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CPD Training on Cleaning Render

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is an essential part of many industries. Designed to help practitioners maintain their skills and stay up to date with all the latest innovations, undertaking regular CPD is an important part of building a successful career and a great reputation.

To help professionals in the building trade learn more about the care, maintenance and cleaning of modern render, We have been running a series of CPD sessions over the previous months. One of these CPD events was carried out in conjunction with Earl Kendrick, a leading company of building surveyors based in London, Bristol and Brighton.

How CPD can benefit your career and your professional practice.

CPD's are available to professionals working in a large number of industries. Many of these practitioners are required to complete a certain number of CPD hours every year in order to maintain their professional qualifications.

CPD gives professionals the chance to learn about the latest innovations and changes in their industries. These might relate to new health and safety regulations, new building or manufacturing techniques or new maintenance practices. Finding out about these developments helps to ensure professionals can offer their clients the best possible service. It also helps them to contribute to their professional practice and ensures their skills remain relevant in their workplace. 

As well as improving the level of service they are able to offer clients, completing CPD is good for professionals’ careers. Having an up-to-date skill set helps these practitioners to remain competitive in the workplace and ensures they deliver maximum value to their companies and their customers.

Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors 

Earl Kendrick is a multi-award winning firm of chartered building surveyors. The company has offices in London, Bristol and Brighton and offers its surveying services across the country. With extensive experience working on a wide range of projects, Earl Kendrick is one of the most respected surveying companies in the UK.

Earl Kendrick works on both commercial and residential properties. The firm carries out a wide range of services including interior and architectural design, party walls, planned maintenance programmes and major works. All of the professionals working at Earl Kendrick have skills and experience in specific areas of surveying and are able to offer their clients an outstanding service.  As Earl Kendrick has such a broad area of expertise, they are perfectly placed to train others in the latest surveying techniques, building methods and maintenance practices.

Spectrum CPD with Earl Kendrick

Spectrum recently teamed up with Earl Kendrick to run a London-based CPD training. The CPD event covered a number of topics relating to modern render and its maintenance and provided attendees with the chance to improve their knowledge on this important subject. It also gave then the opportunity to learn about some of the most relevant and innovative techniques relating to modern render maintenance.

Subjects covered during the CPD included:   

-       What types of render exist? 

This is an important topic as different renders require different cleaning and maintenance methods. Learning about the types of modern render currently in use, and understanding the differences between them, will help surveyors, building management companies and other professionals to select the right course of treatment for the property they are cleaning. 

-       What is modern render? 

While many people involved with building maintenance will have a basic understanding of modern render, many will not have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Modern renders often contain polymers and other additives that improve their elasticity and weather-proofing qualities. These additives change the properties of the render and require different cleaning and maintenance techniques in order to keep them in good condition. 

-       Why is it used? 

The CPD looked at why modern render is used on commercial and domestic properties. As construction companies and architects choose modern renders specifically for their particular qualities, it is important those maintaining the render understand why certain renders are used in certain places.

-       What are the problems with modern render? 

While modern render is a great solution for a lot of residential and commercial properties, it is not perfect. All types of modern render have their own particular issues and vulnerabilities. Understanding these will help surveyors and building managers to spot potential problems before they become serious issues. 

-       What are the common solutions? 

Learning about common solutions to modern render issues is a good starting point for those working with the material. Often, common solutions can be used to resolve basic issues with modern render and to keep the material in good condition. 

-       How do you effectively clean render? 

Effectively cleaning modern render helps to keep residential and commercial properties in good aesthetic condition. It also helps to prevent issues with both the render and the building it protects. However, cleaning all areas of a rendered building can be a challenge. Many areas are hard to reach, especially when they are a considerable distance off of the ground and when access to a site is restricted. During the CPD, we looked at ways to effectively clean all rendered areas of a building to keep a property looking its best. 

-       How do you protect the area and plan effectively? 

Creating an effective cleaning plan is a very important part of the process. Putting time and thought into the plan will help to protect the area, the property and the people working on the site. 

-       What equipment is needed? 

Specialist equipment is often required in order to efficiently clean all parts of the building finished in modern render. As this equipment is specially designed for the job, many professionals will not have previously come across it. Learning about cleaning equipment during the CPD gave attendees the chance to understand how this equipment made the job easier and more effective. 

-       Precautionary measures to stop long-term render damage.

As well as cleaning modern render, the CPD looked at ways in which professionals could care for the material. This included precautionary measures to stop long-term render damage and properly protect the building. 

Spectrum will be running a number of CPD events over the coming months. If you are interested in taking part, email to find out more. 

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