gutters on their blocks. The gutters were overflowing with plant matter and other debris, and needed to be properly cleaned and unblocked.  

The Project

The client, a property management company, had previously employed other companies to try and clean the gutters. However, due to the very difficult access on the site, none of these companies had been able to complete the job.

As Spectrum has extensive expertise when it comes to specialist access, we were perfectly placed to take on the gutter cleaning and gutter repair on this project. As well as cleaning and repairing the gutters on the Island Row blocks, Spectrum was asked to carry out a survey on the buildings and check for any issues that required attention. The client asked Spectrum to quote for any repairs that were uncovered during this work. 

The gutter cleaning service was scheduled to take 3 days. This included the work to survey the blocks and repair any issues found. 

The Site

The main issue at the Island Row site was access. Other companies offering gutter cleaning in London had previously been asked to clean the gutters and check for issues on the site. However, thanks to the difficulties faced in accessing the guttering on the blocks, they were unable to take on the job.

Our patented equipment allows our operatives to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This makes it possible for our team to clean roofs, gutters and façades on buildings of all shapes and sizes.

The Logistics

As the access was the main issue at the Island Row site, the first thing Spectrum had to do was to look at ways of reaching the gutters on the blocks. Previously, other companies had tried and failed to access the gutters using standard methods. Their equipment had been inadequate for the job and the gutters remained full of plants, soil and debris. 

In order to reach the roofline, and assess the level of gutter blockage, we used a specialist 27-metre cherry picker, or MEWP. This extra-long arm allowed our operatives to safely reach the tops of the blocks, then inspect and clean the gutters. 

Previous contractors had attempted to use a gutter vacuum pole to clear out any blockages. However, this pole had also proved to be insufficient for the height of the building. To thoroughly remove all debris from the gutters, Spectrum used a specialist machine. This was necessary as the gutters were heavily blocked and needed to be cleared to prevent future issues. 

To give our operatives extra reach, we combined a range of techniques. Our team used a gutter cleaning pole — designed and 3D printed by Spectrum — while working from the basket of the cherry picker. This allowed our operatives to reach over lower parts of the roof to reach more elevated sections of roofing and guttering. They were then able to thoroughly clean the drains and remove blockages.  

By 3D printing our own specialist equipment, Spectrum is able to tailor our approach to each individual job. This patented system gives our operatives an enormous amount of flexibility and allows our team to take on jobs other companies are unable to tackle.

The process of printing the parts for our gutter cleaning pole took around 3 weeks to complete. Each unique component was individually 3D printed by Spectrum specifically for this job.

The Clean

The job of cleaning and assessing the gutters at the Island Row site was scheduled to take 3 days and all work was completed within the allocated timeframe. All defects found during the survey of the site were reported to the property management company for their records. 

Throughout the clean at Island Row, Spectrum had to draw on experience and expertise when it came to access and equipment. Our highly skilled team used a combination of specialist machinery and specially printed 3D tools to access and clean all of the gutters on the blocks. 

A unique gutter cleaning pole, designed and printed by Spectrum, was used in conjunction with an extra-long, 27-metre cherry picker. By combining these two specialist tools, our team was able to reach all corners of the site and ensure the blocks’ gutters were thoroughly cleaned.

 In order to ensure all work was done safely, we used operatives who were IPAF category 1b-, 3a- and 3b-trained for driving the cherry picker and operating specialist machines. This training ensured operatives were able to safely navigate the site and competently use the machines.

As well as cleaning the gutters on the Island Row blocks, Spectrum was asked to report defects to the property management company and quote for any repairs needed. As part of our value for care approach, our team actually carried out the repairs free of charge while they were on site. This saved the client a significant amount of time and money and minimised disruption to the blocks and their tenants.

In total, 5 repairs were identified and carried out by our specialist team. As our operatives always carry spare parts in their vehicles, they were able to complete these repairs while on site. By carrying out the work at the same time, Spectrum saved the client the cost of extra machinery hire and a separate visit.

Innovative Solutions for any Project

In order to achieve the best possible results on the Island Row blocks, Spectrum designed and printed our own unique pieces of specialist equipment. This allowed our operatives to access hard-to-reach guttering and thoroughly clean and unblock all gutters and pipes on the site.

The work on Island Row was completely quickly and efficiently. During the clean, our team identified faults in the guttering and repaired all the defects they found, saving the client time, money and disruption.

This project was a great example of innovation on the job and shows that, by using our specialist skills, expertise and equipment, Spectrum is able to take on jobs that would otherwise be impossible. Carrying out the required repairs during the clean shows that our team go above and beyond when it comes to delivering a great value service. Is also demonstrates the pride our operatives take in their highly skilled work.

Altogether, the job was a complete success and the client was very happy with the work we carried out and the result we achieved.

Creative Problem Solving

“We love being able to use our creativity to resolve access issues. This site was seen as impossible by other contractors, but the combination of the right machine and also our own gutter cleaning pole equipment made this job a huge success.”
- Managing Director Lucian 

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