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Beautiful Render Cleaning Before and Afters in Canterbury


Render Cleaning

We can’t believe the results! It looks good as new! We thought we would need to have the property painted but it looks so good now.

Another building maintenance request from our friends at the AD Construction Group took the Spectrum team to a newly built property in Wingham, Canterbury.

Explore how our technicians provided gutter, window, and render cleaning services before photographing defects and suggesting repairs ready to fix immediately on-site.

The Logistics

The AD Construction Group is one of the leading privately owned public-sector specialist providers in refurbishment in the London Borough of Bexley. In light of our recent services and results from our previous collaborations, the firm entrusted us again with this final section of a large-scale, eight-property project.

On first inspection, our team noticed the following factors:

The adaptability provided by our team of technicians capable of resolving multiple remedial tasks means Spectrum could complete the entire project without the need to change personnel or hire contractors.

The Project

This was part of a long-standing project, in which we cleaned 8 properties on an estate, We returned to this site last to complete the project. We staggered the work as the client wanted to complete the project in segments to save money and budget. Providing this flexibility is another reason the AD Construction Group chooses us so frequently for their various building maintenance and repair needs.

A two-man team arrived on-site and began the render cleaning services. Firstly, the biocide treatment is applied from top to bottom on the surface of the render, leaving significant time for the chemicals to set and sterilise the substrate texture. Next, DOFF steam cleaning techniques wash off the biocide at 150°C degrees through a low-pressure, high-temperature method suitable for the render. This render cleaning method enabled us to successfully remove the algae and return the surface to its original condition.

The team then moved on to the gutter cleaning and repairs. Thanks to our patented pole equipment, we didn’t need to work from height or use ladders, mitigating the inconvenience of additional health and safety compliance.

We cleaned and repaired the downpipes before replacing the brackets which had perished, meaning the vertical piping had come away from the wall. With some of the guttering dislodged, it meant rainwater was not flowing from the property properly. Once the gutters were clean, we used our DOFF steam cleaning capabilities to clean the PVC, fascia, and external soffits.

Avoiding RSI and in line with the relevant health and safety, our two-man team worked simultaneously, with one cleaning the render as the other managed the ground for trip hazards, obstacles, or oncoming traffic.

Leaving glass to last, we used de-ionised water with water-fed-poles and Spectrum-patented adaptions for an immaculate streak-free finish.

The Site

The two-storey semi-detached house on Miller Close in Wingham, Canterbury, is in a quiet residential area, making access simple and easy with minimal obstruction or disturbances. After working on seven properties in the area before, we were already familiar with the environment, which helped the final stage of the project run smoothly. 



With the variety of cleaning services and building maintenance involved, establishing the correct strategy was crucial to ensure we remained cost-effective and efficient for the client.

For example, leaving the gutter repairs and window cleaning to the end meant cleaning the render and gutters first. Leaving these aspects until later would have negatively impacted the seamlessness of our schedule with us going back over features already cleaned. This approach was essential for cost-effective purposes to ensure we make the most of the time on the job while giving our clients reasonable rates. 

Plus, innovative access to our various building maintenance services was another aspect of why the client chose Spectrum. Other contractors may have needed scaffolding or a MEWP to complete each service. We finished the project by fixing the repairs on the same day.

Both these access methods are expensive and disruptive compared to patented pole equipment and rope access capabilities (If necessary).  

The Results

Our client was delighted to see the brown/black algae-stained render returned to its original cream façade, the gutter repaired, and the other features restored. They had been worried they would need to have the estate painted but were blown away by our render cleaning skills.

Here is a summary of our process from start to finish:

By taking photos on the job of the necessary repairs for the gutters, the team was able to fix and replace parts without needing an extra day, suiting the client's requirements and our schedule.

This fast thinking and action meant we could repair the guttering before heavy rains caused more damage to the property.

If your property needs render cleaning or other building maintenance services, get in touch today for a free quote. 

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