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Large commercial and residential buildings often require special cleaning solutions. Whether this is because of access issues, delicate construction materials or other specific cleaning challenges, Spectrum has the skills and the expertise necessary to get the job done.

Our operatives have extensive experience accessing and cleaning buildings of all shapes and sizes. This, combined with our specially designed and patented equipment, makes Spectrum perfectly placed to tackle all specialist cleaning jobs.

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Why Use Us For More Specialist Cleaning?

Years Of

With an oustanding reputation for providing façade cleaning solutions we have many years of experience. No matter what height, substrate or problem you need to solve we will be able to help.


We have consulted on major building cleaning strategies over the years. Our experience and expertise in access have lead us to supporting clients such as Amazon, UBS with access solutions no other contractors could.


We have a genuine interest to support in maintaining the buildings that make up our environment. Our teams take pride in delivering an exeptional service everytime.

Cleaning Solution Consultations

Spectrum works with clients to find the most appropriate cleaning solutions for their properties. If you are unsure of the best way to maintain your building, we are here to help. Our operatives have provided cleaning systems and solutions to buildings across the globe, making them the perfect people for the project.


Access is often one of the major obstacles faced by property owners. High-rise properties and large commercial buildings can have roofs, façades and windows located in hard to reach places. Our operatives can utilise a range of access solutions to ensure every corner of a building can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

In many cases, our operatives use rope access for render cleaning and to clean cladding, masonry, windows and roofs located high above the ground. Our teams also use cherry pickers, BMUs and specialist equipment to make access and cleaning as quick and efficient as possible. Over the years, Spectrum has worked with clients including Amazon and UBS to find access solutions no other contractors could.

Cleaning Methods

Different materials require different methods to get them clean. Using incorrect processes can potentially damage the substrate and leave buildings with a patchy, uneven appearance. Selecting and using the most appropriate cleaning methods and processes ensures the best possible results from every project.

Thanks to their extensive expertise and experience, our operatives are able to quickly and accurately identify the best options for each property we clean. This ensures our clients receive a high quality service and the buildings we work on look as good as new once the project is complete.

Spectrum uses a range of specialist cleaning methods to remove paint, staining, algae, fungi and mould from exterior surfaces. These include DOFF cleaning, a process that uses super-heated steam to gently and thoroughly remove all traces of discolouration from building façades.

Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals play an important part in many cleaning projects. Chemicals can be used to help loosen paint, staining, algae and other substances from the surface of a building. They can also be used to help prevent the regrowth of organic matter and protect the external surfaces of a building from the elements.

Health and Safety

During a cleaning solution consultation, our operatives will identify all health and safety issues on a site. Once these issues have been identified, our teams can suggest safety systems and procedures that will keep everyone working on the project safe and secure. Our operatives are fully trained in safety procedures and have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of all relevant British Standards.

Cleaning Strategies

Spectrum works with clients to create effective and bespoke cleaning strategies. These strategies take the client’s needs into consideration as well as the specific requirements of the property and its tenants. Many of these strategies involve complex planning and an in-depth understanding of access, cleaning methods, cleaning chemicals and health and safety. By working closely with our clients, and drawing on our years of experience, Spectrum is able to create the best possible strategy for each job.

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What Can More Specialist Cleaning Be Used For?

Cleaning Solution

If you are unsure of the best way to maintain your building we are here to help. Having provided cleaning systems and solutions to buildings across the globe you are in safe hands.

Access Solution

Our pioneering access solutions have lead us to support in consulting leading architechts and construction companies on aftercare solutions for their buildings. We believe our company should be as dynamic as our architechts - always. If you require any advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Complex Cleaning

All cleaning methods are carried out by our in house team. Our expertise and experience mean that no matter what the substrate we can find a cleaning and or maintenance solution.

Surveyor Specification
Of Works

We often are there to support leading surveying firms with information to be included on planned specification of works. We even offer a CPD series to help support in educating on specific substrates such as render.

Our Accreditations

What Our More Specialist Cleaning Customers' Say

S. Glorias

Property Manager

Spectrum are unique contractors for the all encompassing range of services they offer. No matter the issue or substrate, Spectrum always finds a solution, leaving my property in better shape then when tey arrived.

L. Italiano

Property Manager

Through the use of their 3D printed equipment, their is nothing the team at Spectrum cannot restore!

Property Manager

Spectrum stands out from any other property maintenance company for their solution driven approach. Professional, reliable, and creative, I recommend going to Spectrum for specialist property cleaning.

P. Battinger

Property Manager

I oversea a variety of large commercial properties, each presenting different needs and challenges when it comes to maintaing their exteriors. Through their skills and experience, the team at Spectrum continiusly delivers outstanding results.

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Recent Completed More Specialist Cleaning Projects

Professional Paint Removal 

+plus pointOur machines are able to heat steam to 150 degrees Celsius.<br>

Rope Access Gutter Cleaning

+plus pointThrough our vast range of access techniques and our gutter vac, we effectively cleaned these valley gutters!

Access Solution Consultations

Spectrum has extensive expertise in access solutions and a pioneering approach. As a result, we are often sought out by architects and construction companies looking for innovative and effective ways to access the external areas of their buildings. Our access solution consultations allow property owners, architects and builders to provide excellent aftercare on their properties and keep their buildings in good condition.

Surveyor Specification of Works

Spectrum often works closely with leading surveyors to inform and educate on the subject of specialist cleaning. We support surveyors looking for information to be included on planned specification of works. We also offer a CPD series aimed at surveyors that focuses on cleaning specific substrates, such as render, and the issues involved in this work.

Why use Spectrum?

Thanks to our extensive experience, expertise and comprehensive service, Spectrum is often the first port of call for property owners, architects and construction companies that want innovative cleaning solutions. Our operatives are able to access all external areas of a property and can select the most appropriate cleaning methods for the job. As Spectrum operatives are highly trained in health and safety, they will be able to carry out work quickly and safely.

Years of Experience

Spectrum has been carrying out specialist cleaning projects for years. Our operatives are highly trained and are able to remove paint, varnish, algae, staining and discolouration quickly and efficiently. This experience allows our teams to select the tools and processes most appropriate for the job, ensuring the substrate is protected throughout the cleaning works.

Patented Approach

Many of the tools we use to clean cladding, roofs, balconies and other external areas are designed and 3D printed by Spectrum. This patented approach allows us to tailor our services for each client and gives our teams the equipment they need to clean every corner of a building.

In many cases, using our own patented equipment allows our operatives to clean properties without using scaffolding and heavy machinery. This can save our clients a lot of time and money and ensures projects are brought in on time and on budget.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Spectrum always delivers an outstanding service and our operatives go out of their way to ensure our clients are always happy. We have a genuine interest in supporting and maintaining the buildings that make up our environment. Our teams pride themselves on delivering an exceptional service every time.

To find out more about the services we offer, or to discuss a specialist cleaning project of your own, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Spectrum is at Westbourne, London

Simple render painting projects should not be a massive disruption to the residents of your property from the skeleton of scaffolding or the loud heavy machinery required for access!

At Spectrum, our team of colour matching specialists are IRATA trained in abseiling, so they can complete all render cleaning projects from ropes instead of using scaffolding or heavy machinery. 👏

Discover the other benefits our abseilers can provide you here:

Spectrum is at Islington, London

Nothing quite says you're in England than experiencing a summer featuring non-stop rain and wind. ☔️

Through our professional Leak Detection service, you can rest assured that the properties you manage are safe from leaks after this summer's storms. After a thorough analysis of your property's roof, our team creates a detailed report with pictures and maintenance recommendations.

Don't wait until its too late, book our Leak Detection service today:

Spectrum is at Canary Wharf, London

London is an incredible place to be any season, but there is nothing quite like London in the summer. 😎

Did you know that Spectrum originated in the Big Smoke? While some days are challenging and it often feels like minimal progress is being made out of a lot of hard work, it is gratifying to remember that we originated as a mere window cleaning company and now we offer 30+ specialist property redecoration and maintenance services!

I hope you have an incredible day and that today you get one step closer towards achieving your goals! 👊

Spectrum is at Mayfair, London

As a business owner, I find myself constantly asking myself "What is next? What is the next thing we need to do to grow?"?

A while back, the answer was rope access!

After seeing the damage left on the face of properties from scaffolding, the limited access to the complete facade of a building when using heavy machinery, and the massive disruption most access solutions create, we knew there had to be a better access solution for our clients. After conducting research and trying new methods, we discovered rope access was the next big thing for Spectrum's growth!?

To see how our team of contractors use rope access to deliver a range of restoration services today, click here:

Spectrum is at City of London, London

Another sunrise in this beautiful city, another day to work away at achieving your goals!
What is it you are working towards achieving today? ?

Setting a goal for each day first thing in the morning has made such a big change in not only my productivity but also in understanding what I am working to achieve! It may seem like a small act, but it has been immense in helping Spectrum continue to evolve and grow!?

Spectrum is at Soho, London

One of my biggest take-aways from building and developing my own business has been the importance of research! ?

To be an expert and leader in your industry, a hunger for knowledge is a requirement. The moment you stop learning, you are likely to fall behind your competitors.

Research has been instrumental for Spectrum and has led to some of our greatest developments, including our P.A.S.T cleaning process and our 3D printed products! ?

Spectrum is at Mayfair, London

"Behind every successful business, there is a team of great people!"

I truly believe one of the greatest USPs of Spectrum is the people behind the company and this is not a product of luck! Our team of operatives includes highly trained stonemasons, experts in surveying, timber restoration specialists, and metal restoration experts! ?

At Spectrum, we also focus on continuous training! Every member of our team is IRATA trained in abseiling and we are always looking for new training programs to ensure our team is knowledgeable on the latest restoration techniques! ?

Learn more about our team here:

Spectrum is at Tower Bridge, London

Good morning London! ?

There is nothing quite like a great sunrise to start off the day!☀️I hope everyone has a smashing day and that you check off everything on your to-do list!

Spectrum is at Covent Garden, London

Sometimes it can be hard to believe the results our team of professional property restoration operatives can deliver! By combining our patented tools with our teams multidisciplinary skills, we are truly able to transform the appearance and integrity of buildings!

Discover how we can restore your commercial or residential property:

Spectrum is at Soho, London

One of our favourite parts about exterior property restoration is getting to show clients what lies under years of grime, staining, graffiti, and organic matter!?

Visit our website to discover how we can transform the face of your property:

Spectrum is at Covent Garden, London

While it is amazing how much readily information there is in this world, sometimes it can be hard to decipher facts from fiction. We have seen too many properties left with permanent damage as a result of misinformation regarding property maintenance, though!?

Which is why we are trying to use our monthly CPD webinar to bust myths and answer your questions about how to best maintain the exterior of your property!?

To join our next CPD, sign up here:

Spectrum is at Battersea, London

We all know the feeling...

Fortunately, our team of operatives features a range of specialist skillsets to ensure we can meet the demands and specifications of any project!?

Discover the spectrum of property restoration services we offer:

Spectrum is at Soho, London

Property maintenance work does not have to be stressful for you or the residents of your property!
We design our services to ensure they work around the needs of our clients, which oftentimes means we work by rope access! ?

Visit our website to learn more:

Spectrum is at Mayfair, London

From removing carbon stains on heritage stone buildings or repairing valley gutters, when you work with Spectrum you know you are in good hands!?

Visit our website to learn about the range of property refurbishment services we offer:

Spectrum is at South Kensington, London

We are only satisfied when our clients are!?
By offering an array of external cleaning and repair services and a variety of access methods, including rope access, we are able to offer an agile service to meet every client's needs!

Visit our website to discover our services:

Spectrum is at Soho, London

Our work is not done when the face of a building is transformed- no, it is only complete with our customer is completely satisfied! ?

As specialists in our field, we work hard to provide top-of-the-line property restoration services and high quality customer care!

Get in touch with our team here:

Spectrum is at East London

External restoration projects do not have to be stressful! Through our complete range of external refurbishment services and our years of experience in delivering visible results, you can trust that when you work with Spectrum you will be receiving a high-quality, efficient service! ?

Learn more about our services here:

Spectrum is at Westbourne, London

In this project, we really got to show off our team's diverse range of expertise!?
Not only did we restore the building's render exterior and metal elements, but our timber care specialists also repaired and replaced their sash windows! 
Oh, and did we mention all of this was done without scaffolding?!?

Read this case study and more here:

Spectrum is at Battersea, London

Are you considering having major refurbishments done to the exterior of the property you manage??


Before starting any restorations on your property, read through our Property Manager's Guide to Planned Maintenance Projects to ensure you receive the best quality service without any complications.

You can find the guide on our website here ?

Spectrum is at Chelsea, London

Did you join our CPD webinar last week??

In our monthly CPD webinar, we fuse of our passion with innovation and professional expertise in the field of property refurbishments to share the latest breakthroughs in the industry!?
And after spending over £250k in research and development throughout the years- we have a lot to share!

Click this link to join our next webinar on March 18th at 16:00: