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Stone & Brick 


Property Restoration

This project was a major success and received glowing feedback from both residents and First Port.

This client reached out to us after numerous reports from residents of falling masonry, from a high level, which raised serious health and safety issues.

The first step of this project was a roof level drone survey inspection. This highlighted various issues such as stone and mortar erosion, broken and slipped roof tiles, blocked gutters and damage to coping stones and parapets.

The Project

We accumulated a full survey report of all the defects and scope of phased works that were to be implemented:

Following the report, Spectrum agreed with the surveyor to complete a cleaning process of the Leisure Centre Gacades using both the DOFF steam cleaning tool followed by the TORC machine for stone carbon pollution removal. This representative trial was to demonstrate to the residents the results that we could obtain.

Cost-effective Results

Standard Torc equipment with the combination of compressed air, water and a granular material delivered to the stone surface as a vortex and very effective for the removal of carbon pollution on the stone facade, however, it’s very messy as the granular material is blown everywhere in the immediate vicinity.

This would normally mean that scaffolding along with protective sheeting would be required, or the use of expensive machinery which encloses the area being worked on, to minimise the environmental impact. However, Spectrums Patented Augeus Technology in conjunction with TORC equipment prevented the messy granular residues from escaping during the cleaning process by creating an isolated environment, making the project both cost-effective and non-intrusive to the surroundings.

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From before and after transformation shares on Linkedin, to high praise from the residents, this restoration project was a complete success.

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