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What is Modern Render? - How do you Clean it?

Render is used as a cladding option. It is applied to the exterior of a building, much like plaster is applied to the interior walls. There are a few reasons for applying render:

1. To protect the underlying walling material from the effects of weathering and rainwater penetration.

2. To act as the final external layer after the addition of insulation.

3. To provide an attractive appearance to the house

What is render?

Render is used on external walls to seal them off to the elements, or to give a property a facelift.

Over the years, rendering technology has evolved greatly, giving a much bigger choice of colours and finishes, and also enabling tailoring to specific environments.

There are a few different types of render which we have listed below;






Lime Render

When it comes to maintaining render there are many solutions available to you, however, not all of the options advertised in the market are good for your building. We would advise if you are looking to renovate, repair or paint your render you enquire with a specialist render façade maintenance company. If you would like some general advice, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Spectrum have been restoring and renovating render successfully for many years. You can check out some of our more recent work on our social channel. We are able to effectively restore the façade of a building back to the way it looked when it was new, with no paint, no scaffolding and very minimal disruption.

What is Modern Render? 1What is Modern Render? 2What is Modern Render? 3
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