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Modern Render - Maintenance Training


Our Team’s Modern Render Training


The building and construction industry is fast-paced. New tools, innovative techniques, regulations, and standards require our experts to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD accredited training each year. This is a vital opportunity to refresh skills and discover new solutions that ultimately deliver the highest possible standards to our clients.

Our teams also undertake extensive research and development on how different types of render perform over time. They will then apply this expert knowledge to the specialist render repair or cleaning service that is required to create a plan that both solves the problem at hand and protects the render long-term, too.

To allow our team of operatives to stay up to date on the most recent techniques for rendering, the team at Spectrum attended a modern application course. During this training course, the team gained in-depth knowledge on the latest developments of modern render products and practiced rendering the full exterior of a building. Additionally, the team strengthened their render colour matching skills as they learned how to seamlessly blend render repairs with the exterior render's colour. Through this course, the team acquired new techniques and knowledge they are looking forward to applying in our future render repair and restoration projects.


Spectrum’s Render Cleaning and Repair Services


Whether your rendering needs a clean, or repair, our expert team will devise the perfect solution to restore your building’s façade to its former glory.


Tackling a render repair project requires careful examination of the problem at hand. Through their extensive training, our expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to find a solution for your render exterior. Whether your building is composed of Monocouche render, K-render, or acrylic render, there is no repair we cannot deliver! We will communicate the plan of action, detailing every step and providing regular reports as the repair work gets underway. 


Our render repairs include:


Lime Render Repairs


We carefully prepare masonry and mortar mix to help prevent the failure of lime mortar repairs.


Patch Render Repairs


From time to time small patches of render need repair. We use our pioneering cleaning system to clean the entire facade first, before ensuring the repairs blend in with the overall building appearance.


Crumbling Render Repairs


Modern render can occasionally crumble, but we apply repairs in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, including STO and Weber Render.


Hairline Crack Render Repairs


Hairline render cracks are common and while it might not seem like a serious issue, they could signal a more serious defect. Our experts will get to the root of the problem quickly and make the necessary repair.


Cement, Acrylic, and Synthetic Render Repairs


Regardless of the material used within your render, our team will carry out the repairs in line with manufacturers' guidelines, ensuring the correct method is used.


Cleaning Render

Book a consultation call with us today to discuss how we can transform the exterior of your render property!



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