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How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters? - Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?


How often should you be having your gutters cleaned? 

Gutter cleaning is essential for any home, but how often should you be having your gutters cleared? Here we will explain why it is so important and how frequent it should be.

Rain gutter cleaning is an essential part of your property's structure, whether it is your home that needs gutter cleaning or commercial property. Your guttering, in essence, protects bricks and mortar from water damage caused by leaks and overflow. Their function is simple, but the impact of blocked gutters and damage can cost owners thousands of pounds if they’re not cared for.

 In simple terms, it is just not worth the risk of leaving your guttering exposed to the elements without a bit of regular TLC.


What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

Gutters channel the flow of rainwater from the rooftop via a downpipe to your drainage system. The water is then, in most cases, entered back into our sewage system. These gutter types make it possible to protect your roof, walls, building foundations, and surrounding landscape. So, it’s super important to ensure they function as they are intended.

 Our gutter system cleaning experts have seen a range of situations occur due to a lack of regular gutter cleaning. Unfortunately, when you neglect your guttering, what should have been a relatively straightforward maintenance process can lead to an expensive nightmare. 

If a gutter system becomes clogged with leaves, sticks and/or other debris, you might be dealing with a leaky roof or substantial water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. It isn’t just the British weather's impact; gutters are also notorious for attracting pests such as rodents, mould, birds, or even wasp nests. 

 As well as these issues, clogged gutters can also cause weight strain on your roof and the fascia (the boards behind the gutters). If the gutters are too full, they could collapse off the roof of your home, causing damage to the shingles of the roof and the exterior of the property. 

 Either way, you could end up with an even bigger problem without regular gutter cleaning than needing pest control or a good gutter clear out.


How often should you clean your gutters?


We recommend that you clean your guttering twice a year, but it does depend on the area you live in. For example, if you live in a rural location surrounded by lots of trees and foliage, you might need to have the procedure more regularly.

As you can imagine, the weather will impact the timings of cleaning. In other words, it is better to opt for late spring when the weather has started to turn. Spring, in theory, brings with it much warmer spells and should be a much less windy period of weather.

Due to our climate, it is not possible to know for sure. This is a rule of thumb.

The second yearly clean is best done in autumn when we tend to see windy periods where nature encourages the trees to shed their leaves. It you're wondering how often should I be cleaning my gutters, this can also depend on the style of the property. All buildings have a range of gutter types based on when they were built. If they haven’t needed replacing since the build, older-style properties have different requirements. Historically, guttering was made from lead or cast iron, and PVC was introduced in the 1930s. It’s a much more versatile and practical material for managing different levels of water flow. No one job is the same due to the variety of materials. That then impacts the frequency of cleaning needed.


What about commercial gutters?

Most guttering is installed at height along the edges of rooftops and down steep walls, meaning cleaning these areas can be dangerous. This is especially true of large-scale commercial buildings, often made up of multiple storeys and limited access to high points.

Cleaning gutters is not as simple as you would imagine. The process requires removing blockages and debris at height along lengths of guttering, which often involves specialist safety and cleaning equipment. Here at Spectrum, we offer a professional gutter cleaning service that will keep all your building’s gutters in good condition and prevent water ingress at all weak spots. We can operate safely at height, with access specialists and safety equipment, making sure that everyone is kept safe at all times.

We can fix any small breakages or damage to the gutters, making sure that all fixings are in good working order and no leaks are visible – which also helps keep the building’s users safe.

Why use a professional like us for gutter cleaning?

There are many reasons to opt to bring in professionals, one of which is for safety purposes. Our team of experts are well trained in all safety measures to ensure customers' safety, themselves, and the building itself. Climbing a ladder without the correct equipment can be dangerous for a non-professional.

 This is where we bring in the latest in state-of-the-art rain gutter cleaning tools. In fact, our main gutter cleaning methods are without a ladder. We use a gutter-cleaning vacuum. The gutter cleaning vac is even more efficient than manual cleaning while keeping gutter cleaning costs low which is what sets us apart from other professional gutter cleaning companies.

When cleaning gutters, we will remove all dirt and debris then flush downpipes. Our gutter-cleaning vacuum will reach heights of up to eight floors. There is no mess as it sucks gutters clean using powerful wet and dry vacuum technology.

Besides horizontal guttering, the vacuum process can also clean downpipes that can be difficult to access using traditional gutter cleaning equipment. That means you will have no unseen blockages or build-ups catching you by surprise during a downpour.

Our vacuum is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it possible to access hard to reach areas at both domestic and commercial properties. It is even complete with a camera, so we can still see the guttering in full while we work and supply photos and videos as part of our final report.

We not only clean your guttering - but we can also offer gutter system maintenance. We can repair and replace guttering up to six floors high without scaffolding.

But don’t worry. We can still reach anything above this height.

How? Using our team who are fully qualified and experienced in the use of scissor lifts and our adventure seekers who are fully trained abseilers.

 What services we can offer:


Our Recap:

We can clean, repair and replace guttering up to six storeys high without the use of scaffolding. For high-rise buildings, our experienced team can use Scissor Lifts or Abseilers. When cleaning gutters, we will remove all dirt and debris then flush downpipes. With all our work, we supply photos and videos in our final report.

 You can find more information on what services we can offer for your building here.

To find out more about our gutter cleaning services or our gutter maintenance service, please get in touch. Call us direct on 020 3551 6206, visit our contact page or email We operate all over the UK, so our teams are available nationwide.


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