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Render Facade Restoration - Render Cleaning

A full render clean doesn’t initially sound like a complex job, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt maintaining the glorious architecture of cities like London, it’s that even the most straightforward sounding jobs can carry unforeseen obstacles. Still, we pride ourselves on adaptability. Rather than causing issues, unorthodox architecture instead lets us get creative and put our more exciting solutions to the test. When we were approached with a full render cleaning project by a housing association in the Barking and Dagenham area, that’s exactly what we set out to do. 

Spectrum's creativity shines most when finding solutions to obstacles

The Project

Render Facade Restoration

Render Cleaning

  • Location:East London
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:5 Weeks
  • Substrate:Subtrate
  • Access Method:Render, Aluminium, Wooden Cladding

The Site

Despite challenges around the site, our operatives came up with the perfect access solutions in order to restore this residential property.

The Logistics

The team had to contend with several access-related challenges. For one, the building’s various cosmetic features—wood cladding, metal grills, aluminium panels and such—were difficult to work around, requiring the use of our multifaceted, patented render cleaning system.

Additionally, the intense footfall and traffic of the building’s road-facing areas meant that carrying out any of our softwashing techniques there would have been highly disruptive during regular work hours. As a result of this, we chose to work strategically in the early mornings, thereby minimising any disruption that could have come from this project. However, these short operating windows meant that when we did work, we had to do so incredibly efficiently. With these factors in mind, an abseil render cleaning solution combined with on-the-ground techniques was the obvious choice: it was to be quicker, cheaper and less obtrusive than access methods like scaffolding or the use of cherry pickers. The only snag with that plan concerned anchor points. Namely, there was nowhere on the building we would have been able to drill fixed anchor points. Thankfully, our team is equipped and prepared to handle such situations, as we’ll cover in the next section.

When operating from the ground, it was essential that we didn’t sacrifice results in the name of client convenience. That’s why we used our innovative long-reach render cleaning system to apply a low-pressure, steam-based softwashing solution to the façade. We were able to use this equipment to reach in and around the panelling, grills and cladding which would otherwise have gone improperly cleaned. Our softwashing techniques remove stains, grime, organic buildup and paint without damaging the façade with scorching heat or blasting water pressure. 

Despite the effectiveness of our ground-based solutions and the issues surrounding the lack of viable anchor points, we still needed to employ rope access render cleaning solutions for the upper regions of the building. For this, we ascended to the structure’s roof, deploying a portable anchorage solution known as a Dead Weight Trolley. With it in place, we were able to abseil down and work up-close with the façade. There was no need for drilling or affixing eye bolts to the façade; this went a long way towards saving the client the time and financial expense of such invasive access solutions.

+plus point

Abseiling is a cost-effective method when it comes to façade cleaning

Render Facade Restoration
Case Study

P.A.S.T. Training

To prepare for render cleaning jobs like this, our team had to undergo a training scheme known as P.A.S.T.. In addition to training them in the specific use-cases for each piece of Spectrum-developed equipment, the scheme helps them understand the effects of different temperatures, renders and products on all modern façade types. It proved invaluable here. The team was able to masterfully operate its equipment, speeding the entire job up, keeping costs down and preventing any undue disruption to the property’s residents or passers-by. 

The P.A.S.T. training method stands for:

P – Preparing the render and the area.

A – Applying the biocide to the render.

S – Steam-cleaning the render at 150 degrees Celsius.

T – Targeted treatment to any stains remaining on the surface.

+plus point
Our P.A.S.T. patented process and equipment helps us produce first-rate results

Spectrum Going a Step Further For Clients

Spectrum was founded on the idea of going above and beyond the client’s expectations. That philosophy has been instrumental to our success, and it’s something we stand by to this day. So, when we accessed this property’s roof to set up the Dead Weight Trolley, we couldn’t help but notice that its communal terrace was in a similarly bad state to the façade. We saw an opportunity and decided to give the whole area a deep clean, free of charge. With summer coming up, it was great to be able to give the residents a sparkling communal terrace to spend the warm, sunny days.

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