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How We Clean K-Rend Render - Render Cleaning


What is K-Rend Render?


You might have heard of K rend if you’ve been thinking about having your property rendered, yet what exactly is it? 


K-Rend is actually a brand that manufactures render throughout the United Kingdom. This brand produces a particular type of render - a thick coating that is mineral-based. Mineral render brings about multiple benefits, such as breathability, which means it prevents problems with moisture from getting trapped within your walls.


If you are looking to learn more bout our render cleaning service click here.  


Can you paint K-Rend?


You can paint over K-rend but only with the correct paint once the surface has been cleaned properly by a professional, but what could happen if you did paint over a dirty render without having it cleaned first


Without a specialist cleaning your render beforehand, or using the wrong paint, painting over it will trap water inside of the walls - leading to cracks and dampness in the near future. Painting over it is a very temporary solution and will only lead to more complex problems further down the line. For more information on removing spray paint from rendered walls, check out our blog post here for further advice.


You can prevent these problems by booking a render cleaning service from our specialists. Offering cost-effective benefits due to our creative access solutions, you are in safe hands. Learn more about our K-render cleaner team here.


How to clean K-Rend


The majority of cleaning companies that clean or manufacture render would recommend using a jet wash or power wash to remove matter and dirt from your rendered facade. These cleaning methods will neutralise discolouration and remove staining, restoring your property back to its former glory.

Read our 'How to Clean Modern Render' blog for more information on alternative methods of render cleaning.


P.A.S.T - Our Cleaning Technology 


Here at Spectrum, we have developed a patented P.A.S.T cleaning process that creates transformative results.


P - Planning and Preparation


In the first stage, our team visits the site to analyse and examine the rendered walls. After this thorough inspection, a plan is set in place that acquires all of the essential cleaning products and tools for the best out-turn.


A - Application 


The following stage is the application and this is where we apply biocide to kill any algae growth.


S - Steam


Once the biocide is applied we use steam to remove the rest of the stains and dirt present on the surface, this could be biological matter like algae and lichen. This steam is heated to 150 degrees and allows a damage-free and effective clean - to leave the property looking like new.


T - Targeted Treatments


Following the steam, if any stubborn stains remain we use targeted treatment to remove any discolouration left on the building.



Why use us?


So why use Spectrum? 


We are renowned for our creative access solutions. With our render cleaning specialists all being IRATA abseiling trained, we have no need for erecting costly and intrusive scaffolding. We can cut the cost of your K-rend cleaning project and provide you with impressive results. 


We also run a series of free CPD seminars every month, where we share our expert render cleaning and maintenance research and advice. If you are interested in attending our next one, please click here to apply.


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