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Rope Access - Is it the Solution for High-Rise Maintenance?

How do you scale a high-rise building?

Maintaining a building can be a considerable challenge. We often get asked: how do you clean the windows on the 6th floor? How do you replace the fascia boards 50 meters above the ground? The answer to all these questions is rope access.


We developed rope access from rock climbing methods, allowing our workers to reach tricky, difficult-to-reach locations without the trouble of having to erect scaffolding or aerial platforms.


Rope Access is a groundbreaking solution for handling the maintenance and inspection of immense structural locations like bridges, high rise buildings and stadiums.  


It used to be impossible to maintain these kinds of structures without scaffolding or aerial platforms. Still, due to rope access development, you can do so in a much more affordable and less time-consuming manner.


Mountain or rock climbing has been around for centuries, and rope access started to gain popularity in the ’80s with abseil work on transport cuttings and bridges. Today it is used the world over as a practical solution for structural maintenance.


So, let’s look at how rope access is the ultimate solution for high-rise maintenance and construction.


It’s versatile.


We can use rope access in various environments on a wide range of jobs such as leak detection, waterproofing, glazing, banner installation, bird proofing, specialist cleaning, general cleaning, and so much more.


At Spectrum Specialist Support, we also use rope access for haulage and strategy required in many RAMS that need operatives to work at tremendous heights.


It’s cost-effective.


Rope access is incredibly economical. It takes fewer people to accomplish more tasks faster, which means minimal downtime and improved profits because of increased production.


As an example, if you had to choose a scaffolding solution for the maintenance of your building, you would have to pay for the operatives to erect the structure and then to complete the work at hand.


Further to this, the scaffold needs to have an engineered, stamped drawing, which can cost anything up to 2000 GBP. You’ll also need to pay the rental fee, which is usually a 28-day minimum.


It is green.


Given that the environment is impacted more negatively than ever, you will be happy to know that rope access is 100% green.


In contrast to traditional methods, there is minimal footprint when using rope access to maintain large structures. No electricity, oil or petrol required. It’s a logical solution.


It’s super-efficient.


It can take days to erect the appropriate scaffolding for a high-rise. Not to mention days to strike it once the job is complete.


With rope access work, mobilisation and set-up time is much swifter than other means of access. The rigging only takes a few hours. As a result, rope access technicians can get going on a job with little preparation. Due to rope access's mobility and agility, technicians can get to where they are required to be much quicker than with an aerial platform or scaffold.


It’s safer than you might think.


IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) has three tiers of certified training. This ensures every qualified technician on our team knows how to handle themselves when they are working at height.


We put a sharp focus on the identification and safe methods of work, rope access rescue plans and other systems to support our incident & injury free status.


Don’t forget that it is also no responsibility of yours should something go wrong.


Rope Access has an excellent safety record. Statistically, it is the safest way to carry out high-rise work because of the training and safety precautions required to be a technician. 


Access to anywhere.


When it comes to rope access, no area is impossible to reach. You’d be surprised – literally any height or structure you can imagine.


It’s useful for glass replacement and cleaning, roof maintenance and installation silo maintenance and a whole lot more; think dizzyingly high rollercoasters and 100 storey buildings.


No matter the height, you can use our wide variety of services. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to find out more. We have more information on our Rope Access services here.

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