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How to Repair Difficult to Access Roofs - Roof Restoration


Your property’s roof protects your staff, clients and business assets from the harsh elements. It’s only natural that you should protect it back, with regular maintenance and, if necessary, roof leak repair work. Unfortunately, some irregular or pitched roofs seem designed to prevent thorough maintenance work. That’s no reason to leave your property’s future up to fate, though. By hiring a contractor with extensive experience in difficult-to-access properties, you can keep your roof in peak condition and avoid the severe consequences of long-term neglect.


Why is Roof Repair Important?


For you, rain is just an inconvenience, something counteracted by carrying an umbrella and watching out for puddles. For your roof, however, rain is a grave threat. Every roof, no matter the material, needs to be regularly maintained to uphold its waterproofing capabilities. If leakage should occur, the long-term consequences could be costly, stressful and, in some circumstances, even dangerous. This is because, left untreated, water can soften the joints and supports of a roof, causing structural damage and even collapse. Additionally, water can facilitate the growth of mould, which can lead to further property damage and harm for the people in your property. That’s why it’s in your best interests to stay on top of your roof’s condition and address any damages as soon as possible.


What is Roof Repair?


In the same way that the term “medical treatment” can refer to a range of practices depending on the condition being treated, the term “roof repair” can represent a variety of methods depending on the type of roof and waterproofing material present. 


Replacing shingles, fixing gutters and resealing skylights all fall under the banner of “roof repair”, but the jobs hardly resemble each other. Similarly, the process of repairing fibreglass waterproofing (also known as glass-reinforced plastic or liquid waterproofing) won’t share the same steps as, say, rubber roof repair. Therefore, it’s useful to get an idea of what to expect when a contractor begins work on your roof.


Let’s take a look at the two primary roof leak repair methods to demonstrate:


Fibreglass Roof Repair


The first step of any fibreglass roof repair job involves sanding down obstructive materials and preparing the site with acetone. Next, a specific resin is spread over the weakened or damaged areas; once dry, this resin is sanded down to create a uniform look across the roof. The area is then laminated and finished with a topcoat layer to ensure optimal protection.


Rubber Roof Repair


Rubber roof waterproofing is made from a single-ply layer of weather-resistant, UV-resistant membrane, the most common of which is known as EPDM. Repairing this material involves literally replacing patches of the membrane. First, though, it is important to clean the existing membrane of the carbon film that naturally builds up over time. Then, once a patch of replacement rubber has been cut to size, the repair area must be primed with EPDM roofing primer (applied with a paint roller for uniform coverage). Finally, the replacement patch is bonded and sealed to the main roof for an airtight finish,


Why Use Rope Access for Roof Repair?


There’s no avoiding the fact that hiring a roof repair contractor should be a priority for the sake of your building’s continued health and structural stability. When choosing a contractor, we recommend that you pay close attention to whether they use rope access methods or alternatives like cherry pickers or scaffolding. In the vast majority of cases, the contractor using rope access methods will achieve superior results at a lower cost and with less disruption to your business.


Why is that? Well, rope access methods require minimal setup or additional equipment. This translates to a faster operation and less hassle for you, meaning that you’re paying for fewer contractor hours and can get back to normality as fast as possible. It’s not just cheaper and more efficient: a team using rope access methods can also traverse the most unorthodox roof with more ease than is afforded by alternative methods. Picture an expert climber abseiling down a rocky cliff face. Roof repair contractors use near-identical techniques to scale roofs, albeit without the need to drill holes in the surface they’re scaling: any good contractor will instead use portable anchor points.


Rope access methods really shine when it comes to leak detection and roof leak repair. For accurate leak detection and repairs that will stand the test of time, an up-close style of work is necessary, and this is only possible with rope access methods that put contractors face-to-face with the task at hand.


Spectrum’s Abseiling Service


Whether it’s for rubber roof repair, fibreglass roof repair or just to keep an eye on the state of your shingles, Spectrum is ideally positioned to meet all of your roof repair and maintenance needs. Our IRATA trained operatives work at the forefront of the industrial rope access industry with the latest abseiling methods, safety techniques and equipment. 


Our preference for rope access gives every Spectrum team the flexibility to formulate and deliver a one-of-a-kind solution to every client based on the needs of their property, staff, clients or tenants. This also means that, should a simple contract unexpectedly develop into a complex one, we can swiftly reassess the situation and develop a follow-up plan without wasting any unnecessary time.


Spectrum Specialist Solutions is one of London’s leading building maintenance contractors, making use of industry-leading rope access techniques and cutting edge 3D printed equipment to deliver unrivalled results to clients of all sizes. If you’re interested in having us assess, maintain or restore your property, get in touch today!



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