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What is Roof Waterproofing? - Roof Maintenance.

What is Roof Waterproofing?

One of the main functions of any roof is to protect a building from the elements and keep water out. Even a small roof leak can seriously compromise a property and let a considerable amount of rain into the building. Over time, water can begin to cause serious maintenance issues. Ongoing damp can result in both structural and aesthetic problems, causing mould, rot and damp throughout affected areas.

The best way to properly protect a property, and prevent water penetration, is to ensure the roof is fully waterproofed. Modern roof waterproofing methods can protect buildings of all shapes and sizes. Properly applied, these waterproofing techniques will keep a building free of unwanted water infiltration for years.

Why is Roof Waterproofing Important?

Over the decades, even the best-made roofs will begin to leak. Water has a way of finding the smallest chinks in a roofs’ armour, and so any faults in the roof are likely to result in a leak.

The most affordable and effective way of stopping a leak is to waterproof the roof. When a roof is properly waterproofed, no rain will be able to enter and the structure and aesthetics of the building will be protected. Maintaining the roof waterproofing coating in place, and repairing or replacing it when any damage is found, is the best way of keeping a building safe.  

Types of Roof Waterproofing

There are various options to choose from when it comes to waterproofing your roof. The roof waterproofing material you choose will depend on the location of the leak, the style of the roof and your requirements. Three of the most popular waterproofing options available are:

·       EPDM – weather and UV-resistant synthetic rubber. As the rubber is extremely flexible, with an elasticity of more than 500%, it’s ideal for waterproofing flat roofs. In fact, it’s the most flexible single-ply membrane available for waterproofing flat roofs and façades. 

·       Glass Reinforced Plastic – Also known as GRP or liquid waterproofing, glass-reinforced plastic is made up of rigid polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre. This technique can be used on all roof types.

·       Rubber Membrane – Rubber membrane waterproofing uses a single-ply membrane to create an impermeable layer on the roof of a building. It’s one of the most traditional waterproofing methods available and has been used in the UK for over four decades. The rubber membrane can be attached to the roof by fastening, ballasting or adhesion. Once in place, it creates a fully waterproof layer over the roof.

How Long Does Roof Waterproofing Last?

As the roof is the most exposed part of any property, all waterproofing systems will need regular maintenance if they’re going to last. If waterproofing materials are properly cared for, they can last years. However, all types of rooftop waterproofing solutions will wear out over time.
Each type of waterproofing material has a different lifespan. Their longevity will also depend on the style of the roof itself and on the conditions they’re exposed to. Talk to your installer about which solution will offer your property the longest-lasting protection. 

What Can Roof Waterproofing Services Be Used For?

Roof waterproofing services can be used to repair leaking roofs and fit new impermeable layers to existing roofs. Properly waterproofing a leaking roof can postpone the need for a replacement and create a strong, waterproof barrier to protect the building.

If you have a leak in your flat or pitched roof, waterproofing can be used to repair the fault and restore the full waterproof qualities of the roof. Even if a roof hasn’t sprung a leak, waterproofing can be used to help maintain and protect the structure. Keeping the impermeable layer in good condition will help prevent leaks and damage to the property.

All types of roofs should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they’re in good condition. If any issues are found, they should be addressed straight away.

Why Go To Spectrum For Roof Waterproofing

If you have a property in need of waterproofing services, we’re the perfect team for the job. All of our operatives have extensive experience waterproofing both commercial and residential properties. As a result, they’ll be able to select the right waterproofing solution for the property and ensure the job is carried out to a high standard.

In order to work properly and last a long time, all roof waterproofing materials need to be properly installed. As our team have used these high-quality materials and techniques for years, they’re able to get the most out of each roof waterproofing method and ensure your property is fully protected.

Whenever we work on roof waterproofing projects, we place our client’s needs at the heart of the job. This means we’ll take your budget, timeframe and requirements into account before deciding on a course of action. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and check the waterproofing when it’s in place to ensure it’s 100% impermeable. 

As well as waterproofing, our team have extensive experience in access solutions. This means we’re often able to work via rope access and cherry pickers and don’t require scaffolding to complete a job. Avoiding the use of scaffolding and other heavy machinery can save our clients a significant amount and keep waterproofing costs to a minimum.

If you manage a commercial or industrial building and are interested in the services we offer roof waterproofing UK properties, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our expert team through the Contact page to find out more.

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