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Who Manufactures Polymer Based Render? - Why is it so Popular on New Builds?


Polymer-based render is becoming an increasingly popular choice for high-rise buildings, commercial properties and high-end residential builds. A polymer-based render is a term for a standard render that contains polymers as part of its ingredients. 

These polymers have various properties but are often included in the mix as they improve flexibility and weatherproofing. Other benefits of polymer renders are that they’re highly adhesive, elastic and offer high impact resistance. This makes it easier for the render to be applied to the surface of a building and provides the property with better protection from the elements.

Polymer-based renders can have colour added to them before they’re applied to a building. This means you won’t have to paint the exterior of the property after the rendering is complete. Extra polymers – or different mixes of polymer – can also be added to the render to enhance its various properties.

Polymer-based render manufacturers

A number of well-known manufacturers now produce polymer-based renders. This gives you an excellent choice of brands when it comes to finishing your building. Some of the most well-respected manufacturers are Weber Saint Gobain, K-Rend, Sto and Wetherby.

When did render become a popular building material?

Render has been used to protect and enhance the exterior of residential and commercial buildings for centuries. Used to cover stone, brick and other building materials, render adds an important protective layer to the outside of a building. This can help to minimise water penetration, prevent damage to the property and give the exterior a clean, smart aesthetic.

While render has been used by builders for years, it’s only relatively recently that polymers have been added to the mix to enhance the protective properties of standard render. As more and more architects and builders see the potential benefits of polymer-based render, the popularity of the material is growing. 

As well as better protecting buildings from the effects of weather, polymer-based renders are also less prone to cracking and can be more easily cleaned than traditional alternatives. This makes polymer-based renders the perfect choice for property owners and managers who want to ensure their buildings look good and stay in excellent condition. 

Why is polymer-based render used on high-rise buildings?

 Polymer-based render is a popular choice for high-rise buildings because of its hydrophobic and protective properties. Once applied to the surface of a high-rise, polymer-based render will help to prevent water from penetrating the property. As the material is tough and durable, it will only need light maintenance and should protect the building for years to come.

How many buildings are built each year with render facades?

While it is difficult to know exactly how many buildings are constructed each year with render facades, we can be confident that the number is growing rapidly. As render offers a number of practical and aesthetic benefits, it’s the ideal choice for property owners and managers who want an attractive and cost-effective solution for their buildings’ facades.

Cleaning render

Like all building materials used to decorate, protect or clad the exterior of a building, over time, polymer-based render will be impacted by weathering, staining and algae growth. This can leave the outside of a building looking tired and discoloured.

The best way to remove stains, algae and other blemishes on a building’s rendered exterior is to use the services of a specialist cleaning company. A specialist company will be able to thoroughly and safely clean the surface of the building. By using the right equipment and the right tools, an expert contractor will be able to remove all traces of wear and tear whilst maintaining the original colour and weatherproof qualities of the render.

Our services

Spectrum is proud to be an expert in cleaning and restoring buildings finished with polymer-based render. Our team uses a mix of specialist tools and techniques to remove algae, stains and other blemishes to leave a building looking like new.

Around the world, our team is transforming the face of buildings with pioneering cleaning systems. Unlike other specialists, we 3D print and manufacture our own equipment. This enables us to clean the facade of a building up to eight floors high from the safety of the ground.

In fact, we have been granted a patent on the above equipment. This means we’re the only company able to use this innovative and effective technique on rendered buildings. 

As we have extensive experience cleaning render on all types of buildings, we’re perfectly placed to restore the render on your property. Our expert team use a range of tools and techniques to remove stains, algae and signs of weathering. We’re also able to clean metal cladding, wooden terraces, windows and frames, allowing us to transform your building from top to bottom.

If there are commercial units in the property or neighbouring businesses that would be impacted by the work, we can schedule our clean to minimise disruption. This helps the project to run smoothly and ensures our clients remain on good terms with their neighbours.

Managing your rendered building

In general, polymer-based render needs very little upkeep. However, it will require a deep clean every once in a while. Learning how to maintain the render on your building properly will allow you to keep the exterior of the property in great condition and help you to take the right maintenance steps at the right time. 

To help inform facilities managers and surveyors about the details around caring for a rendered building, we’re offering a “How to maintain modern render” CPD to surveyors and property management companies. 

If you’re interested in our CPD training, or if you’d just like to find out more about the innovative services we offer, get in touch with an expert member of our staff today. Alternatively, please take a look around our site, where you’ll find lots of in-depth information on our services, our skills and our expertise.


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