Softwashing is a revolutionary

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Your building can be cleaned

up to 8 floors from the ground

with no scaffolding!

What is Softwashing?

Softwashing is an effective way of removing dirt, grime, algae and other discolouration from a building’s surface. Unlike other cleaning methods, such as jetwashing, a softwash doesn’t damage modern render or cladding. Instead, it gently but thoroughly removes residue from the exterior of the property to leave the surface looking like new.

The results of a comprehensive softwash can be dramatic and long lasting. Once the exterior of a property has been cleaned and treated, algae, fungi and dirt can be kept at bay for years to come. This method of cleaning is also environmentally friendly, as it uses less water than jetwashing and has less of an impact on surrounding trees, plants and habitats.

Softwashing can be carried out from the safety of the ground or via rope access. This flexibility allows our skilled and experienced operatives to clean all areas of a building and access roofs, façades, balconies and cladding that would be impossible to reach using other methods.

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Why Use Us For Softwashing?


We are at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning industry. Specialising in low risk, high performance, soft washing, to clean buildings and treat exteriors, cleaning render, roofs, and cladding, stonework, and any external substrate.

Unique Patented

Our pioneering cleaning systems make soft washing easier than ever. Nobody in the industry has access to our equipment. It is designed and 3D printed in house.


Our vans are self-contained, which means we bring all of our equipment to site (including large volumes of water) we pack away at the end of each day. The only way you know we have been on site is that your building gets a little cleaner each and every day.

What can Softwashing be used for?

This versatile and innovative cleaning solution can be used to renovate and aesthetically restore a wide variety of surfaces. Softwashing is primarily used to clean buildings that have been finished with modern render. Softwashing is the ideal cleaning method for this finish as it is powerful enough to remove stains, algae and discolouration, but gentle enough to prevent damage to the surface of the render.


Algae growth is incredibly common, and most buildings will have at least some algae growing on their exteriors. Algae is most commonly found on the north faces of buildings as this is generally the dampest and darkest part of a property.

Algae spores are carried by the wind and deposited on exterior surfaces. As they grow, these colonies become increasingly visible, turning the exterior of a building green, red or black. Softwashing is one of the most effective ways of removing algae from modern render. It can also be used to clean algae from stone, wood and tiled surfaces.


Stains can appear on the exterior of a building for a number of reasons. Leaking pipes can cause render to stain and discolour, as can persistent runoff from balconies and other metal fixings. These stains can have a significant impact on the exterior of a building and cause it to look old and tired before its time. Softwashing can remove these stains quickly and easily to leave the exterior of a property looking fresh and clean.


Buildings that are located in cities and close to busy transport links can easily be discoloured by high levels of pollution in the atmosphere. Particles from exhaust fumes and industrial activity can make the exterior of a property appear dull and dirty in a relatively short period of time. Softwashing can be used to effectively remove this dirt and grime and aesthetically renovate a property.

Which Surfaces are suitable for Softwashing?

Softwashing can be used to clean and restore many of the surfaces and materials used in modern construction. Spectrum’s innovative approach allows our operatives to restore the entire façade of a building. From balconies and window frames to walkways and roofs, softwashing can be used to transform all parts of a property.


Softwashing is the best way to clean buildings finished with render. Most types of modern render are not designed to withstand high-pressure jetwashing. This means that pressure washing can easily damage the surface of the render, leaving it with an uneven and irregular appearance.

Softwashing, on the other hand, will not damage the surface of modern render during the cleaning process. Using softwashing to clean the exterior of a building can help to restore the property to its original aesthetic condition.


Stone is commonly used to add character and visual interest to a property. Softwashing stone on a regular basis will help to keep it clear of algae and staining and ensure the exterior of the property look as good as possible.


Wooden cladding is extensively used on both commercial and domestic properties. While wooden cladding can look very attractive, it is prone to algae growth and discolouration. Softwashing can be used to effectively remove this staining and ensure the cladding is kept in good condition.


Like façades, roofs can discolour and stain over time. Softwashing is an efficient method of removing staining and organic matter from the roof. As softwashing is gentler than other cleaning methods, this algae and discolouration can be removed without any damage to your roof.

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What Can Softwashing Be Used For?

Softwash Cleaning

Following manufacturers guidelines we are able to restore the face of K-rend Render. Softwashing is a safe and eco-friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from exterior render.

Softwash Cleaning

"Varying types of render need specialist treatment due to their intricate composition. Using our knowledge and specialist techniques we can transform monocouche render to look as though it has been painted!

Softwashing is a safe and eco-friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from the exterior render.

Softwash Cleaning

Cleaning different cladding materials is easy, with a soft washing and steam system.

Sto Softwash

Following manufacturers guidelines we are able to restore the face of Sto Render. Softwashing is a safe and eco-friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from exterior render.

Softwash Cleaning

While Parex render is very durable, it is just not designed to withstand high-pressure jets. Therefore, a combination of soft washing and low-pressure high-temperature steam ensures you will achieve the desired result with no damage to the substrate.

Softwash Cleaning

Following manufacturers guidelines we are able to restore the face of Weber Render. Softwashing is a safe and eco-friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from the exterior render.

Softwash Cleaning

Our pioneering roof cleaning systems combine a softwash solution with low-pressure high-temperature steam to ensure all mould, stains, algae and moss are removed with no damage to your roof.

Our Accreditations

What Our Softwashing Customers' Say

G. Helms

Property Manager

Spectrum's Softwashing service have helped me maintain the curb appeal of the properties I manage. The team at Spectrum is knowledgeable and always go above and beyond to ensure the properties look sparkling clean.

B. Melling

Property Manager

The team at Spectrum are specialists in not only cleaning, but properting my buildings. I appreciate how they focus on providing cleaning solutions that are both effective and will last, such as their Softwash Cleaning service.

T. Wright

Facilities Manager

After Spectrum's Softwashing service, I will never go back to having contractors powerwash away the grime and algae on the outside of the facilities I manage! This service is highly effective and has delivered outstanding results on the exterior of my facilities.

F. Georges

Property Manager

For long-lasting and reliable property cleaning results, I suggest Spectrum's Softwashing service. Spectrum is the only team I trust to remove any deep stains and spores that have accumalted on my buildings over time.

Trusted By

Recent Completed Softwashing Projects

Why use us for Softwashing?

A Unique Approach

Operating in London and the South East, Spectrum has developed a unique approach to softwashing. Using our patented equipment and techniques, our operatives are able to clean buildings of all shapes and sizes quickly and efficiently. From cladding to render and roofs to façades, Spectrum can use softwashing to quickly and efficiently renovate the exterior of a building and return it to its original aesthetic condition.

When we carry out softwash render cleaning on a property, we thoroughly survey the building before we begin. Our operatives then design and 3D print the specialist equipment required for the job. This unique, patented approach allows our team to achieve outstanding results on all types of buildings and surfaces.

Minimal Disruption

Our operatives bring all their own tools and equipment to a site in self-contained vans. They will carry out softwashing work as quickly and efficiently as possible and work with tenants and businesses to minimise disruption.

A Highly-trained Team

Softwashing large residential and commercial buildings often requires our operatives to work at height. When this is necessary, we used team members who are trained in working via rope access and who have the necessary skills to complete the job safely.

With a unique, patented cleaning system and a highly skilled team, Spectrum is able to tackle buildings of all shapes and sizes. Once cleaned, these properties will be restored to their original aesthetic condition and will look good for years to come.

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Steam heated up to 155 degrees Celsius!

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Where possible we try to reduce this cost for you by taking a multi-access strategy and utilizing our custom design render cleaning equipment.

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Is abseiling just for cleaning high-rise windows?

Not at all! We apply our expertise in abseiling tall buildings for a variety of services, including cleaning render and Doff steam cleaning, to allow us the best access for every project!

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We are all about delivering results that you can see!

This is why we custom designed our own render cleaning tools, ensuring your render will look as good as new after we are done cleaning it!

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Combining our patented equipment and heavy machinery like a cherry picker, we can restore your building's cladding with no scaffolding!

By eliminating the need for scaffolding, we don't only save time when cleaning cladding, but we also can save our clients up to 70% on access costs!

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It can be tempting to just go at your brickwork with a pressure washer, but this is not advised! ❌

As jet washers exert too much pressure on the bricks, they can create cracks or erode the top layer. They also can also force more water into the brick, which later could result in the brick expand at colder times and cause further cracking.

As specialists in exterior cleaning solutions, we use steam heated up to 150 degrees Celsius to clean bricks.

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