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What is Acrylic Render? - Render Cleaning


If you’ve been thinking about rendering your property or researching different ways to improve the appearance of your exterior, then you might have heard of the term ‘Acrylic Render.’


Acrylic render is a render type that uses acrylic (a type of plastic) in the mix, making it stronger and more flexible than traditional renders. This means that it’s suitable for application on a variety of different materials.


In this blog, we will dive into the pros and cons, alternative render types and the best way to maintain it with advice from our expert team.


Alternatively if you are looking to learn more about our render cleaning service please get in touch. 


Advantages Of Acrylic Rendering


Let’s discover if acrylic render is right for you and your property…there are a number of pros to acrylic rendering.




This render type can be used on a range of different surfaces including painted walls, brick, concrete and more. This is a big talking point for acrylic render, as traditional render simply can’t stick to all of these surfaces.




Acrylic render is resistant to cracks which means that you won’t have to worry about unsightly damage and hairline cracks throughout your render. This is possibly the biggest advantage of using acrylic rendering on your exterior.



Range of finishes


This render type has a vast variety of different finishes, whether you like a smooth look or a textured one, there is a wide range of colours and finishes that you can choose from.


Easy to apply


This render is fast drying and only takes a few days to cure.



Disadvantages Of Acrylic Rendering


However, acrylic render isn’t always the best option for every building, there are some downsides.




Acrylic render isn’t the most budget-friendly option, however, its durability does make up for this, as it won’t need to be re-applied as often as other render types.


Poor breathability 


Acrylic render is strong and has a tight seal in the application, this means it keeps moisture in and as a result of this is less breathable than some other alternatives (such as silicon render.)



Alternatives to Acrylic Render


There are three different modern render types: Silicone, cement and of course, acrylic.


Silicone render is best recognised as being breathable, whereas cement and acrylic render completely seal off the wall from moisture.


Cement render is your cheapest render option out of the three.


Acrylic render, as mentioned earlier, is renowned for its strength and durability.  




Our render cleaning team hold the knowledge and training that allows transformative results to be achieved.


If you currently have an acrylic rendered facade that isn’t looking as fresh or clean as it once did or perhaps it has some patches that are in need of repair, well our team can restore and renew the face of your facade through our P.A.S.T render cleaning methods and our render repair service.


Learn more about our render cleaning team here.



Get in touch


If you’re looking for a headache-free building contractor then you’ve landed in the right place.


Our render cleaning service offers cost-cutting benefits (through the use of IRATA abseilers) and impressive results. The results of each project are delivered to you through a detailed report at the end of the job, making your life easier.


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