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Why Are There Rust Stains On My Render? - Removing Rust From Render

Rust stains on rendered walls might not be deathly serious, but they’re still no laughing matter. Rust stains are unattractive, leave nasty flakes on skin and clothes, and can even reduce the value of your property. There’s no need to fear, though. With the right gear and guidance, you make your rust stains—and any worries surrounding it—a thing of the past. In order to explain how to remove rust stains from render, though, it’s first important to understand what rust is and how it forms.

What Is Rust? 

Also known as oxidation, rust is simply the process by which any compound containing iron corrodes when exposed to oxygen and water. It is not necessarily a fast process, often taking years to set in. However, when an iron-containing metal is in regular contact with both oxygen and water, rust is inevitable.

On a molecular level, the rusting process removes electrons from iron atoms. This transforms iron into iron oxide, a more brittle material prone to breakage and recognisable by its distinct red-brown hue. Rust can be a blight on metal structures, particularly metal bridges. The cost of repairing rusted bridges can be so great that their owners often opt to demolish them and build anew instead. 

What Causes Rust Stains On Render?

If you’ve noticed red staining on rendered walls of your property, then take solace in the fact that you likely won’t have to worry about the aforementioned structural damage or inordinately costly repairs. Rust stains on rendered walls are merely a bleed-over effect of ‘real’ rust occurring on a metal feature of your property. For example, a metal ventilation grate on the side of your building may rust, and when it does, the reddish flakes of oxidation may appear on the render below, having drifted downwards following rainfall.

What Are the Effects of Rust Stains On Render?

Thankfully, rust stains on render will not cause any major complications regarding your property’s structural integrity or the safety of the property’s occupants. Of course, that’s not to say that it will have zero impact at all. Rust stains are unsightly; they can give your property an old, weathered appearance, creating a poor first impression for prospective clients and tenants. Needless to say, if you’re dealing with them, you’ll want to remove rust stains from render as fast as possible.

How To Remove Rust Stains From Render

Looking online, you’ll encounter a range of methods that claim to remove rust stains from render. Some, like painting over the rust, are akin to putting a band-aid over the issue. Others, like oxidation removal gel, do the job, but they can cause staining and rely on a skilled worker to apply effectively.

At Spectrum, we’ve developed a four-step render cleaning process that, over the years, has seen us successfully restoring dozens of rusted properties to their former splendour. It is efficient, affordable and long-lasting; we call it P.A.S.T.

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