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Leak Detection Specialists in London

What Is Leak Detection?

A water leak detection service is where the source of a leak and its location is determined. This is achieved through the use of a range of different tools and techniques by our in-house team.

With hundreds of successful emergency leak detection projects under our belt, our team not only detect water leaks but can also implement a temporary repair for you to prevent any further water damage.

Is Leak Detection Necessary?

Plumbers can repair and restore the most visible leaks without a delay however, if the leak isn’t visible and is hidden within your system, then seeking the help of water leak detection specialists is the best option.

Your property should have a water leak detection service every other year to help prevent problematic plumbing leaks and save you from costly repairs further down the line.

How We Can Help

Using our IRATA-trained abseilers to physically access the side of your building, specialist leak detection equipment and with hundreds of successful leak detection projects under our belt, you’re in safe hands.

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How We Trace A Leak

The first step in the leak detection process is a visual assessment of the site.  Once we have located the affected area, we then send out our abseiling team to access, inspect and repair it.

Our IRATA-certified operatives create a minimal disruption service - with no need for erecting loud and costly scaffolding.

We also provide portable anchorage, so there’s no need to worry whether or not your property has a safety system; our team come fully supplied for every situation. If you're looking for a water leak detector in London. We have it all covered.

Here are some of the tools and techniques that we use:

Thermal Imaging Camera

This infrared camera converts the area's data into an image reflecting the surface temperature, which allows us to identify the temperature differences in your pipes.

Moisture Testing

Moisture testing is an internal test that measures whether or not there’s an increase in moisture readings in the area being inspected. This assists us in tracing where there is water ingress and finding the source of the ceiling leak detection.

Borescope Inspection

This optical tool helps assist in a visual inspection of drains, pipes and wiring without needing to remove walls and ceilings. The camera on this instrument allows us to carefully navigate into places that would be impossible to see otherwise. This allows us to spot any small internal cracks, blockages or misaligned piping without having to lift up flooring or remove large areas of a wall.

Water Testing

This is where water is deployed to targeted areas to test whether the waterproofing system is working effectively, this is usually done on the roof of the property. Areas are isolated to provide accurate results of this ‘replicate leak’ detection method.

Drain CCTV Inspection

CCTV equipment is a great tool for detecting leaks in pipes and drainage systems. This camera survey helps to determine whether there’s a failure in the downpipes or if it's a blockage.

Dye Testing

A dye test is a colour test that tracks the route of the potential source of the leak. The colour is completely washable and doesn't leave any sort of staining. This test is carried out in a leaking pipe and would show immediately where the failed joint(s) are.

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Types Of Leak We Find

Pipe Leaks

While pipe leaks may seem like a small problem, if untreated they could lead to a much larger problem - especially if the pipes are hidden throughout your property and go unnoticed.

Drain Leaks

How do you find a drain leak? Here are several signs that your drain is leaking:

- Bad smells.
- Cracks in your walls.
- The sound of trickling water.

If you’re still unsure whether you have a leak or not, then do not hesitate to reach out to our leak detection team today.

Roof Leaks

A roof that is leaking can be a very serious and expensive issue. It will lead to more severe damage, expensive repairs and interior destruction.

Our leak detection technicians are all IRATA trained and can reach, repair and restore your leaking roof from every angle.

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Mains Water

Mains water leaks can be the most damaging type of leak. The common problems are as followed:

- Increased water bills.
- Mould and other damage.
- An empty water tank.

External Facade

Our team of leak detection and repair specialists can access and detect your leak, no matter the height or complexity of your building.

When you pair the correct knowledge, tools and access methods - successful results are made.

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Thank you to Raquel and the Spectrums Team, wonderful service delivery and each of our blocks being a management company expect the exceptional to which you are.

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Amazing company! I’d highly recommend! I’ve asked for render and windows cleaning and they did a stunning job. The teams are highly skilled professionals, reliable and very friendly. As well as communication are exceptional! Very trust worthy!...

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Spectrum have provided us with roof repair and rope access services. A pleasure to work with. Very responsive over the phone and over email. We will recommend and use their services again in future.

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If you're looking for a reliable and trusted window-cleaner company, look no further! Their work is always impeccable, the support team is incredibly kind, it's a flexible company and they respond immediately.

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Recent Completed Leak Detection Projects

Roof Leak Detection

+plus pointThrough our removable anchor points, we are able to eliminate the need for scaffolding, offering up to £30,000 in savings to our clients!

No Scaffolding Rooftop Leak Detection

+plus pointEliminating the need for scaffolding, utilising abseiling significantly reduces access costs for our clients!

The Benefits Of Leak Detection

Some plumbing companies will have to dig up and take apart your property just to source the leak - but there’s no need for this. Our team can provide you with a non-destructive leak detection service that will save you time and money.

Accuracy and Precision

Our specialist team can find your leak's exact location and source with our professional equipment and expert knowledge without the need to damage the surrounding area to find hidden plumbing leaks.

Saving You Money

Our services are fast and non-destructive, with no need to rip apart walls to detect leaks.

Completed and Detailed Reports

At the end of the service, our team supplies you with a full report of the leak detection with images and other recommendations on the maintenance of your building. So, if you need a London water leak finder, we're the team for you!

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

22nd September 2020

What is Roof Waterproofing?

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

22nd September 2020

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The Advantages Of Using Us

Some other leak detection companies may investigate the problem from a distance or purely rely on technology and not human eyes when assessing the site.

However, our team physically accesses the affected area, whether that be a pipe, gas or general water leak.

Rope Access

Our rope access trained and experienced leak detection engineers can be hands-on and as close to the problem as possible; other issues on your property may also be detected for you and highlighted to you in the report at the end.

Temporary Repairs

If our teams can resolve the issue upon first inspection they will carry out the final leak repair there and then. You will not have to wait for a report to be written and for another call-out charge. We understand this can be very frustrating for you. If our leak detection specialists need to come back to complete the repair they will at least ensure you have a temporary repair in place to stop the problem from getting worse.


Our fully detailed reports of the completed works give you peace of mind and assure you that your problem has been fully reversed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if you have a hidden water leak?

You can detect hidden water leaks from the following signs:

How do I find out where a leak is coming from?

Monitor your water meter closely

You can use your water meter to determine whether the leaks coming from inside or outside your property, by following the next few steps:

Visually Check For Abnormalities

You can locate a leak sometimes with just your eyes. Keep an eye out for bubbling or flaking of walls or stains, as these are usually a sign of a leak coming from behind the wall.

How does leak detection work?

Our specialist team provide a leak detection service following three crucial steps.

Assess - a visual inspection of the problem area is assessed and a plan of action is then decided.

Inspect - our roofing abseilers are then sent to the site, bringing their expert knowledge and the relevant leak detection tool required for finding the source of your leak.

Repair - we then implement a temporary repair, so there’s no need for two call-outs.

What are the different methods of leak detection?

There are a variety of different ways to detect a leak, for example, a common tool that can detect a leak in a pipe is dye testing. This is a colour test that tracks the route of the potential source of the leak.

What is the best leak detection method?

There isn’t necessarily a ‘best’ leak detection method, as the method used is based on each individual problem and location.

Once these factors are assessed, the most suitable method and tool are decided upon.

It’s also crucial that these leak detection tools are paired with specialist knowledge so that the results are as accurate as possible.

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Leak Detection in Barking

This property needed emergency leak detection and repair services ASAP.
We offer a 24/7 call out service so if you notice a leak over Christmas, we're still on hand.

The leak was 6 storeys up, there was a busy nearby road, a narrow public path below and the client was left with minimal access options.

They had considered everything, even hiring a helicopter!

But thanks to our abseiling team, we resolved the access problems and repaired the leak without a helicopter or extensive scaffolding.

We had to remove the 80 kg panels to expose the down pipe believed to be causing the issue.

We did this by descending with a separate 3:1 pulley line to support the manual handling of the panels once removed.

The team attached additional supports with slings around the cladding panels and manoeuvred them safely to the ground using the pulley system that helps distribute the weight.

The same technicians that handled the cladding panels also saw to the leak investigation, finding and repairing the misaligned downpipe.

For a team that can handle anything, 

call Spectrum📞 020 3551 6206
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Leak Detection in Wandsworth

Signs like this are evidence of a serious leak in your property.

- Mould and mildew on the inside of the property or algae growing on the exterior walls

-  Unusually high water bills

- Peeling wallpaper or damp walls

- Reduced water pressure

🚨 Each of these are serious signs of a leak somewhere in the property that needs to be addressed immediately 🚨

Don't wait for significant damage!

Our leak detection team offer thorough leak investigations to find the cause and repair the fault. 

📲 Reach out to our experts today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/leak-detection-contractors/

#LeakDetection #Leak #Wandsworth #Spectrum
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Leak Detection in Tower Hamlets

💧Here are a few signs that you could be dealing with a potential leak in your property:

- Mould and mildew

- Higher than usual water bills

- Peeling wallpaper

- Reduced water pressure

If you think there may be a leak in your property, get in touch with our leak detection team at Spectrum, who can detect and repair the leak before it causes any significant damage.

#LeakDetection #Leak #TowerHamlets #Spectrum
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Leak Detection in Southwark

If you manage a tall property, you might not know that it is a prime target for lightning strikes! ⚡

Our team at Spectrum can use our lightning conductor testing service, to ensure that your building, and the people inside, remain safe. 

✉️ Get in touch with our team today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/

#LightningConductor #Lightning #Spectrum #Camden
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Leak Detection in Lewisham

Nobody wants to deal with water leaking into their property! It can create a myriad of issues and cause severe damage, which would lead to a costly repair. 

One way to identify a leak in your property is from an unexpected increase in your water bill. If you notice that your bill is significantly higher than normal, then the chances are that you have a leak. 💧

📲If you are worried about a potential leak, you can get in touch with our leak repair team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/

#LeakRepair #Leak #Lewisham #Spectrum
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Leak Detection in Lambeth

Have you noticed damage to one of your pipes? ☹️

Getting your pipes repaired is vital in order to prevent any leaking. If left untreated, this can have negative effects for your property, as leaking can quickly turn into mould, which would further damage your building. 

📲Get in touch with our leak detection team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/

#LeakDetection #Leak #Lambeth #Spectrum
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Leak Detection in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Why is it important to waterproof your property?

Waterproofing will help to prevent any water from getting into the foundation of your property and causing major damage. It will also prevent moulding, and help to protect the integrity and value of your property, by preventing any inside leaks.

📲Get in touch with our waterproofing team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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Leak Detection in Islington

Did you know that our team offers leak-detection services? 

Ignoring a ‘harmless’ leak in your building could very quickly turn into needing expensive repairs. Being able to detect a leak early on is imperative in preventing any major damage. 

If you are unsure whether or not you have a leak, it is best to get a professional to investigate. 

📲Get in touch with our leak detection team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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Leak Detection in Fulham, London

How do you protect your property's front door from water? 🤔

Doors face those harsh weather conditions on a daily basis.🌩️ 

Waterproofing the doors will make them last longer and keep the inside of your properties nice and dry. ☔

Contact our friendly team today to discover how we can assist with waterproofing your properties: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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Leak Detection in Hackney, London

🤔How to tell if you have a hidden water leak: 

- Discolouration on your walls or staining.
- Musty smells.
- Mold and mildew.
- Puddles of water near a wall/pipe.
- Texture changes on the surface (bubbling.)

If you're still unsure whether or not you have a leak, it's best to get a professional to investigate this.

📲 Get in touch with our leak detection team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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