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The Ultimate Render Cleaning Guide


What is render?


Render is a protective layer, usually applied to the outer walls of buildings to improve their weatherproofing properties. Render protects property walls from natural corrosion, staining and deterioration caused by external factors such as rain, wind, and algae. 


Besides their weather-resistant qualities, render is also used for its attractive finish. Rendered walls can add colour and patterns to a property, giving it a more original look. Which, in turn, can increase the value of a property. 


Render can be divided into two main groups: traditional and modern render. 


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Traditional Renders



Traditional render has been used for thousands of years to protect buildings from the effects of weather-induced damage. Lime render is one of the oldest render types, and it is best suited to properties built pre-19th Century. 


Structures of this time were built with water absorption and evaporation in mind. Applying flexible, breathable lime render allows for this necessary process to happen. 


If the wrong type of render is applied, it can cause damage to the building and speed up its deterioration. The wrong kind of render will absorb the water without evaporating, causing it to become trapped and potentially causing significant structural damage to the property. 


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Modern Renders



Modern renders are the primary choice for properties built after the 19th Century. All modern renders have one thing in common - additives, such as silicone and polymers. These additives improve the render’s qualities, making it more breathable, water and crack-resistant. They work better with modern building methods, allowing for the natural movement of a property.


Most modern render is or can be through-coloured, with Monocouche being particularly successful. Colour is directly mixed into the render, meaning that there is no need to paint the surface.


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How to clean render? 


Render is durable and long-lasting. It is essential to clean it at least once a year to maintain a fresh as possible look. Regular upkeep of rendered finishes keeps the general maintenance costs down and ensures that the building looks good as new. 


Cleaning render is a topic every property owner has to deal with at some point.


What causes discolouration on rendered walls? 




The method used for cleaning rendered walls varies depending on both the type of render used and the type of stain. Every job requires a different mix of chemical solutions to achieve the correct results and make your building look brand new. 


On the other hand, utilising the wrong type of cleaning method can often cause permanent damage to the render. 


For example, jet pressure washing and using acid cleaners on silicone render may cause irreparable harm to it. This sort of irredeemable damage can often only be restored through rerendering. 


To avoid such expensive mistakes, we would highly recommend consulting with a knowledgeable render cleaning company. 


At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on being specialists in render cleaning. We understand the intricacies of all the different render finishes. We have extensive knowledge of which biocides and cleaning methods to use to achieve the best results. 

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Our P.A.S.T patented process for render cleaning 


At Spectrum, we have developed a foolproof process that will safely, effectively and efficiently remove stains from your property’s walls. 


This four-step patented process amalgamates the best render cleaning methods, resulting in a system that will leave your property looking brand new.



The first step of our process is preparation and assessment. Our team of render cleaning professionals will carefully survey and evaluate your property to determine the best cleaning method. 


Every building is different and requires expertly picked render cleaning solutions and methods to avoid damaging exterior surfaces. As specialists in our field, we have extensive experience restoring both modern and listed and heritage sites to their former glory. You can trust that your property is in good hands with Spectrum.


Our experts will determine access needs and what tools will be required to clean the rendered surface. We can 3D print our tools, which often saves our Clients both time and money. 


Our survey allows us to prepare for the job in advance, speeding up the process of removing organic growth and any other unwanted staining.




After our detailed survey, we will proceed to apply the carefully chosen biocide mix. The chemical solution will destroy all organic growth, such as algae and moss, leaving the property looking refreshed. Treating ugly stains on the walls of your property is quick and easy with Spectrum - we use 3D-printed tools and rope access to speed up the process. 



The next step in our patented process is using high-temperature steam to clean the property’s walls thoroughly. Although jet washing is often recommended, it can damage modern renders. The high-pressure washer can scratch the render or even strip it away. By using a steam soft wash method, we can achieve excellent results without the risk of destroying the substrate. 



To finish off the treatment, our team of render cleaning experts apply another layer of biocide. The biocide application helps prevent organic growth in the future. 

Why use Spectrum’s render cleaning services?



As specialists in render cleaning in London and beyond, we pride ourselves on carrying out render cleaning work quickly, safely and efficiently. 


At Spectrum, we have minimised the need for time-consuming and expensive scaffolding. Our specialist access solutions allow us to access hard-to-reach surfaces from the safety of the ground using our 3D printed tools. Avoiding scaffolding and heavy machinery has previously saved our clients up to 70% in access costs. 


You can trust that your property is in safe hands with our team of experts. Get in touch with us to discuss your options and book a free sample clean. 


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