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The Ultimate Guide to Monocouche Render
- Property Restoration



Whether you’ve been thinking about rendering your property or perhaps you’re in the property management and maintenance industry. If so, then you’ve probably heard of the term ‘Monocouche’ render or mono render.

In this blog, we’re going to be diving into what exactly that means, the best ways to maintain it and some frequent questions that are raised. If you aren't sure what the other types of render are, you're in the right place.

Alternatively if you would like to get in touch with our experienced render cleaners don't hesitate to get in contact. 


What is Monocouche Render?


Monocouche render is actually a brand of render, with the word ‘’ translating from French to English as ‘one coat’, the application process happens in two parts that are then bonded together and form one strong coating. This one-coat application process makes Monocouche an excellent thin coat render.


It is a more modern version of a traditional render - with improvements such as durability, insulation and different colouring options. Monocouche render colours can be customised as required because the pigment is mixed into the cement render formula, meaning there is no need for painting Monocouche. 


Is Monocouche Render Breathable?


The term ‘breathable’ refers to the extent to which a building can transmit moisture. So, a ‘breathable’ property is permeable, where water can evaporate efficiently and rapidly. 


So, what happens when a material isn’t ‘breathable’?

Water builds up, which can lead to signification deterioration of the coating - including mould growth, discolouration and cracking.


In relation to Monocouche render, this material does provide reasonable breathability; it also provides good insulation (high thermal efficiency), which means that you will save money on heating bills.



Can You Paint Over Monocouche Render?


You can paint over Monocouche renders with a breathable paint, whether it's necessary is the real question. This render is a coloured render option (available in a range of different tints and shades) and the pigment should be long-lasting.


If you’re wanting to change the shade or colour of your Monocouche rendered facade, then yes, you can paint over it.


However, if you’re thinking that a paint job is a solution to fixing a dirty or cracked rendered facade, then you’re wrong. If there is built-up dirt then this is where a render cleaning service is needed. A professional clean from our render cleaning experts will transform your property back to its former glory - painting over the rust or algae etc, is only a temporary solution and could do more damage than good.




Spectrum’s Render Cleaning Services


One of our most renowned sections of restoration is our render cleaning services. 


We 3D design, print and use all of our own equipment which is why we can clean high-rise rendered exteriors from the safety of the ground. No scaffolding is needed, access costs are cut and impressive results are evident in every job we undertake.

We take pride in ensuring that our specialists are up to date with IRATA training and qualifications so that we can provide you with cost-effective solutions.


Choose the stress-free option.


Choose Spectrum.


Get in touch with our friendly team today to organise your FREE quotation.





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