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How We Repair Metal Buildings - Metal Work

Noticed some discolouration on your property’s metal components? Perhaps your aluminium rails or door handles have begun developing an unappealing white powder. Whatever the case, from cladding to guttering, rails to roofing, metallic structures of all varieties are prone to weathering and degradation. This will quickly tarnish the first impression a property gives, and, if left unaddressed, can lead to significant structural damage. Metallic structures are particularly prone to the elements when found in busy urban areas, but even rural environments have the potential to wear away at metal. For this reason, all property owners who care about the longevity of their properties should enlist the aid of reliable maintenance operatives to carry out damage inspections approximately every five years. This can help them catch the early warning signs of property damage before the metal repair cost soars too high.

At Spectrum, our trusted metal repair team is trained and equipped to bring your steel, aluminium and iron structures back to their pristine state of years’ past. Through countless years and dozens of successful jobs, we have developed reliable processes and methods to clean, repair and restore metal structures suffering from oxidation, corrosion, staining and more. 

It’s absolutely normal that a property’s metallic components lose their sheen over time, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless to intervene. With our metal roof and cladding repair help, you can get back to impressing clients, customers and prospective tenants with a property that makes a powerful first impression.

Why Might Your Building Require Our Metal Works Service?

One of the primary risk factors for any piece of metal is oxidation. It occurs when untreated metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture (such as the moisture in the air). Of the three metal types commonly used in construction—aluminium, iron and steel—aluminium is the least susceptible to this, but it is by no means immune. While it may manifest as ‘rust’ in iron and steel, recognisable by its crumbly red-brown appearance, aluminium oxidation is instead seen as a powdery white substance. Metal repair in the case of oxidation might not initially seem urgent, but the reduced strength of oxidised metal means that a severe presence of rust could put your building at risk.

Corrosion is another reason you may need metal roof or structural repairs. Similarly to oxidation, exposure to the air can cause corrosion. However, exposure to bacteria, certain gases or humidity can also have the same effect. Corrosion will undoubtedly harm a property’s aesthetic appeal as well as increase the likelihood of costly damages. What’s more, environmental factors like saltwater spray in coastal areas or polluted air can dramatically speed up the rate of both corrosion and oxidation.

How Our Team Repairs Metal Features

In line with most of Spectrum’s operating procedures, our metal repair team is IRATA trained, meaning that they use industry-standard rope access equipment and techniques to abseil your property quickly and safely. This not only reduces the overall metal repair cost compared to other access methods like scaffolding, but it also means that they have unrivalled access to your property’s exterior, meaning that they can do the best job possible in the least amount of time. 

Upon gaining access, our team will thoroughly clean the area using the low-pressure, high-temperature DOFF system. This will ensure that our team does not waste time on rust or damage which is, in fact, merely grime. Following this, a specially formulated biocide will be applied to remove any bacteria underlying the issues present. 

After the biocide, our team will remove the oxidation buildup, repair all structural damage and remove any panel edge stains (black streaks which can appear suddenly on steel or aluminium). While this will spell the end of your serious structural and aesthetic concerns, it may leave your property looking slightly rough. Luckily, we also redecorate all-metal properties we work on, disguising the fact that there was any need for repair in the first place.

Get in Touch

 Whether you’re in need of metal roof repair, cladding repair or a touch-up of your guttering, Spectrum is on hand to provide top-tier metal repair services at an affordable cost. Got any questions about metal damage or your property? Get in Touch! Our team will be happy to provide guidance or point you in the right direction.

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