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External Redecoration

At Spectrum we continually strive to augment our Professional expertise and as such we invest heavily in researching the properties of all materials, we expect to encounter in External Building Refurbishment. This research has led to the development, invention and patenting of specialised equipment which allows us to carry out all works both cost-effectively and, with the minimum of disruption for the client. Understanding both the physical and chemical properties of any material is key to the success of refurbishment and revival. This is particularly relevant when considering all metallic surfaces and structures. The most common materials in buildings are iron, steel and aluminium. Regardless of the surface treatment, all these materials are subject, as a matter of their physical and chemical properties, to oxidisation or corrosion.

This is because these materials have an affinity to, and a desire to bond with, Oxygen, in an attempt, like all things in Physics, to reach a state of equilibrium.

Our Metal Works Service

Spectrum specialises in cleaning, repairing and redecoration of metal cladding as well as other surface types. Over the years, our teams have completed hundreds of projects, gaining vast experience and expertise in cleaning old and rusted metal. As we invest not only in research but in training of our Technicians and the development of specialised equipment, we have the Professional expertise and experience to deal with any problem associated with metallic surface maintenance. Additionally, as our teams are IRATA trained and qualified abseilers we can provide all services cost effectively by avoiding the need for scaffolding saving time and money. Scaffolding costs can run into tens of thousands, cause disruption to the building occupiers and the local environment. Our specialised and patented equipment allows our teams to carry out remedial cleaning up to a height of 18 metres from ground level.

Why Might Your Building Require Our Metal Works Service?

If you are close to major road systems or in an exposed location, pollution and weather will eventually have an effect on your building. As soon as you see any unsightly staining or damage, which can escalate into major problems, that is the time to review the whole condition of your metal cladding and any features too, such as metal guttering, metal roofing and rails. Our experienced and specialist restoration team will have tackled problem metal like yours before and will know exactly which cleaning processes will achieve exceptional results. Even where there is severe rust damage, we always aim to remove all the staining as well as fixing and sealing the original problem areas. Our metal exterior building and cladding restoration and cleaning protocols have been designed specifically for commercial and industrial buildings.

Specialist Expertise

In order to protect the asset value of any building with metallic surfaces and cladding it is essential that regular inspections take place and remedial action taken in order to avoid expensive replacement.

We recommend creating a planned programme of works be implemented at least every 5 years.

Some problems, such as Panel Edge staining, which occurs due to atmospheric pollution and humidity causing black tear like vertical striations on the metal surface in aluminium and stainless steel, can be visible from afar and can manifest itself in a relatively short period of time which over time would also affect the structural integrity of the metal.

Other effects of oxidation and corrosion require close- up inspection as by the time they become visible from a distance the cost of remedial works will have risen sharply.

As cladding rusts over time both aluminium and steel become brittle and the delay in maintenance could result in it needing to be prematurely replaced.

It is essential in the construction and fixing of metal cladding that, contact between dissimilar metals is avoided at all costs as otherwise the speed of corrosion is very rapid, due to the electrolytic process.

High-rise abseiling

We are known for our preference for working from ropes, abseiling down building exteriors to review and action repairs and restoration. On many high-rise buildings with metal cladding this is the only option. This provides major benefits for our clients.

● FAST - the project can start at an earlier date following surveys to gauge the scale of the project.

● AVOID SCAFFOLDING - this is visually more pleasing and less disruptive for traffic and surrounding residents in the area generally. Residents within a building don’t have to put up with scaffolding restricting the amount of natural daylight.

● COST SAVING - when there’s no need for scaffolding the savings can often run into five or six figure sums.

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Why Use Us For Metal Works?


Working on commercial and residential properties across the country, our team has extensive experience in removing signs of weathering and corrosion on metal features. Our experience offers knowledge and effectiveness in the services we provide.


When Spectrum takes on a job, the aim is not only to remove the signs of wear on your property’s metal elements, but to try to prevent or slow the development of future wear.


We pride ourselves on providing an incredible service to our clients. Communication is of the utmost importance. Before during and after your project, we will keep you informed with regular updates.

What are Metal Works?

Typically, exterior metal used in construction includes anodised metal, stainless steel and powder coated aluminium. It can be smooth and polished or have grooves and ribs pressed into the sheet. Especially on large scale panels, grooves, ribs or designs in the sheet metal greatly increase the strength and structural rigidity. As well as compounding the strength, it can also be used to design features within the panel. However, metal and its surface treatment can suffer from deterioration caused by environmental and weather conditions, leading to discolouration and damage. The condition of the panels will have a major impact on the impression your building makes, and regular cleaning will not only improve its appearance but also increase its durability and lifespan. Our Metal Works services restores these elements of your property to their original aesthetic, removing rust and the effects of oxidisation.

What is Oxidation or Corrosion?

It is a degradation of the metallic surface due to the naturally occurring chemical process that takes place when a pure, uncoated metallic surface, is exposed to air and moisture.

Typically, in Iron and Steel, this is manifested in the flaky and crumbly brown iron oxide on the surface, i.e., rust, which eventually reduces its physical strength.

However adverse environmental conditions can accelerate this oxidation process.

For example, atmospheric pollution in the form of acid rain and the presence of sodium chloride (i.e., salt sea-spray in coastal areas) will cause corrosion rates of 5-10 times higher than normal. Even, so called low grade stainless steel will degrade in the presence of a chloride ion and the surface become pitted.

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What Can Metal Works Services Be Used For?


Whilst aluminium is more resistant to corrosion than iron or steel it is still subject to atmospheric oxidation which can be seen on the surface of untreated aluminium by the white powdery deposit on its surface. Whilst this layer of aluminium oxide, protects the aluminium below, it is unsightly and takes away the aesthetic appeal of bright and shiny fresh aluminium.

Iron and Steel

Zinc phosphate coatings (due to the porous nature of these coatings additional surface coating with paint or oil is required) Galvanising (This is a hot dip process where iron/steel are dipped into molten zinc at 450 degrees C) This is known as cathodic protection where the zinc is the sacrificial part thus protecting the iron or steel.

Our Accreditations

What Our Metal Works Customers' Say

R. Brompton

Property Manager

The metal elements on the property I manage started to rust, making the property look dated. In one visit, Spectrum was able to give the property a new life as they removed years of accumalted rust!

B. Kelly

Property Manager

After previous incident with a contractor damanging the metal work on the outside of a property I manage, I was hesitant to have the metal elements of the property cleaned. The expertise and friendliness at Spectrum immediately put me to ease. In the end, the metal aspects of the property looked pristine.

N. Barnes

Property Manager

Thank you for Spectrum for restoring the metal aspects on the facilities I manage. I am grateful for how flexible the team was and the high-quality of the work they delivered.

H. Kates

Property Manager

Spectrum are the premier contractors formetal cleaning and repair services not only because they are highly trained in restoring metal features, but also because they are solution driven. I am impressed with how quickly and effortlessly they resolved any problem that occured during the work they completed on my property.

What Our Google Reviews Say


Lennie D'Cruz3 months ago

Very happy with the work carried out cleaning the solar panels on the roof of two houses.

Chris Sansom9 months ago

Very helpful and friendly guys. Shaky English, but that didn’t really matter - they got the job done remarkably quickly and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly, showing me photos of the work afterwards. They even, at my request, put what they got out of the gutters in a bucket to go on our compost heap!

Carl Eastop9 months ago

Spectrum have cleaned our windows for a few years now and are very reliable and professional.

Jack Hankey2022 years ago

I have been working with Spectrum for around a year, using them on various sites for various works. Always very professional and carry out works to a very high standard.

Grace Taylor2 months ago

I have been using spectrum at multiple properties we manage for a nearly 2 years now, the admin team are always quick to respond and answer all our questions efficiently. The works are carried out swiftly and to a very high standard. Will always recommend Spectrum to my clients and colleagues.

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