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Should I paint or clean my dirty render? - Render Works


Spectrum is equipped with industry experts, delivering property maintenance and repair services nationwide, and render cleaning and restoration is one of our specialities.


We are also one of the few restoration companies that do not require the use of scaffolding to access elevation at any height, saving you money, time and unnecessary disruption.



Why do people render their property?


So, what are the benefits of rendering your building? Well, not only does a rendered facade look more appealing but it protects your building too. 


Render weatherproofs your property, meaning that no water will penetrate through the render regardless of the brickwork condition.


Rendering will also improve the thermal performance in your property, meaning that more heat will stay inside your property and in turn your energy bills will decrease. 


Finally, of course, the aesthetics. Rendering your property can quickly and easily improve the overall look and value of your facade as it can brighten up a once dull-looking wall.


Should I paint or clean my dirty render facade?


Is your render starting to look a bit worse for wear? Starting to appear slightly dull or not as bright as it once did? Perhaps London’s pollution has caused some staining to the facade, but, no need to worry, there’s a solution.

Now, a lot of people are unsure whether their render needs to be painted or cleaned, and the answer to the majority of these cases is a professional cleaning service. 


If you were to paint over your dirty render, then with time and weathering the paint will begin to flake away and your stained render beneath will begin to peek through. So, the painting option is a very short-term solution, which usually does more damage than good.


Well, it’s good that we offer expert render cleaning services that can take your worn-looking render and completely re-boot it back to its original appeal.


Learn more about our render cleaning services here.


Why use us?


Our team holds years of experience in the render cleaning industry, and when our specialist skills are paired with our can-do attitude and creative solutions, impressive results are made. 


We’re innovators in the property maintenance industry, producing our own specialist equipment in-house to ensure that our tools reflect our skills.


We are well-equipped and can produce very high-standard successful before and after results, and we are also known for our creative access solutions. We can clean render up to 8 stories high all with the use of our IRATA-trained experts. This cuts the costs of scaffolding eradicates unnecessary disruption, and noise and allows a more time-efficient service.


If you want to learn more about our our process visit our render cleaning service page. 


Are you ready to transform your rendered property?


Get in touch today.


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