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How a Routine Render Cleaning Spotted an Unknown Damaged Gutter


Render Cleaning

   The client appreciated us finding the gutter defects and resolving them during the same visit before any leaks or damage was caused.

Spectrum was on hand to service a residential property in the Isle of Wight with cleaning services across the render, windows, pavements, concrete and soffits, as well as additional cost-effective gutter repairs.

Discover how the team utilised a powerful cleaning method, combining biocide with DOFF equipment, to return the property to a “like-new” condition.

The Logistics

Nationwide construction and surveyor company, AD Construction Group, got in touch for a render cleaning and general property maintenance service. We have worked with this client on numerous sites across London, but this project required a trip to Freshwater on the Isle of Wight.

Arriving for our pre-site assessment, we identified the following points:

·        All the render, pavements and windows could be cleaned from the ground using a DOFF wash method and our patented water-fed pole equipment.

·        The building's gutters were loose after being installed incorrectly with the wrong fixings, posing potential leaks and health and safety issues.

·        We would need to establish an exclusion zone to keep the public out of harm from the biocide we intended to use for the cleaning.

With our plan in place for the render clean and other cleaning services, we set to work on restoring this property to a “brand-new” condition.

The Project  

The first job was to establish a safe working system with an exclusion zone to protect the public. Due to our cleaning strategy involving leaving biocide on external surfaces for one to two hours, we establish barriers and display signage as part of our health and safety assessment.

Managing chemical processes like biocide vigilantly are vital when working in residential properties and gardens. As a salt compound, after oxidising, the salt in the biocide mix draws the dirt from the render, to be removed by DOFF. This requires our team to wear PPE, such as chemical-proof gloves and clothing.

All chemicals were supervised safely by following the COSHH terms included in the health and safety assessment. Typically, we try to avoid chemicals for environmental reasons, but it was required for this project due to organic growth that had accumulated over the years on the facade.

Despite the development only being five years old, no maintenance had been done at all, allowing the render to deteriorate into this condition. After safely applying the biocide and leaving it on the surface for one or two hours, the team used DOFF cleaning methods to remove the chemical.

Using our specialist Spectrum patented water-fed poles, we easily cleaned all the render areas, glass windows and PVC soffits from the ground. Our patented cleaning poles can also be adjusted to have gutter vacuuming capabilities, which we used for this project.

Once we cleaned the external facia, we informed the customer of the gutter defects we found while cleaning the windows and render. During the soffit clean, the team identified the gutter PVC system had not been fitted properly and was already experiencing wear and tear despite being installed only five years ago.

After investigating, we recognised that the gutter had not been installed with the correct fixings deep enough into the render. Therefore, the pipes had come loose, and some brackets were breaking. To remedy the situation, we overhauled the system with new guttering or replaced/repaired some of the fixings to save our client money.

Before repairing the gutters, we took the time to clean the pavement and concrete levels of the building while finishing the soffit cleaning on the PVC trims around the edge of the roof.

The Site

As a new development built five years ago, it was surprising to see the gutter system in such a poor condition. We later identified the state of the gutter was the result of incompetent installation by the previous contractor using the wrong fittings. 

Like any project on a residential site, we had to be careful not to disturb the estate residents and neighbours and protect the public from the chemical biocide solution used to clean the render. These residential properties on the Isle of Wight are two to three storeys with white and grey render.


The main challenge for this project was managing the biocide product and cleaning agents while working within the residential area and gardens. Following COSHH terms was essential after the health and safety assessment and establishing a public exclusion zone with clear signage on display to keep residents and pets away. 

The team wore chemical protective gloves, clothing, and visors to ensure they were protected while applying the biocide from the ground.

This cleaning project involved specialist equipment across multiple surfaces, however, what makes Spectrum so invaluable is our multi-skilled and expert operatives who thrive in completing several tasks in one project with no need to hire additional contractors. 

The Result

We delighted the client by refreshing the whole development to look brand new. It took two weeks to clean the entire property, including the render, surrounding pavements, windows, and soffits, before taking one week to repair and replace the guttering. Soon, the main gutter line was restored, with all defective loose guttering fixed and functioning properly.

Here is a summary of our process from start to finish:

After only being called to complete a comprehensive render and window cleaning service, the client was satisfied that we could exceed their expectations by identifying and restoring the essential gutter repairs.

So, if you have a property needing window, soffit, or render cleaning, contact Spectrum today and receive your free quote.



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