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Our Specialist Cladding Cleaning Service
- Metal Works

The Importance of Cleaning your Cladding

Metal cladding in commercial buildings is often used as a technique in modern construction to enhance the building’s appearance. It provides a degree of weather resistance and thermal insulation to the property, making interiors more energy efficient. To maintain its good looks and structural integrity, it is essential to keep it in great condition.

If you are close to major road systems or in an exposed location, pollution and weather will eventually influence your building’s appearance and longevity. Even where there is severe rust damage, we always aim to remove all the staining in addition to fixing and sealing the original problem areas. Our metal exterior building and cladding restoration and cleaning protocols have been designed specifically for commercial and industrial buildings. 

Our Metal Works Service

At Spectrum our team have years of knowledge and experience on a variety of different cleaning and restoration services, so we are specialists in this field.

We regularly experiment with numerous chemical blends and products to confirm the most effective metal cleaning solutions. These specially formulated chemical solutions allow our operatives to effectively remove a range of residues including rust, corrosion and staining. 

High-rise Abseiling

We carry out many of our services via rope, and our cladding cleaning service is one of them, and this provides major benefits for our clients. 

To enable surveyors who cannot abseil to inspect work closely, our teams can go up with camera helmets linking to a screen on ground level. The surveyor is in radio contact with the operator and can direct every aspect of the inspection.  Many clients, once they have experienced this approach, are impressed by its efficiency and practicality on so many levels. 

Why is DOFF cleaning ideal for metal cladding? 

Our team thoroughly cleans your facade using the low-pressure, high temperate DOFF cleaning system. It is one of the most powerful and effective techniques that we use. The mobile machine heats steam to 150 degrees Celsius, when it becomes incredibly effective at removing stains, discolouration and organic matter from metal cladding quickly and easily. As DOFF cleaning uses low-pressure water, the cladding is cleaned but not further damaged during the cleaning process. This is a very important factor of DOFF cleaning and makes it highly suitable for exterior metal surfaces.

Get in Touch

If your metal cladding is in need of a refresh or you have any questions about our service then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to answer any queries that you have. 

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