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What Are the Black Stains on My Render? - How To Remove Black Stains from Render

There’s nothing cheerful about spotting a black stain on render. Black staining can make your building look old and decrepit. In our experience, clients who report a black stain on render are baffled as to where it could have come from. For them, it seems to have sprung out of thin air (which isn’t too far from the truth). If you’re similarly confused, then fear not: we’ve got the answer for you—and a solution to match.

What Causes Black Stains on Render?

Those hard-to-remove black stains you’re facing are most likely carbon stains. They are a product of the incomplete burning of carbon-based fossil fuels (like coal, gasoline or oil), a process that releases a flurry of tiny carbon particles and carbon monoxide into the air. In high concentrations—next to a busy road, for example—these carbon by-products can cover a building in unpleasant black stains which are deceptively difficult to remove. 

Should I Be Worried?

If you rely on your building having an inviting appearance, carbon stains should worry you. They are undeniably unpleasant and unattractive, certain to turn away clients or prospective tenants. Furthermore, and in part due to how deep they sink into the pores of render, carbon stains can block the breathability of render, resulting in cracks and crumbling of your property’s exterior.  In other words, a carbon stain problem left untreated will only get worse and invite additional, harder to treat problems, sometimes even deterioration of the render material itself 

How To Remove Carbon Stains

There is a range of home remedies for carbon stains circulating the web, from vinegar to baking soda and even cola. These methods may offer some results to people looking to remove stains from render, but we recommend that you enlist the aid of a professional instead of relying on dubious online sources.  

At Spectrum, we exclusively use methods that we know achieve consistent, reliable results. For carbon staining, our go-to approach involves the TORC cleaning system. This low-pressure, high-temperature system sprays a mixture of water and fine granules in a swirling motion, dislodging ground-in carbon particles from render without risking damage to the building itself. The granulate component of the TORC cleaning solution is ideally suited to removing any instance of black stain on render: it digs in underneath the particles and lifts them away, leaving your property looking as fresh as the day it was rendered.

With an arsenal of 3D printed equipment and IRATA rope access training, our skilful team can tackle any carbon stained building, no matter the size. It’s this double-threat of innovation and adaptability which has seen Spectrum become such a respected name in the UK property restoration and maintenance industry.

If you’re currently struggling to remove carbon stains from render, or you just need some advice on maintaining your property, feel free to get in touch! Our experts will be happy to provide you with guidance and suggest the best course of action.

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