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Major Building Refurbishment Projects - A Step-by-Step Guide 

It is inevitable that a building will require a major building project at some point in its lifetime. Indeed, whether it is a roof, window or lift replacement, major building projects will typically significantly improve your building and ensure its upkeep as well as increase its longevity. However, major building projects often require extensive management and organisation. 

To help you stay on track and plan your major works project, below we provide a step-by-step guide to major works projects including just what exactly is a major works project, which substrates do major works projects cover and what makes Spectrum’s major works service standout. So, whether you are a major property project contractor or simply working on a building refurbishment in London, you will know what to expect. 

A major works project or major building project is typically a large-scale repair or ‘one-off’ project that is carried out to both extend and improve the life of a building. For instance, a major building project could involve restoring the windows in a building or repairing the roof of a building. A major works project is different from a general maintenance project or repair as a major works project is normally planned out in advance rather than executed in response to a complaint or fault. 

To complete a successful major works project requires effective project management. Proper planning will not only keep the major project on track but also on budget. And although it can be a hassle to both organise and implement a major works project, it is always preferable to complete one rather than to let the building slide into disrepair. 

From understanding just what exactly needs to be repaired to interviewing contractors to sticking to the budget, as a major building project contractor you will have many important decisions to make during a major works project. 

Here at Spectrum, our team are able to cover the full external redecoration of all woodwork and metalwork, including timber window repairs, render repairs, stone repairs, brick repairs, roofing works, and other essential external repairs to the building. 

To effectively restore the building’s façade and complete the major building project successfully, our highly experienced team repaired the property’s timber features, stonework, windows and more – all without the use of scaffolding. Not only are our team able to abseil and save you more than £100k in access costs, but our team is dedicated to meeting the specific standards of work outlined in any major works contract. 

What makes Spectrum’s major works service standout?

If you are a major property contractor looking to refurbish a building in London or the UK, it is imperative to choose the right contractors. Indeed, to successfully complete a major building project you need the right team for the job. Here at Spectrum, our team is able to provide the most cost and time-effective major works repair services. 

Not only are we well versed in the high specifications of major works project contracts 

But through the use of abseiling, we are able to save our customers upwards of £30k in access methods. Moreover, our team of skilled decorators are trained in abseiling – rather than being abseilers attempting to do refurbishments. Being scaffold-free also allows us to be flexible and to take on and deliver complex and multifaceted projects to always ensure our clients receive the best possible service. 

Our team regularly undergoes extensive training in all aspects of major building projects repairs including rope access training, stonemasonry, carpentry, and roof replacement and not a detail of any major works project goes untouched. We are able to restore every element of a property’s exterior and save you both the eyesore and inconvenience of scaffolding, not to mention your budget. 

So, if you would like to save yourself thousands in access costs or would simply like to discuss your major works project with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our team today.

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