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Render Stain Removal


Render Steam Cleaning

Combining our specialist cleaning knowledge, highly experienced team, and our patented P.A.S.T. method, we removed deep and extensive stains on this render property.

After hearing about our patented technology, the property services manager from a housing association client came to us at Spectrum to discuss cleaning badly stained render. As the render was so heavily contaminated, the housing property team had concluded that it was past the point of cleaning and painting was the only solution. We inspected the site and proved with a sample test that our expert team and patented processes could deep clean it and avoid the cost of painting.

The Project

The key challenge here was the multiple causes of staining across a full façade, which included heavy levels of carbon from a nearby motorway, black algae and rust. These all required different processes and techniques, which we progressed over a period of three weeks. When the project was completed, the client confirmed it looked like it had been repainted.

The Site

Our substrate survey  is a critical evaluation step in every cleaning project, as using the incorrect treatment or cleaning process can reduce the effectiveness of the clean and even damage the render.

The Logistics

To access the full surface of the facade we used our patented 3D printed equipment which can be operated safely from ground level. This specially designed and printed arm mechanism allows us to access hard to reach areas without having to send operatives up in a cherry picker. Safety is always our number one priority for our operatives and in this case also for the housing association’s residents. To ensure safety, manage expectations and keep everyone informed, the area was cordoned off and notices given to all residents about what was happening and when.

Innovative Render Cleaning

Following the survey, we were able to select and apply the correct processes. It’s the combination of experience and bespoke render cleaning equipment that allows us to succeed in extreme situations. In this case, the team applied CPD knowledge from maintaining modern render and we followed our patented P.A.S.T. technique which has 4 clear stages: 

P – Preparing the render and the area.
A – Applying the biocide to the render.
S – Steam-cleaning the render at 150 degrees celsius.
T – Targeted treatment to any stains remaining on the surface.

When these four stages are used in combination, they are exceptionally effective at removing stains and cleaning modern render. The DOFF steam cleaning system heats water to 150 degrees and was essential to remove the carbon. Biocide was also applied to kill the algae prior to cleaning. To maintain the quality of the result we also applied K-rend to the render. For this housing façade, we had to repeat the P.A.S.T. process three times to achieve the optimum result. 

Transforming Properties

When we take a brief from a client, we will always examine all the options with the view to minimise cost and disruption while at the same time ensuring the possible best result. For this housing association client, this meant a deep clean of a building façade that left the building looking like it had been newly painted. The result for our housing association client in Reading was a completely fresh look within three weeks of the team arriving on site!

Caring For Our Customers

We helped our client avoid the cost and time involved in repainting the building. Our cleaning methods reduced disruption for the properties residents, so it was a great result on two critical counts.


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