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The Ultimate Guide to Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Cleaning Guide

At Spectrum Specialist Support we are a gutter cleaning company with bundles of knowledge and experience when it comes to gutter cleaning and maintenance. After all, we have been in the business a number of years and have the client testimonials to prove our success. We want to share our knowledge. So, here’s our ultimate guide to gutter cleaning and maintenance.

What Is Gutter Cleaning And What’s Involved?

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is a must-do for all buildings. Whether you are a business-owner, or a homeowner it’s equally important. It is a simple principle -regular cleaning of your gutters will help ensure that rainwater flows from your roof into your guttering, and through the downpipe into the drainage system.
Guttering is notorious for being a debris catcher. The issue with guttering is that it’s prone to being filled with anything from leaves, moss, twigs and even growing grass, creating blocked gutters. Plus, it can be a perfect spot for nesting birds, insects and even rodents. 
If your guttering isn’t regularly cleaned and maintained it then gets harder to remove and will eventually guarantee water damage to the interior and exterior of the property. Without the use of regular cleaning and experts with specialist gutter cleaning tools, you could be looking at thousands of pounds being spent over the coming years on water damage repairs.

How frequently should your gutters be cleaned?

We’d suggest that you look to clean your guttering at once or twice a year as standard. However, it does depend on the area you live in. For, example if you are surrounded by lots of trees and foliage, you might need to look at having your gutters cleaned more regularly. The season changes will play a big part in the time of year you should have your guttering cleaned. Opt for late spring when the weather is starting to turn and then autumn. Autumn tends to bring the rain and wind even more which will result in your guttering filling with extra debris and water, more than any other time of year, especially with all the extra autumnal leaves shedding from the trees.

What Are The Different Types Of Gutters?

Guttering will change from building to building. It will depend on building age. For older properties and if guttering hasn’t been replaced in more recent years, it will be shaped slightly differently and made from different materials to that of today’s guttering. This does mean that no one job is the same and depending on how long the guttering has been left, the guttering material will have deteriorated at different levels.
Also, depending on the building structure, type of roof and also the age of the property will determine the type of guttering. The types of gutters we often work with include square line guttering, half round guttering, mini line guttering, valley guttering and downpipes to name but a few. All serve different purposes and work in different ways to best suit the needs of the building. Our guttering maintenance team is well versed in all types and materials.

Are Gutter Cleaning Services And Repairs Necessary?

Definitely. The easiest way to clear your guttering is to enlist a commercial cleaning contractor like us to maintain and clean your guttering system for you. It is a matter of safety, efficiency and cost savings. In fact, our gutter cleaning service has made it possible to save customers up to £20k on access costs, combining our gutter cleaning equipment and access methods.

What Are The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

The right gutter cleaning tools and equipment are vital to ensure your gutters have no hidden blockages which could be causing damage. Sometimes you won’t be aware of the damage that is lurking under the surface. We have the gutter cleaning tools to do the job much better than by hand and, also most importantly, safely. The best bit, nowadays, is that there isn’t even the need to use a ladder. In fact, our main gutter cleaning methods use a gutter cleaning vacuum. Our gutter cleaning vac will reach heights of up to eight floors. There is no mess as it sucks gutters clean using powerful wet and dry vacuum technology. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This makes it possible to access hard to reach areas at both domestic and commercial properties. It is even complete with a camera so we can still see the guttering in full while we work, and then supply photos and videos as part of our final report.

How To Clean And Maintain Gutters Without A Ladder

We don’t use a ladder for cleaning gutters at all. Gutter cleaning without a ladder is even standard practice for ground floor level as we still use the gutter cleaning vacuum for first floor jobs. The technology does the work for us and shows us the perfect visuals to be able to guide and assess the job.
A lot of high-rise buildings in city centres and commercial properties are much taller and require a unique approach. For those situations, we have a specialist team of trained gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance experts. So, as well as cleaning, we can repair and replace guttering up to six floors high without scaffolding or ladders. But we can also reach anything above! 
This is achieved by our team who are fully qualified and experienced in the use of cherry pickers (also known as MEWPs) scissor lifts, and with specialist skills in abseiling. Having the capability to use ropes means we can work in a wide variety of environments on a wide range of jobs. specifically helping with gutter maintenance, leak detection, waterproofing, glazing, and banner installation. We can use the same methods for additional support such as bird proofing, specialist building cleaning, and general window cleaning.

To find out more about our gutter cleaning services in London and nearby, or our gutter maintenance service, please get in touch. Call us direct on 020 3551 6206, visit our contact page or email We operate all over the UK, so our teams are available nationwide.

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