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Major Building Works Contractors

Major Building Works is coordinating the delivery of a combination of complex services provided by a contractor to maintain, refurbish and repair the exterior of any building, and in so doing protect the asset value. When considering Major Work to be carried out on the exterior of a building it is important, indeed vital, that the contractor possesses the necessary multi-discipline skills, experience and expertise and credentials to carry out the required work efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have the in-house specialisms and experience that can tackle any issue. When we are called to complete a Major Building Works project, we work in specialist teams on a project to address all issues in one go. No matter the substrate or specification, our team is agile and capable in completing the project to the highest standards.

Our Major Building Works Service

If it’s the exterior of a building that needs major works refurbishment, we have got the inhouse specialisms and experience that can tackle any issue. For a number of clients, every five years we move in several teams to address all issues in one go. We coordinate who goes in and when for best efficiency, saving time and budget. All major works are always conducted under the direction of a building surveyor who ensures the work is specified and completed correctly. Our refurbishment experience for clients is centred in conurbations and recent projects have been mainly in London, and within the M25 and in Bournemouth.

Tailored Services

When assessing any Major Building works there is not, a standard formula as the state of any building differs one to the next and the refurbishment requirements are determined by the survey and so the services offered are bespoke.

We work closely with a surveyor, jointly assessing the requirements, methodology and processes from which a scope of works is agreed with the client, to deliver a major works service that is cost effective and exceeds the client’s expectations. To assist the Surveyor, we equip our Technicians with camera helmets with a link to a screen at ground level, such that by using rope access and radio contact between the operative and the surveyor, detailed inspection and survey can be conducted efficiently.

Cost Saving

As our Technicians are IRATA Certified combined with our patented equipment we can carry out specialised services on any height of building without the need for scaffolding.

Eliminating the need for scaffolding saves tens of thousands of Pounds and saves time on any project.

In addition, it minimises disruption to both building occupants and the surrounding community, in fact in certain building locations scaffolding would be impossible either because of busy thorough fares or proximity to other buildings.

We undertake continual training for our operatives with special emphasis on safety issues which is always at the heart of our Staff Development programme.

Creating Confidence With The Right People For Every Project

A JCT contract is always used by Spectrum to plan the project for approval. This contract requires an organisation to create the most appropriate contract following industry specifications. These contracts are highly standardised according to specific type of work and require detailed knowledge of the standards and specifications.

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Why Use Us For Major Building Works?

We Are
Fully Accredited

This approach means we are highly accredited and experienced in meeting and exceeding the standards required for major building works. We are accredited with ISO9001, IRATA Certified Operatives, Safe Contractor Approval, FWC Member of the Federation of Window Cleaners, CSCS certification, Contractors Health & Safety Assessment, CHAS, and PAL +.

Managed Risk
For Heights

We favour conducting major works from ropes and with abseiling for speed and efficiency and, by association, cost-saving. It is one of the main features of how we deliver our service, and many clients appreciate the extensive savings we deliver by avoiding scaffolding. Buildings exteriors are surveyed and assessed for risk as a priority, enabling us to take every step necessary to reduce and remove risk.

Led By
JCT Contracts

JCT stands for Joint Contracts Tribunal and was established in 1939 by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the National Federation of Building Trades Employers.

A JCT contract clarifies all relationships and responsibilities between client, building owner and contractor. The main purpose of such a contract, is to easily clarify and simplify the whole works process by reducing the amount of time and required resources to be able to agree all details of the Major Works Project.

What Are Major Building Works?

Major building works are the coordinated delivery of a combination of a complex set of services by a contractor to repair and refurbish the exterior of any building.

When Do You Need To Carry Out Major Works on your Building?

You need to act when you can see damage, before it accumulates and leads to greater and more costly problems. Cleaning the exterior surface of bird excrement, fungal build up and so on are all visible problems. Similarly, broken gutters or stonework. There are also other problems which are often out of sight and don’t reveal their impact on the structure of your building until they start to cause major issues. Taking a defensive approach and regularly planning in surveys and assessment is the key to long-term maintenance, ensuring that the building exterior condition is assessed and, if necessary, fixed at an early stage.

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What Do Major Buildings Works Projects Include?

External Redecoration

Whether your property requires repairs or redecorating, our team has experience in restoring the face of any building!

Timber Works

Wood being a natural material it is subject to seasonal climate conditions. In Winter or in periods of high humidity wood absorbs moisture and expands, whereas in Summer or dry conditions it will contract, which produces constant flexing. This causes problems when wood is used for window frames as in Winter opening a window can be difficult as it is stiff.

Metal Works

Metal requires special care as it can oxidize over time, especially if your property is located in a costal area. Through our Metal Works services, our team applies specialist techniques to restore rusted and oxidised rust to its former aesthetic.

Stone Work

As experienced operators of both DOFF and TORC equipment our Technicians can restore stonework, regardless, of age, to its former pristine state

In addition, extensive training for our Technicians means we can carry out stone repair work to the highest standard matching any repair to the original state, so it is seamless and undetectable.

Our Accreditations

What Our Major Building Works Customers' Say

Y. Gould

Property Manager

Spectrum's Major Building Works service encompasses any service you would need done to maintain the value of your property. I appreciate how knowledable they are were on the specifications of on the contract of works and the professionalism of the team.

P. Litwitz


When having major refurbishments done on your property, it is important to work with knowledgable contractors. Spectrum is not only knowledgable on major building project contracts and substrates, but they do everything they cna to provide outstanding customer service.

H. Angelica

Property Manager

The 'can-do' attitude at Spectrum sets them apart from other contractors. No matter the task at hand, they are guaranteed to find a solution that is not only effective, but usually more time and cost efficient.

A. Timothys

Property Manager

Offering a range of access methods and having years of experience restoring different substrates, I believe Spectrum is the best candidate for any major building works project. When you work with Spectrum , you are guaranteed to receive the best service and results.

What Our Google Reviews Say


JMM 94131 year ago

Brilliant service and extremely friendly staff.

Keegan Esterhuizen1 year ago

Spectrum are excellent! Always on time and so professional. Raquel is a pleasure to deal with. So polite and respectful. Would HIGHLY recommend Spectrum.

Deborah Ranger9 months ago

I have worked with Spectrum now for over two years, the professionalism they have shown when attending jobs and there thoroughness is exceptional.

Giggs Demetriou1 day ago

We use Spectrum to clean our windows on a monthly basis. I would recommend this company 100%. We have had quite a few of there window cleaners turn up to do the job and i can honestly say they ALL do a fantastic job. There prices are very competitive and they are very friendly and helpful every time I speak with them. I cannot recommend them enough, you will not be disappointed.

Ryan Wibisono2 months ago

Great guys, and the job is well done. Communication is fantastic throughout.

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Recent Completed Major Building Works Projects

Clean Your Listed Building Instead of Painting!

+plus pointCleaning listed buildings regularly prolongs the time in between painting cycles!

Abseiling Sash Window Repairs

+plus pointAt Spectrum, we train our skilled decorator to abseil, ensuring they provide the highest quality refurbishments while also working at height!

In-Depth Stone and Brick Inspection

+plus pointWe're proud to provide our clients with the best stone inspection and conservation service possible

Major Building Contract

+plus pointOur team of operatives are trained and experienced in meeting the specific standards of work outlined in any major works contract.
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Have you considered rope access for this year's major works service on your property? If you haven't... then you're really missing out on a huge number of benefits.

If you're interested in a non-disruptive, time-efficient and money-saving property restoration project, then speak to Spectrum's building contractors. 

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Are you in need of a major building works project this upcoming year? Want to know how you can avoid major disruption? 
Here's the answer: Rope Access.

Our team use rope access as our method of approach, eliminating the use of disruptive scaffolding which can:
- Block natural light from your property.
- Create major disturbance to not only just you but to roads leading to busy traffic.

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How often should a property have large scale exterior refurbishment? ⏰

Property managers should organise major building works every 3-5 years to help maintain their property's value. If you're unsure whether it's time for maintenance work to go ahead on your building, read our 'Guide to Major Building Works'!

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Have no fear! We've put together a step by step guide to take all the worry out of major refurbishment projects.

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Major Building Works in West Kensington, London

Wooden windows add a classical, elegant touch to any property.
While wooden windows today are produced to exacting standards in hardwoods and softwoods to help prolong their life, it is not uncommon to see older timber windows cracking and breaking.?

Through our Timber Repair service, our operatives highly trained in wooden window restoration are able to repair windows at any height without the use of scaffolding!?

Read this case study to discover how our team restored this property's sash window:


Major Building Works in The Westbourne, London

No, your eyes are not deceiving you- we do major building works projects too! ?

For this client in particular, our team repaired the property's stonework, colour matched its stone and repaired its timber windows, but the range of expertise on our team allows us to offer refurbishment services for any major building works project to the standards of any major building works contracts! 

#MajorBuildingWorks #SpecialistContractor #RefurbishmentConrtractor


Major Building Works in Chelsea, London

For this week's most searched question, we are going to share which services are included in a major building works project! ?

Major building works projects are unique as they cover any service! These large projects are usually contracted every 3-5 years to completely refurbish the exterior of a property, which is why they include everything from timber window repairs to stonework repairs to cleaning render.?

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