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3D Printed Parts. - A 3D Revolution at Spectrum Window Cleaning.


Spectrum Window Cleaning - an innovative company.

Spectrum is already well-known for our work pushing the boundaries in high-rise cleaning. We are now the first commercial window cleaners anywhere in the world to have invested in our own 3D printing machine.

Façade cleaning and restoration were once expensive methods of cleaning and access. We can offer a revolutionary cleaning service.

We are able to clean every single building, no matter its heritage, material or use. We have focused on creating new to market innovative cleaning solutions. They make facade restoration inclusive for everyone, no matter what the budget.

We design and 3D print our equipment for the building cleaning and maintenance services we provide. Our equipment enables us to save our clients up to 70% in access costs. Our cleaning equipment innovations often mean our clients don't need expensive forms of access, such as scaffolding.


The journey to 3D printing

For our Managing Director, Lucian Ivan, 3D printing was a necessary progression. Our team love to work on a challenging project. Recently, we had much success on the final cleaning of 25 Churchill Place at Canary Wharf.

We have since been attracting consistently bigger, bolder and more demanding proposals. It was from here we wanted to develop a better high-rise cleaning process.

As a result, the team are regularly devising solutions to increasingly tricky access issues. The problem, it seems, is that the current cleaning industry is often unequipped to deal with the flow of ideas.

Making bespoke cleaning equipment has been the only way to achieve the standards we want. We have been able to devise specialist equipment to get the job done safely, efficiently and correctly. High-rise cleaning has become the forefront of our services.

Today, several high-level projects in London see results previously unthinkable without the use of scaffolding or cherry pickers. Specialist architecture in the city is also feeling the benefit. Existing commercial cleaning equipment has recently struggled to cope with several prestigious sites in the capital. Usually, this is due to the glass design, character and angles of the facade.

Here at Spectrum, we were able to rescue efforts with our bespoke tools, engineered from conception to reality entirely in-house. For Spectrum and our clients, the results are quite obviously priceless.

The cleaning systems we have created enable us to carry out cleaning and restoration from the safety of the ground. The process is done using suction and steam. This saves the need to erect scaffolding and ends up saving our clients thousands of pounds in access. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do.


The future of our 3D printed bespoke tools

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. We at Spectrum Window Cleaning could soon find we have our own line of commercial cleaning equipment. Some of our designs were so effective we were fielding enquiries from the off. The need is out there, so production seems a natural step.

We are currently in discussion with manufacturers. We are looking at a completely new method for cleaning windows. It’s unchartered territory, but the power 3D printing has gives us the possibility to achieve it.


What services we offer

Spectrum Window Cleaning is a specialist London based commercial window cleaning company. We cover a full range of cleaning services. We can now reach windows up to 92ft using high rise abseil cleaning or access platforms and wash systems.

Here are the services we can provide:


We hold approved contractor status for eyebolt testing, installation and certification.

The company covers both public and private sector buildings. We have instructed across schools, NHS buildings, housing associations, office/apartment blocks, shopping centres and retail units. Clients include Vinci, YMCA, Boots and other leading household brands. We are experienced in delivering superior client service levels in all weather conditions.



You can find more information on the full range of our services on our website here.


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