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What is Silicone Render? - How to Clean Silicone Render 

What is Silicone Render?

Silicone render is a cement-based render with added silicones to improve the mixture’s weatherproofing properties. This modern render is a popular choice amongst property owners and building contractors. This is because of silicone render’s durability, longevity and ease of application.

Silicone render is easy to use and can be applied using different methods, such as trowelling, rolling and spraying. It’s through-coloured, which means that the colour is added to the mix. Thanks to this, there’s no need to apply a top coat, as the colour is embedded into the mix itself.

There are many benefits to choosing silicone render. Silicone render has flexibility that traditional render lacks. Thanks to this, silicone render can largely withstand the natural movement of structures without cracking. 

Although cracks may appear over time, they will not be as visible as with other types of render. This is because silicone render comes with colour embedded into the mix.

Due to its hydrophobic and vapour-permeable nature, it is highly resistant to organic growth such as algae, moss or mould. This makes it the perfect render for wet climates as it has excellent weatherproofing properties.

Although silicone render tends to be more expensive, its durability and ease of application mean that maintenance costs are cheaper. When silicone renders are well taken care of, they can last for a minimum of 25 years. 

Pros and Cons of Silicone Render

Benefits of silicone render: 

Some problems with silicone render: 

How to Clean Silicone Render

The chemical composition of silicone render means that it can be easily damaged if wrong cleaning methods are used. Jet washing, a popular method of cleaning renders, is often too harsh for silicone render. As specialists in render cleaning at Spectrum, we understand the intricacies of all types of render. This is why we use high-temperature, low-pressure steam wash for silicone render finishes.

Damage to the silicone render from the wrong type of cleaning materials can permanently alter the facade. For example, using acid cleaners to clean silicone render would destroy the finish. This form of damage is difficult to fix and would usually mean having to re-render the whole building. 

Painting silicone render is not necessary as it comes pre-coloured. However, adding a layer of paint might be inevitable if the property has not been properly maintained over the years. If basic maintenance work is not enough to clean the rendered building, applying silicone paint is the next option.

At Spectrum, we have developed a foolproof render cleaning process called P.A.S.T. Our patented render-care method is a combination of the best cleaning practices for render. 

We begin with planning and preparation, organising a property visit and an assessment. During the visit, we check access and evaluate the extent of maintenance needed. Surveying the site allows us to properly assess the type of cleaning method best suited for your type of render. It also allows us to determine what tools need to be 3D printed. 

The next step of the process is to apply biocide to treat the rendered surfaces against any organic growth, such as algae. Thanks to our cost-saving rope-access solutions and 3D printed equipment, we can quickly, efficiently and safely eliminate algae and any other organic growths. 

We then clean the facade using our high-temperature steam wash from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for scaffolding and cherry pickers. Our method is safe, quick and cost-effective, leaving your building looking brand new.

To finish off, our specialists apply another layer of biocide to prevent any future organic growths.

With Spectrum, you can get your building looking brand new quickly and cost-effectively from the safety of the ground. Get in touch with us if you think your property requires facade cleaning. Our team at Spectrum will discuss your render issues and assess what needs to be done to get your building looking refreshed. 

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