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Major Building Contract


Major Building Works

  Our trained team of operatives applied their specialist knowledge to repair this property's timber features, stonework, windows, and more without the use of scaffolding! 

This West London property needed significant repairs, with a major works project planned to cover full external redecoration of all woodwork and metal work, render repairs and stone repairs, roofing works, and other essential external repairs to the building. We were delighted to be appointed by a client we have worked for before, to repair and redecorate the façade of this building.

The Project

This was a complex project of essential external repairs requiring many separate skills and by association different specialists. Project management was therefore an indispensable part of this project. All personnel had to have completed IRATA rope access training and several underwent upgraded stonemasonry training to ensure the team was fully ready to start and complete the task within five months.

The Site

The building site itself is five stories high and combines commercial and residential properties.  It is on the corner of a quiet and high-end residential road and a thoroughfare with independent shops linking up to Westbourne Grove. Notting Hill is a busy and desirable part of west London and is partly why the site was unsuitable for scaffolding, which would have been disruptive for traffic, residents and businesses.

The Logistics

In the absence of access via scaffolding, the more usual approach for survey building condition, we carried out a condition survey using telescopic carbon fibre pole and camera. This allowed us to determine priority areas before setting up specialist rope access rigging.

Getting stone repaired is quite specialist, and also being high up would normally mean erecting scaffolding for the stonemasons to carry out the specialist work. Our rope access operatives were able to do the stone repairs from the ropes, providing a specialist service at height.

Major Works Specialists

We found that the windows were in a worse state than anticipated, after inspecting 315 window units from the ropes. We completed improvements at no additional cost to the client and had some sections of the windows redone by a carpentry specialist offsite to ensure the best possible complete result. Our client was appreciative of our approach under the circumstances. Skills across the team

The team required knowledge of how to prepare woodwork using timber care repair systems, stone repair methods, colour matching to existing stonework and roofing works including replacing roof tiles and renewing valley gutters.

CDP and accreditation are at the centre of people development for us and it works in two ways – our teams are made up of trained experts who can get work done correctly and accurately first time. By having access to a wide variety of skills we can take on and deliver complex and multifaceted projects. Safety is always an integrated priority and applies equally to all training for abseiling and working at height, using all equipment from ropes to platforms.

Reliable Results

The team required knowledge of how to prepare woodwork using timber care repair systems, stone repair methods, colour matching to existing stonework and roofing works including replacing roof tiles and renewing valley gutters. Through the team's extensive training in substrate focused repairs and abseiling, they confidently met the standards of the major works contract and delivered the work in a manner that would limit disturbance to the property's residence.  Major Works projects can be daunting due to their large scope of work and complex specifications, which is why we were happy to support this client through this journey and offer them incredible results.

Client Centered Services

We appreciate the value of long-term relationships with our clients, so we always consider all perspectives in planning and during execution when we approach a project. This allows us to think strategically and laterally, identifying alternative ways of approaching repairs, leading to impeccable results, delivered within schedule, and saving money at the same time for our clients.

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