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Gutter Cleaning and repair

services, carried out with...

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no scaffolding...

saving you time and up to

70% in access costs.

Gutter Maintenance with no limits!

We can clean, repair and replace guttering up to six storeys high without the use of scaffolding above that our experienced team can use Scissor Lifts or Abseilers. When cleaning gutters we will remove all dirt and debris then flush downpipes, with all works we supply photos and videos in our final report.

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Spectrum is at Cadogan Place, London

We aren't just specialists in cleaning gutters- we also repair them!

As drains are an integral element of a property, we ensure all drains are not just cleaned but in proper order!

We also document each job with photos and videos so you can see for yourself what maintenance has been carried out.?

Learn more about our Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Service on our website:

Spectrum is at Imperial Road, London

We pride ourselves on the quality service we offer for drain maintenance and cleaning! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Flushing through all drains with the appropriate drain jet head, our operatives can ensure there will be no future blockages!

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Spectrum is at Abingdon St., London

Our Roof Cleaning service removes organic matter from a full spectrum of roofs, including:

Solar Panels

Shingle Roofs

Metal Roofs

Tile Roofs

Flat Roofs

Applying unique approaches to each different type of roof, we guarantee our operatives will transform your roof!

Learn about our approach to roof cleaning on our website:

Spectrum is at Theobalds Road, London

Through our Roof Cleaning Service, our team of operatives don't only clean your roof and gutters, but they carry out a full survey of the gutters- ensuring your roof is not only clear of leaves but also in proper condition!

This autumn, show your roof some love.❤️

Learn more about our Roof Cleaning service on our website:

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Or Phone: 020 3551 6206

Spectrum is at St. George's Drive, London

Is your roof prepared for a rainy winter?☔️

Glazing and roofing systems require regular maintenance to ensure they perform correctly, including installing and repairing waterproofing systems. 

Book a consultation on our website and our team of roofing experts will assess the health of your roof:

Why Use Us For Gutter Cleaning?

No Scaffolding

Our specialist team will be able to access your gutter without the use of scaffolding. This could save you thousands of pounds.


With all works the Spectrum team provide full reports after every job, they contain photos and videos where relevent so you know the job is done.


One of the advantages of using this method are that our gutter cleaning specialists are able to work from the safety of the ground. Our gutter cleaning staff also hold CSCS cards and our machines all run on 110 volts enabling us to clean gutters safely and on constructions sites.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters play a vital role in keeping your building clean, safe and free from water ingress. You might have noticed but in the UK it does tend to rain a little bit every now and then. This water accumulates on rooftops and flows downwards along the easiest course of action. If allowed, it will penetrate cracks and fissures in the tiling, flat roofs and facades of the building.

That’s why it’s always worth ensuring that your stone, cement and brickwork is in good repair. However, over time water will always find a way in, which is why it's essential that you have adequate guttering to deal with the volume of water that falls as precipitation.

Gutters need to be attached on the lowest point of any roof to catch water that runs off. The guttering needs to be sloped and have down tubes to take water away from the building as quickly as possible, preferably into a drain or other channel where it will not accumulate further.

However, as well as water, other debris can get into guttering. This is usually leaves falling from trees or dirt and other detritus that gathers on roofs and is washed away. If not regularly removed, this can build up and cause blockages in the guttering and this is when big problems occur.

Blocked or damaged guttering can cause water to build up and reservoir in places where you really don’t want it. As mentioned above, water looks for the path of least resistance and this can mean spilling down walls, into brickwork or other parts of the building that should stay dry.

That’s where commercial gutter cleaning comes in.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Most guttering is installed at height along the edges of rooftops and down steep walls, all of which means cleaning these areas can be dangerous. This is especially true of large-scale commercial buildings which are often made up of multiple storeys and with limited access to high points.

Cleaning gutters is also not as simple as you would imagine. It requires removing blockages and debris at height along lengths of guttering, which often involves specialist safety and cleaning equipment.

Here at Spectrum, we offer a professional gutter cleaning service that will keep all your building’s gutters in good condition and prevent water ingress at all weak spots. We can operate safely at height, with access specialists and safety equipment making sure that everyone is kept safe at all times.

Using our gutter cleaning vacuum, we will remove blockages and other debris and spot any potential future issues to monitor over time. As well as horizontal guttering, the vacuum process can also clean downpipes, which can be very tricky to access using traditional gutter cleaning equipment. That means you will have no unseen blockages or build-ups catching you by surprise during a downpour.

We can fix any small breakages or damage to the gutters, making sure that all fixings are in good working order and no leaks are visible – which also helps to keep the building’s users safe.

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What Can Gutter Cleaning Be Used For?


Ladder-less gutter cleaning. Our equipment allows us to clean gutters up to 6 floors from the safety of the ground, our specialist poles allow us to reach more difficult to reach spots that ladders would be unsafe to use on.


With every site it is important to analyse the performance of the gutter system. Our team are trained to carry out gutter repairs. This service is usually carried out using cherry pickers or MEWP and abseiling so no need for scaffolding.


Mis-aligned gutters is a common problem. We can support by ensuring your gutter system is operating problem free.

Gutter Downpipe

If you need new downpipes installing our team can take care of this for you!

Facia &
Soffit Cleaning

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning will really help improve the look and performance of your UPVC Fascia and Soffits.

Blocked Gutter

Our Gutter-vac system provides a reach of up to 8 floors which can suck debris from your gutter which is then disposed of by us for you. Spectrum clean all types of residential and commercial property nationwide.

Our Accreditations

What Our Gutter Cleaning Customers' Say


Block Management

As a Block Manager I look for reliability, integrity and professionalism, Spectrum have not only gone above and beyond, they keep surprising us each time! Lucian is always willing to help, he has an incredible charisma and I can't thank him enough for the support he has provided us at HAUS! I look forward to continuing working with Spectrum, and wish them continuous success!


Procurement Director

Spectrum are friendly, get work done quickly and will always help to resolve an issue.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum are unique because of the range of services they provide. Their knowledge, how fast they respond to questions posed from residents and their can do attitude.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum used a ladder-less gutter cleaning system which was able to reach our gutters approximately 12m above the ground. The ladder-less gutter cleaning method meant we didn’t have to hire a cherry-picker or scaffolding, which would have been expensive and time-consuming to install and use. Spectrum staff were able to show us video recordings of the inside of the gutters during and after the clean, and also emailed the footage to us once the work was complete. Spectrum have been professional, polite and thorough in their work and I would highly recommend Spectrum for their gutter cleaning service.

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Recent Completed Gutter Cleaning Projects

Gutter Maintenance

As with all of our work, we take pride in the quality service we offer for gutter cleaning and maintenance. We will flush through all gutters with the appropriate jet head and use the vacuum gutter cleaner for the more stubborn jobs and to clear bigger blockages.

We will document each job with photos and videos. This means you can be sure that the job has been completed to a high standard. These jobs often take place in hard-to-access places so it’s always good to know that issues have been resolved.

Also, don’t worry if there is no access to water as our vans are equipped with large water tanks for supplying water for drain jetting if required.

Drain Cleaning

Of course, all gutter run off has to go somewhere and ideally water should be removed from the vicinity of the building as quickly as possible. That means ensuring that all drains are clean and clear. Again, leaves and other debris can be washed through guttering and into these drains. If blocked, they can cause water and damp issues at ground level.

Our team of gutter and drain specialists will make sure that all water pathways are clear, and carry out tests so that you are never caught out when it rains.

Roof Cleaning

Our teams are also highly skilled in cleaning rooves. So, if we identify that your gutters are being clogged by a dirty roof, we can identify and address these issues at the same time. That will protect your gutters from future problems and ensure that your gutters remain clear for the foreseeable future. Our high-pressure cleaning systems will remove even stubborn dirt and blockages.

Working at height and access

Our teams are specially trained to work at height and to access hard-to-reach areas of any building. Safety is our number one priority at all times – both for our staff, people in and around your building, and the building itself. Whether the job requires rope or platform access, we can use our specialist knowledge and equipment to get the job done.

Gutters play a very important role in the protection and safety of any building. But it can be all too easy to overlook this, especially when they are at height.

However, out of sight and out of mind can lead to damp issues, blown render and water ingress, so it’s always a good idea to schedule a gutter inspection or regular clean whenever you can. We have the equipment and staff to make sure your building and investment is protected and stays in the best possible condition for years to come.

If you would like to know more about our gutter cleaning services, or for a free quote for our services, get in touch with a member of our team. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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