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Why Does Render Need Cleaning? - Your Property's Reputation

Why does render need cleaning?

A visitors first glance at a building’s exterior leaves a lasting impression. A splendid, clean, well-maintained exterior puts a spring in their step. Positive vibes radiate as they approach the doors. This is a place they want to be.

Contrast this with the feeling of a visitor who looks up to see a poorly maintained building. Dark stains dominate the rendering. Algae growth spreading. This isn’t a place one wants to be.

Render cleaning is an essential part of planned maintenance schedules for most property managers and owners. The cleaning service is an essential investment to keep the building in top shape. However, when neglected, the building can fall into disrepair.

A building’s façade isn’t resistant to carbon pollutants or organic growth. Passing traffic creates emissions which cause the rendering to fade or become dirty. Algae can start to grow where damp conditions are prevalent. Rust stains can form when rainwater mixes with metal. 

Over time, the building’s exterior will become rundown. The shiny, consistent colour first revealed has since been covered with patches of grey, black, green, and red stains. There are two reasons why the render will need a cleaning service.

Firstly, the deterioration of the render can occur. However, warranties and building insurance typically require the building to have been properly maintained. If the render becomes damaged and requires remedial work to fix, then the rendering manufacture or building insurance provider could refuse to pay out due to neglect on the property manager’s behalf.

Secondly, local councils have the power to issue fines to property owners if they deem the building to have become an eyesore. This typically occurs when the building's structure has fallen into a state of disrepair, or when the exterior is so dirty it begins to attract complaints. The reputation of the business within the local community then comes into question. 

The cost of a fine, plus remedial cleaning works will need to be covered by the property owner. 

How render cleaning affects your property’s facade

We would always advise hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your building’s rendering. They will be able to advise on the best course of treatment to clean the rendering stain depending on the cause itself.

Rendering is designed to let moisture escape from the building. While this is an important design feature, the tiny capillaries in the render form an ideal place for algae to form and grow. 

Cleaning the render will remove the algae growth at once. Algae will continue to spread if it’s left untreated, becoming harder to remove, as well as an eyesore to the building’s aesthetic. 

Over time, a build-up of pollutants will turn the rendering into a faded, dull grey-like stain. The pollutants act as a poultice, attracting more airborne particles at an increased rate, creating a bigger growth than was initially noticed. 

The building has now started to become aged and tired. The splendour revelled in during its opening has long disappeared. Reversing this ageing with render cleaning is highly effective to sweep away the pollutants and completely change the look and feel of your building.

Your property’s reputation before and after render cleaning

Imagine two buildings side by side who both sold the same product. One had a clean, shiny exterior, the other had a rundown look and feel to it. Which one would you feel comfortable walking into?

Visitors act on first impressions, so naturally more people would be attracted to the clean exterior. But if there was a row of buildings, with one or two looking rundown, that starts to show how little care the building owners have for the building itself.

When the building owners are reluctant to keep their building properly maintained, then visitors, locals, passers-by will wonder if they will look after their employees and customers in the same way too.

A property’s reputation can be transformed with a render cleaning service. Here at Spectrum, we would recommend an annual render cleaning service. This will remove any render stains, keeping the building’s exterior looking fresh and clean while preventing the accumulation of dirt and stains which, if left untreated, can cause more intensive treatment to be required at a later date.

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