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What Is Outside Building Cleaning? - Rendered Wall Cleaning

What Is Building Cleaning?

It often shocks many first-time building managers and landlords to discover that their properties aren’t immortal. Whether due to weather, vandalism, pollution or simply the passage of time, all properties eventually lose their pristine sheen and begin to deteriorate. Without intervention from an outside building cleaning company, that deterioration will soon lead to irreversible decay and damage, the stuff of nightmares for any property owner. After all, on top of causing a building's market value to plummet, a battered-looking property will scare off any prospective clients or tenants from even setting foot inside. 

Building cleaning, then, is an undertaking intended to prevent or reverse a property’s deterioration. It can take many forms, depending on the issues the building is facing (staining, grime buildup, oxidation, etc.). No matter the start point, though, the end result of an outside building cleaning job should always be a property that looks its best, as if the years of weathering, staining and grime have melted away.

What Is Render? How Is It Cleaned?

In its most basic form, render is an external building material typically formed of sand, cement, lime and water in varying quantities. It is usually white and is spread over masonry, creating a protective shell that protects buildings from structural decay.

Due to its often light colour, render can quickly become stained and dirty, ruining a building’s overall appearance and potentially harming its value. An inexperienced outside wall cleaner may employ a pressure washer or jet washer in an attempt to remove any stains, grime or grit. This is a disastrous idea for some kinds of render, like those produced by the company Sto. The highly concentrated blast of these tools can seriously damage the render, leading to wallet-shrivelling repair costs.

Instead, it is best to enlist the services of an experienced render cleaning company that can assess every aspect of the property in question, formulating a bespoke plan to tackle it efficiently and without unwanted consequences.

At Spectrum, we can determine what type of render is protecting your building, as well as what is causing it to appear aged and past-its-prime. With this information, we will formulate a specialised cleaning solution—composed of any combination of detergents, fungicides and biocides—and apply it alongside the appropriate piece of cleaning equipment. We guarantee that your building won’t be blasted with a pressure washer when a more gentle TORC cleaning solution, for instance, would achieve better results.

Our P.A.S.T. Patented Process for Render Cleaning

Over the years of providing render cleaning London can be proud to call its own, the Spectrum team has developed a patented four-step process for render and outside building cleaning: P.A.S.T.

P - Planning and Preparation

Close examination of your property, plan formulation (including risk assessments) and the procurement of any necessary equipment. If required, the team will also 3D print the equipment needed for the job.

A - Application of Solution

Whether it’s biocide, fungicide, detergent or a combination of the three, this is the stage when it gets its time to shine. 

S - Steam Cleaning

Once the solution has had time to work, we will use a low-pressure cleaning system known as the TORC system. TORC cleaning lifts stains and removes discolouration with the aid of superheated steam. It is applied in a swirling vortex motion with fine inert granules, which lift any stubborn grime.

T - Targeted Treatment 

Upon reevaluating our progress, our team will finally target any remaining stains, ensuring that the outside building cleaning job is successful.

It might sound simple, but P.A.S.T. is in fact the culmination of years of experimentation, deliberation and innovation. It wasn’t easy to get there, but thanks to P.A.S.T., we can guarantee top results every time with our outside cleaning services.

Why Use Spectrum’s Render Cleaning Services?

If you require a render cleaning company to restore your property and help it make an impression on clients, guests and prospective tenants, you won’t find a team better equipped than Spectrum. 

We’re innovators in the property maintenance industry, having invented a range of tools and pieces of equipment. To this day, we 3D print and produce all of our specialist equipment to make sure it performs to the high standard we require.

Plus, we can clean render up to 8 stories and do so while promising you minimal access costs. That’s because all of our operatives are trained in various access methods: IRATA rope access, cherry pickers, scaffolding and from-the-ground telescopic poles. This dynamic approach to access means that we can traverse your property in the most cost and time-efficient way possible, swapping from one method to another on the fly as the situation develops.

Interested in seeing your building returned to its former glory? Get in touch and speak with one of our team today!

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