Render Cleaning

Our patented steam cleaning equipment

designed and 3D printed in house...

could save you up

to 70% in access costs.

With no scaffolding needed your

render will be left looking new.

Leading Render Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning Render from the safety of the ground with pioneering cleaning systems.

At Spectrum, we are never satisfied; we are continually pushing the boundaries of equipment design and capabilities to enable us to provide our clients with unrivalled service. We 3D print and manufacture all of our equipment which is why we can clean render up to 8 floors from the safety of the ground. No scaffolding, No access costs and incredible results every time.

Cleaning render is a very complicated process. There are many types of render and varying stages of soiling. Both of the above determine what method and products will be used to carry out the clean safely and effectively. Using the wrong chemicals or a jet wash can cause significant damage to your building and may invalidate any warranties you may have.

Bespoke Multi-Access Strategy

We know that one of the most expensive parts of building maintenance can be accessed. Where possible we try to reduce this cost for you. We take a multi-access strategy process with all of our works. This means we will not only use one type of access to restore your facade. We use the most time-efficient and cost-effective access solution.

For example, elevation one may be on a slope to steep for a cherry picker for this side we will use our IRATA abseilers. Elevation two may be able to take advantage of our steam cleaning pole and be cleaned entirely from the ground. Elevation Four may require a cherry picker or scissor lift with our operatives using the spectrum steam pole on a handheld lance. Meaning one project is 50% steam pole, 25% Abseil and 25% cherry picker. This is a far more cost-effective solution than solely relying on scaffolding or a cherry picker for the total project.

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Why Use Us For Render Cleaning?

All Render
All Stages Of Soiling
can be cleaned

With hundreds of render restoration projects completed successfully, we can demonstrate the success of our 4 stages P.A.S.T process.

Cleaning Equipment

We have developed 3D printed and patented our equipment which enables us to steam clean up to 8 floors from the safety of the ground. Say goodbye to scaffolding on your render restoration projects forever.

Teaching CPD's

We have been researching and developing this cleaning process and are now offering CPD's to surveyors to teach them what we have learnt.

What is Render Cleaning?

Here at Spectrum, we specialise in restoring render to its former glory, using a unique biocide mixed specifically for each job. This process uses steam rather than pressure to restore render and remove dirt, grime and other imperfections.

If your building is looking tired and old, you don’t always need to pay out for a total repaint. It may be possible to use our steam cleaning render services to keep your exterior walls looking in great condition. All for a fraction of the price of repainting.

We know weathered render can affect the way a building looks from the outside, which is why we love cleaning and restoring render. No matter the age or weather it has withstood, we think we can transform the appearance of your building without you having to invest lots of time or money.

What to look out for when Render Cleaning

We always recommend that the use of power washing on render is to be avoided. That’s because it can cause cracking and force the water deeper into the render. When colder weather happens, this can cause further damage to the render surface that will be even more costly to repair.

That’s why we advise all of our clients to avoid power washing or jet washing and to choose Spectrum. We can offer deep cleaning services, without causing any further damage and at affordable prices.

Why Algae is a Big Problem

Tired-looking or dirty render is often caused by algae. The most common types of algae found growing on render are brown, green and red. Sometimes your render may simply look dirty, but it is actually dark brown algae forming a covering over the outer layer.

In fact, the most common cause of discolouration to render surfaces is algae. Render has a porous surface and with the correct level of moisture this can create ideal conditions for simple asexual cell division. This allows quick reproduction of the algae across its surface, so algae can spread and develop through different life-cycle stages rapidly.

Our unique three-stage modern render cleaning process ensures the best possible results in removing algae or other soiling.

Render Cleaning with a Difference

At Spectrum, we are never satisfied. We are continually pushing the boundaries of equipment design and capability to enable us to provide our clients with unrivalled service. We 3D print and manufacturer much of our equipment, which is why we can clean render up to eight floors high from the safety of the ground. No scaffolding, no access costs and incredible results every time.

Here are some more reasons why we are different from the competition:

We Clean all Stages of Soiling

With hundreds of render restoration projects completed successfully, we can demonstrate the success of our P.A.S.T. process. Just take a look at our projects page to find out more about some of the jobs we have successfully completed and why our clients love what we do.

Pioneering Cleaning Equipment

We have developed, 3D printed and patented much of our own equipment. This, and our skilled team of access specialists, enables us to steam clean up to eight floors high from the ground. That means that you don’t need costly and intrusive scaffolding. It also means we can get the job done in a fraction of the time. A great result all round.

We’re Experts in our Field

We have been researching and developing this cleaning process and have become experts in our chosen field. In fact, we are now offering CPD training to surveyors to teach them what we have learnt and to pass on our years of experience. This is what you get when you choose Spectrum.

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What Can Render Cleaning Be Used For?

Render Cleaning

Render cleaning without professional expertise can cause irrepairable damage to the substrate. It is important that you choose a contractor that understands the properties of each type of render in order to treat it correctly. K-Rend needs a specially forulated cleaniing solution, gently applied with a specific method to effectively kill the algae and spores to prevent future re-growth. Our P.A.S.T. process is designed to clean and restore K-rend render to a like new condition with no risk to the substrate.

Render Cleaning

The chemical composition of silicone render means that it is often mis-treated and damaged during render cleans carried out by building contractors with limited knowledge of the material. The porous nature of the admix composition means that often jetwashing causes significant damage. Our high-temperature low pressure steam the S part of our P.A.S.T. process is one of the ways we not only restore but protect the render during the cleaning process leaving you with a restored facade that shouldn't need cleaning as frequently.

Render Cleaning

There are lots of types of render needing lots of different cleaning solutions and process's. We are experts in render cleaning and even teach surveyors and property managers through our CPD programme how to best maintain each type. Rest assured you will be in the safest of hands. We can clean Monocouche render up to 8 floors high from the safety of the ground. This means we are not only one of the safest contractors but the most cost effective.

Weber / Stowe /
Wetherby Render Cleaning

There are many render manufactuers that all communicate very different ways to maintain and restore render. This can make it all extremely confusing. With Spectrum you can equire about any time of render you have and we will have a cleaning solution. If you are not sure your rendered building can be cleaned we will happily carry out a free sample to show you the outcome.

Our Accreditations

What Our Render Cleaning Customers' Say

R. Philippe

Property Manager

Over time the exterior of my rendered building had developed lardge green stains, completely ruining the look of my property! In just one visit the team at Spectrum not only removed these stains, restoring the exterior of my property to its former glory, but they were also able to deliver these results for much less than other contractors quoted! The team at Spectrum are truly the kings of render cleaning!

S. Daniels

Block Manager

As a Block Manager, the residents of my property come first. This is why I was nervous about pursuing maintenance work on the exterior of my high-rise render buildings- I didn't want my residents to have to live with scaffolding as their view! Through the use of abseiling, though, Spectrum was able to refresh the blocks I manage completely scaffold-free! I recommend Spectrum for any property managers looking for a reliable and painless Render cleaning service.

Property Manager

Spectrum's specialist knowledge and outstanding customer support makes them the best company for render clenaing in London. I was considering having the rendered property I manage poainted, when they explained to me how this could be a disasterous decision! Thanks to the specialists at Spectrum, my property is looking smart!

Property Manager

Spectrum is my go-to company for any maintenance on my rendered building. Lucian's team is highly professional and they always go above and beyond to ensure I feel like I am receiving the best value. Not only do they provide the highest quality render clenaing service I have seen to date, but they also provide me a full report and pictures! Many thanks to Lucian and the team at Spectrum!

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Recent Completed Render Cleaning Projects

Cleaning Render Walls With No Scaffolding

+plus point70% of the facade was cleaned from the ground with our patented cleaning systems.

Render Facade Restoration

+plus pointAbseiling is a cost-effective method when it comes to façade cleaning

Render Stain Removal

+plus pointThrough the extremely heated steam applied in our P.A.S.T cleaning system, our team removed all signs of carbon monoxide stains on this property!

External Façade Cleaning with our IRATA Trained Abseil Team

+plus pointOur abseilers are IRATA trained, ensuring they work safely and efficiently at high elevations.

How We Cleaned 15 Rendered Blocks In Kent In Under 5 Weeks

+plus pointOur self contained vans carried 1000 litres of purified water to site each day.

Knowledge and Experience

Cleaning render is a very complicated process – even though we make it look easy. There are many types of render and varying stages of soiling. The state and type of render determines what method and products will be used to carry out the clean safely and effectively.

Using the wrong chemicals or a jet wash can cause significant damage to your building, and may invalidate any warranties you may have. We use our extensive knowledge to carry out a survey of your render. We establish what products have been used and the best methods to produce a clean finish.

Below are some of the main types of render than we work with, and the best ways to achieve a clean finish when working with them.

K-Rend Cleaning

We can clean all K-Rend render using specialist products designed especially for our P.A.S.T. process.

Silicone Render Cleaning

We can clean all silicone render using specialist products designed individually for each job.

Monocouche Cleaning

We can clean all Monocouche render, again using specialist products designed for work with this kind of render.

Other types of render that we can work with include Weber, Stowe and Wetherby. Here at Spectrum we pride ourselves on being able to clean any manufacturer’s products using our softwashing render technique, producing a stunning finish that makes your building look good.

We will carry out a full site survey to assess the type and condition of your building’s render before any work is agreed to. During this visit, we will choose an appropriate biocide for the fabric of the render. We will then make sure that it is mixed in the correct ratios and add in appropriate catalysts depending on the type and amount of algae and dirt.

The biocide works into the render, killing all algae and any other living organisms. The render is then gently steam washed with an industrial DOFF steam cleaning machine to ensure the algae is completely removed. We always ensure the best steam cleaning machines are used, as this can make a big difference to the overall finish.

If you would like to know more about our render cleaning services, or to book a site inspection to assess your render, get in touch with a member of our team. External wall cleaning and render restoration are just some of the services we offer to keep your buildings looking in the best possible condition.

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