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How To Do Render Repairs
- Render Repairs

Render is an affordable, attractive method of protecting a property from the relentless elements. However, it is not indestructible; there are a number of ways render can deteriorate. Cracking, erosion and shelling (where the render begins to detach from the substrate beneath) are just a few, and the reasons behind these occurrences are manifold—ranging from harsh weather conditions, to chemical damage, to improper installation and even vandalisation. 

If your render has begun to show signs of damage or disrepair, even if it’s just a hairline crack, it is imperative that you seek out a professional to restore your render and prevent any further degradation. Putting off repairs like this can cause issues to compound, leading to greater and greater costs for you.

Curious as to how those professionals go about restoring your render to its prior state of perfection? Wonder no more...

How Professionals Carry Out Render Repairs

In the same way that proper render installation requires extensive training, render repairs require it too. If you’re seeking out a team to carry out render repairs and painting, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring a team of professionals with experience in all kinds of render, including acrylic, lime, synthetic and cement; as well as render brands like STO, Weber and K Render. This is due to the differing repair procedures necessary to restore each type of render. For instance, an inexperienced repair person may use a cement compound to repair lime render, not realising that doing so will prevent moisture from being able to escape the material. While this person will achieve positive results initially, the buildup of moisture will eventually cause the lime render to yet again deteriorate.

While each type of render requires a different approach, there is a basic framework most render repairs tend to follow:

Spectrum Render Repairs

At Spectrum, we take pride in offering a superior level of service to all of our clients. Our CPD certified render repairs and painting team has undergone rigorous training to ensure this promise is upheld. Our method for render repairs combines long-standing industry best-practices with our own proprietary tools and methods. What does this mean in real terms? It means utilising IRATA certified industrial rope access methods and equipment to ensure every job is carried out as safely, quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. It also means leveraging our time-tested P.A.S.T. method—in conjunction with patented AUGEAUS pole technology—to clean your render prior to repairs; this will allow us to properly match the intensity of repair to the severity of the damage present, as well as aid with colour matching.

Render Repairs and Colour

Render repairs finished with an ill-matching colour of paint can look just as shoddy as some hairline cracks, and it can raise alarm bells for prospective tenants or clients. To avoid this, Spectrum includes professional render colour matching services with every repair. Our operatives are able to mix a bespoke paint to blend seamlessly in with your existing property, erasing any trace of repair work.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Render?

Cash, or lack thereof, may be a major motivation behind putting off render repairs. Between the cost of scaffolding, high-end equipment and the hourly fee charged by repair operatives, you may not be able to justify the cost. Luckily, at Spectrum, we have tailored our service to minimise the cost to you.

Firstly, by using rope access methods, we bypass the hefty fees associated with erecting scaffolding or operating cherry picker lifts. Rope access methods (such as abseiling) are not only inherently cheaper than other access methods, they are more efficient too, further decreasing the ultimate cost of a repair job.

Our patented, 3D printed equipment, including our AUGEAS technology, is another way we strive to save you money. Our equipment has been specifically designed to help our team operate at peak efficiency, completing jobs at an unrivalled level of quality while minimising the time-to-completion.

Got any questions about render repairs? Need some advice about a crack on your property? Get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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