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Spectrum Steps Up Where Others Have Failed


Window Cleaning

Spectrums responsiveness was excellent and made the whole process very smooth.

Three blocks of luxurious flats in Central London, formerly known as the Hartleys Jam Factory, required specialist high-level window cleaning services.

After our client was left feeling frustrated by their previous contractor, our team of rope access specialists stepped in to rise to the occasion to exceed our client’s expectations.

The Logistics  

This property was familiar to our operations manager as they had previously managed this site for several years, which made our customary pre-site window cleaning service assessment easier to conduct.

Not only did our reputation precede us, but our quote was also the cheapest offer for the property, which made us a “no-brainer” to take on the project. We also already conduct regular rope safety system assessments on the Eyebolts and roof, so we are familiar with their location and testing records.

During the pre-site visit, we established the following strategy for high-level window cleaning:

With our plan in place and the residents made aware, it was time to access the roof of Block A, ready for rigging, abseiling, and cleaning.

The Site

The Jam Factory in Bermondsey is three blocks of brick buildings with glass windows. These luxury and highly desired flats in Central London were once the old jam factory for Hartleys before being converted.

Block A had eight stories, including a penthouse. Block B was the biggest, being seven floors, with the six floors of Block C being the smallest. Fortunately, each roof had designated rope access eyebolts.

The Project

Anchor points on the roof levels across all three blocks made our anchorage easy without the necessity of establishing temporary anchor points.

Before we fixed the rigging, we set up exclusion zones at the bottom of each block. Through adequate signage on display, the exclusion zone made it clear to residents and the public not to pass directly underneath the area while our operatives worked. And when we worked above the communal entrance, we used the groundsman to help verbally direct pedestrians and residents to the safety zones.

Once confirming a safe working system on the ground and roof, our operatives could begin the high-level window cleaning. When going over the edge and situating themselves at the first point of cleaning (the top window), they mustn’t drop too low, or they won’t be able to reach the whole window safely.

The operatives then use the applicator cleaning device with water from the tethered round bucket and begin cleaning. Working from top to bottom and left to right, our operatives abseiled down, rinsing, cleaning, and drying across all three blocks of residential apartments.

Unlike other high-level cleaning projects we’ve completed in the past, many of the residents were highly involved throughout the process. Due to the frustration that the previous contractor caused, there was apprehension over our ability to improve their processes. Therefore, we ensured consistent communication with the property manager, confirming we were on track and pre-empting any enquiries from their residents. As a new system, we adapted to this level of scrutiny well and appreciated the ability to react quickly to requests or comments.

After the window cleaning, we also provided our eyebolt testing as an additional extra service. We conducted the eyebolt testing through a “pull test”. Using a hydraulic pull tester helps impose a load onto the eyebolt to a certain force that tests the condition is safe. A mechanical screw arrangement works through a hydraulic load cell that directly measures the load when applied to the fastener.  


With this window cleaning project resulting from the lack of professionalism of a previous contractor, the team had to deal with a higher level of scrutiny, with more communication with the property manager and residents required.

But here at Spectrum, our work tends to speak for itself, and it wasn’t long until we had eased the apprehension of the client and residents with openness and honest communication before the windows were gleaming without a streak in sight.

Out of all the apartments, Block A presented the biggest challenge. The main issue was how some of the windows were undergoing refurbishments. The residents notified us that these windows in question were unsafe. Therefore, they were boarded up and made safe so they didn’t pose a threat before we diverted our direction.

Once more, this instance showed good communication and experience on the part of our operatives, alongside the willingness and ability to help board the windows and make them safer.

The Result  

A positive result of the clean windows across all three blocks of the Jam Factory was the client's and residents' shining satisfaction. Not only could we satisfy their standards with immaculate clean windows from top to bottom, but we exceeded their expectations by conducting our services with constant communication and direction.

Here is a brief overview of our high-level window cleaning process from start to finish:

·        An initial pre-site assessment gave us the strategy to complete the high-level window cleaning efficiently and cost-effectively.

·        We set up exclusion zones below the operatives as they abseiled down each building.

·        Our rope access technicians established a safe working system on the roof by using eyebolts as permanent anchorage.

·        With the rigging in place, our operatives abseiled down each block, cleaning all the windows from top to bottom.

·        We maintained constant communication with the property manager and residents to ensure we stayed on track and answered enquiries.

·        Finally, after the cleaning was complete across all three blocks, we provided a final eyebolt testing with a pull test.


So satisfied, the client has hired us to regularly clean the windows every three months and provide eyebolt testing twice a year. Here at Spectrum, we think there’s no better testament to your work than a regular service scheduled for the foreseeable future.

For more information about our high-level window cleaning and eyebolt testing, contact Spectrum today and receive your free quote. 


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