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Don't Paint Your Render - Clean it Instead!

Weather, pollution and the environment can cause significant damage to the render on your building. Moss growth, algae and pollution can cause serious damage if left untreated.

The most common types of algae found growing on render are brown, green and red algae. Tired looking render may look like it’s dirty but is actually covered with dark brown algae. Dependent on the age of the algae, it may also appear red or green.

The most common effect and cause of discolouration in the render is algae. Render has a porous surface and with the correct level of moisture, this can make for optimum conditions for simple asexual cell division.

We have a unique approach to render cleaning with an industry-leading 4-stage P.A.S.T process. This ensures the best possible results in removing algae or other soiling. This involves the use of a uniquely-mixed biocide to be applied to the render and gentle steam-cleaning. Choosing an experienced and professional contractor is very important as the inappropriate cleaning methods can cause damage to the render.  Pressure washers should be avoided as the high-pressure forces water deep into the render. As the weather turns colder, the moisture expands and damages the structural bond of the render. Repairing or replacing this damage can be extremely costly and time-consuming.­

If you want to read more about our render cleaning service please head to the render cleaning page on our website.

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