High-Rise Window Cleaning

High-Rise Window Cleaning using our

specialist IRATA certified abseil technicians...

or via cradles, cherry pickers, reach and

wash systems or pioneering cleaning systems.

Our pioneering cleaning systems make accessing any window possible.

We have some of the most experienced and competent window cleaning rope access technicians Nationwide. We use abseiling to reach and clean high-level windows or windows that are inaccessible with other methods.

"We provide a 5-star window cleaning service Nationwide. We cover a full spectrum of window cleaning services, ranging from abseiling window cleaning and cleaning windows using access platforms to cleaning with the latest reach and wash systems, which can reach windows up to 80ft.

All our staff are CRB checked for working in schools, the elderly or anyone who might be considered vulnerable. Our window cleaners also have CSCS cards to ensure we can clean windows on constructions sites.

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Why Use Us For High Rise Window Cleaning?

IRATA Trained
Professional Team

IRATA is the main governing international body for industrial rope access (commercial abseiling), and our Abseiling window cleaning staff are qualified internationally within this trade.

No Eyebolts?
No Problem

One of the advantages of using Spectrum is that we also have our own dead weight trolley systems and A-frame systems. This specialist equipment allows us to abseil safely if you have no eye bolts or anchor points on your roof. This is a cost-effective solution to not installing eye bolts on your roof.

Risk Reduction
With Spectrum

All sites will have a thorough survey inspection to produce specific risk and method assessments for all work. The Risk and Method statements for window cleaning and abseiling is provided free of charge.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Clean windows improve the aesthetic appearance of a property and help towards the general maintenance of a building. Spectrum has extensive experience cleaning the windows on high-rise blocks. Our operatives are highly trained and are able to use a range of techniques to access all windows on a high rise.

The techniques used by our operatives allow them to access windows that would be impossible to reach using other methods. Often requiring extensive training and skill, these systems give our window cleaners the flexibility they need to access every single window on large domestic or commercial properties.

Cleaning windows at height presents a number of challenges. Operatives working on tower block window cleaning projects not only need to overcome access issues, they also need to contend with the weather. This makes safety an incredibly important consideration on all of our high-rise window cleaning jobs.

When preparing for a project of this type, our operatives will select the most appropriate access method for the job. Our team of skilled window cleaners have a range of techniques to choose from. This means they’re able to use any approach necessary to get the job done.

Abseil Window Cleaning

Abseil window cleaning is a versatile and flexible cleaning method. Abseil cleaning uses operatives working via rope access to reach high and awkwardly-positioned windows. This method of high-level window cleaning allows operatives to work quickly and safely. Spectrum operatives that specialise in abseil window cleaning are highly trained in all relevant areas of health and safety.

Abseil window cleaning is a fast and efficient way of high-level window and skyscraper cleaning. As abseil cleaning uses rope access, it often negates the need for heavily machinery and scaffolding. This can save clients a lot of time and money and help to bring cleaning projects in on budget and within schedule.

Window Cleaning Using Cradles

A cradle system can be used to clean windows and maintain the exterior of a high-rise block. This method is often used when other cleaning techniques are not possible. Many high-rise blocks have cradle systems pre-installed. These are generally either rope cradles, hand-winched cradles or electric cradles. Whichever type of system is in place, our highly-trained team will be able to use it to clean the windows on the block.

Cherry pickers or MEWP Window Cleaners

Cherry pickers, or MEWPs, provide operatives with an elevated mobile platform from which to clean windows. This can be a good option for cleaning windows when operatives need to use a cleaner’s scraper or when a lot of water is required for the job.

Like BMU window cleaning, cherry pickers give window cleaners a solid platform from which to work. This means that, as well as cleaning the windows on a block, operatives can carry out other maintenance tasks on the building. If the property requires cleaning or repairs to its gutters, roofline, balconies, cladding or render, this can be carried out at the same time as the window clean. This can save property management companies time and money and minimise disruption for the tenants of the building.

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What Can High Rise Window Cleaning Be Used For?

Window Cleaning

We have some of the most experienced and competent window cleaning and rope access technicians. We use abseiling to reach and clean high-level windows or windows that are inaccessible with other methods.

Window Cleaning
Using Cradles

Using a cradle system to clean windows can be an effective way to maintain a high rise building where other window cleaning methods are not possible.

From rope cradles and hand winched cradles, to electric cables; if you have a cradle system on your building with up to date test certificates, our window cleaners can use your cradle system to take care of all your external cleaning needs.

Our window cleaners are experienced and trained on-site for the specific operation of every cradle they use. Our window cleaning teams are experienced and competent to BS6037 Cradle standards to operate various types of cradle systems.

Cherry Pickers And
MEWP Window Cleaners

Cleaning using a cherry picker or elevated mobile platform (also known as a cherry picker) can be an effective way to clean hard to reach areas. It can be the best way of carrying out builders cleans where we have to use a window cleaner’s scraper and a lot of water.

While having a cherry picker or access platform on-site, we recommend carrying out other maintenance work as well as window cleaning. For example, you may be able to carry out window cleaning and gutter cleaning at the same time. Using an elevated mobile platform can, therefore, enable you to reduce your total maintenance cost for window and gutter cleaning over the whole year.

Reach And Wash
Window Cleaning

Using reach and wash equipment windows can be cleaned more efficiently, saving time and ultimately saving our clients money. This often offers our clients the option of having more frequent cleans within the same budget.

We can carry out high-level window cleaning up to 8 floors using the Reach and Wash system; without having to hire MEWPs or having to use abseil window cleaning methods. This factor also reduces the cost of window cleaning services for our clients.

Using the reach and wash can also be a great way to clean, cladding, panelling signs, facia and canopies.

Our Accreditations

What Our Customers' Say?


Block Management

As a Block Manager I look for reliability, integrity and professionalism, Spectrum have not only gone above and beyond, they keep surprising us each time! Lucian is always willing to help, he has an incredible charisma and I can't thank him enough for the support he has provided us at HAUS! I look forward to continuing working with Spectrum, and wish them continuous success!


Facilities Manager

Spectrum used a ladder-less gutter cleaning system which was able to reach our gutters approximately 12m above the ground. The ladder-less gutter cleaning method meant we didn’t have to hire a cherry-picker or scaffolding, which would have been expensive and time-consuming to install and use. Spectrum staff were able to show us video recordings of the inside of the gutters during and after the clean, and also emailed the footage to us once the work was complete. Spectrum have been professional, polite and thorough in their work and I would highly recommend Spectrum for their gutter cleaning service.


Site Manager

Spectrum provided a top-class service from the outset, at tender stage, through to the completion of the contract. The works required the use of both BMUs and rope access. To this end they provided operatives with an excellent knowledge of their working practice and whom performed in a safe and professional manner with courtesy at all times.


Property Manager

I am pleased to provide Lucian and his abseiling division at Spectrum with a reference for the Abseiling Services he has provided us with over the years. Lucian has conducted his business at Spectrum in a professional, honest and reliable manner. Lucian’s team have being efficient and very thorough in their work and I would happily recommend Spectrum for any of their abseiling services.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum are unique because of the range of services they provide. Their knowledge, how fast they respond to questions posed from residents and their can do attitude.


Procurement Director

Spectrum are friendly, get work done quickly and will always help to resolve an issue.


Site Manager

Spectrum provided a top-class service from the outset, at tender stage, through to the completion of the contract. The works required the use of both BMUs and rope access. To this end they provided operatives with an excellent knowledge of their working practice and whom performed in a safe and professional manner with courtesy at all times.


Property Manager

Spectrum have high levels of customer service. Speed in dealing with urgent jobs. Skill in carrying out works thoroughly to high standards including finding safe ways to access difficult areas.

Trusted By

Recent Completed Projects

Window Cleaning and Coronavirus Cleaning for our Client in Hackney

+plus pointOur experience in access made it possible to carry out this work.

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

A reach and wash approach is a fast and affordable way to clean high rise windows. Our reach and wash equipment can be used to clean up to a height of 8 floors. As operatives work from the safety and convenience of the ground, reach and wash cleaning doesn’t require MEWPs, scaffolding or heavy machinery and can be carried out quickly and efficiently. A reach and wash approach can also be used to clean cladding, panelling, signs, fascias and canopies.

Why use Spectrum for high-rise window cleaning?

Spectrum has extensive experience in all types of high-rise window cleaning. Our operatives are highly skilled and highly trained. They will use their expertise to select the most appropriate cleaning method for the property and then carry out the work quickly and efficiently.

Highly-trained Operatives

Cleaning tower block windows is a potentially dangerous job. All Spectrum operatives are trained to properly use the required equipment and to work safely at height. They’re able to select from a variety of cleaning and access methods to reach all windows on a block and remove the dirt and grime covering the surface. Our team are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry. This ensures every job is carried out to the highest possible standard and all work is completed safely and on time.


In order to ensure all of the abseil window cleaning our team carries out is safe, Spectrum operatives that work via rope access are IRATA trained. IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is the international governing body for industrial rope access and commercial abseiling. The qualification is internationally recognised and highly regarded within the industry.


Many of the buildings Spectrum is asked to clean are used by members of the public. Our operatives have cleaned the windows of schools, hospitals and other properties that are used by children and vulnerable people. To ensure the safety of the public, our operatives are CRB checked on a regular basis.

Risk Reduction

Risk reduction is an important part of high-rise window cleaning. In order to minimise any risk to our operatives, as well as to the tenants or businesses using the blocks, our team carries out thorough risk and method assessments before they begin. This gives our operatives the opportunity to identify potential risks and find ways to minimise any issues highlighted. The Risk and Method Statement for Window Cleaning and Abseiling is provided free of charge.

High-rise window cleaning requires skill, experience and expertise. At Spectrum, we have all three, making our team the perfect choice for any elevated window cleaning project in London and the South East. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more or to discuss a window cleaning project of your own.

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