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Planned Maintenance Contractors - What do they do?

Every three to five years it is advised that commercial and property managers undertake large scale exterior refurbishments, often called major building projects or major buildings works, to address any issues around the exterior of the property and to maintain the value of the property. These projects are unique as they encompass every element of the building and involve a combination of different services, such as gutter cleaning, stonework repairs, doff cleaning render, and rust removal from metal cladding. Additionally, these projects require very specific contracts featuring the work to be done in precise specifications, including the area of the property to be worked on, the costs to be employed, and the standards of the work to be done.

If you are a property manager in London or the wider UK considering employing a major property refurbishment project, this guide is for you! This guide outlines the steps and requirements to ensure your project is smooth sailing!

The Steps of a Planned Maintenance Project

Step 1: Conduct a Survey of the Property

All planned maintenance projects start with a survey of the entire exterior of the property. As the selected building surveyor is responsible for outlining the work to be done correctly and ensuring the restorations are completed by a contractor to the required standard, it is important to work with an accredited building surveyor you trust. Additionally, it is vital the surveyor is able to gain complete access to the outside of the property and is able to work at height. In several cases, we have supported building surveyors in expected areas of a building at extreme height by attaching a camera to the helmet of our abseilers. 

Step 2: Create the Major Building Refurbishment Contract

Planned Maintenance contracts are classified as a JCT contract, meaning that it is a series contract that requires specialists to create the most appropriate contract that follows industry specifications. Work carried out on these contracts are designed to be completed by contractors with the experience. Distinctively, contractors able to complete these contracts are able to take greater risk than would arise under any other contract. These contracts outline details including the timeframe, budget, substrates, exact area in meters to be worked on, and specifications of products to be used to complete the work.

Step 3: Select Your Contractor and Start Work

When selecting a contractor to complete the scope of works in your contract, it is suggested to use contractors that not only offer cost-savings and are efficient but also have experience in these types of projects. The selected contractors will have to understand the detailed specifications of the contract and should also have experience in working at different heights. When selecting a contractor for planned maintenance projects, we suggest looking for contractors that are ISO 19001 certified as this accreditation signifies they have high customer service standards and they are more likely to be flexible to ensure the project is successfully completed.

Step 4: Review Completed Work

Once your contractor has completed the outlined contractor, you can schedule a site visit with your surveyor to ensure your contractor checked every box of the contract.

What Spectrum Can Offer You

Thanks to many years of experience and skills, Spectrum is proud to offer a complete Major Building Works service for property managers! Our Major Building Works service does not just focus on restoring the focus of an exterior but also on providing a high quality planned maintenance service.

Our teams are made up of trained experts who can get work done correctly and accurately. We have a diverse team with a variety of skills and can deliver complex and multifaceted projects, including repairing heritage stonework and removing carbon stains from render.

To learn more about the excellence we provide our clients through our Major Building Works project, read this case study.

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