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What to Look For When Sourcing a Softwash Contractor - Soft Washing Services

Soft washing is by far the best cleaning treatment for organic and non-organic stains. The low-pressure chemical treatments gently strip away the root cause of the stains, while protecting the substrate from any further damage. 

Property managers and building owners are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to sourcing a soft washing contractor. In our latest blog, we explain the key aspects to look for when sourcing a soft washing contractor to clean your building’s exterior and return it to its former glory.

What Does a Soft Washing Contractor Do?

A soft washing contractor can treat stains and organic growth on rendered surfaces, stone brickwork, wooden cladding, and any type of roofing surface. Hiring a professional soft washing contractor will remove the stains that have appeared on your building and leave it looking brand new while protecting the surface too.

At first glance, a high-pressure washing treatment does leave a surface looking clean. However, this cleaning technique only removes the top layer, leaving behind the roots of the natural or pollutant organisms to simply re-grow the following day.

Furthermore, pressure washing can lead to irreversible damage to brickwork, invalidating a building warranty and creating a bigger problem to solve down the line.

A soft washing contractor will use a water-based, bio-degradable chemical especially designed to be used on the required surface. The treatment gets to the root of the problem, killing organic growths like mould, algae, and lichens, as well as removing carbon and rust stains. Soft washing can last up to four times longer than power washing, meaning any new stains are the result of new growths. 

What to Look for When Sourcing a Soft Washing Contractor 

Soft washing is a safe and highly effective cleaning method, however like any external service, it pays to ensure you hire a reputable company first. After all, the last thing any property manager or building owner wants is to find damaged brickwork or leaky roofs after the ‘job’ has been completed.

Sourcing a professional soft washing contractor will ensure the correct biocides are used to clean the substrate. Any professional soft washing contractor will know the right environmentally safe chemical combinations to use, based on your building and the stains that have appeared, to leave it looking brand new.

Every job is unique, so your chosen soft washing contractor will create an individual plan for your buildings surface and the treatment required. They will be able to explain the ‘how and why’ behind their plan and discuss exactly what treatment will be applied. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you avoid any surprises after the job has been finished. 

It goes without saying of course that any professional soft washing contractor will use full PPE when onsite and their team of experts will be fully qualified to work at height. 

Spectrum’s Softwash Service

Spectrum’s innovative and patented P.A.S.T cleaning method is a proven soft washing service. 

Spectrum’s highly trained and specialist team will work with the building owner and property manager to fully understand what the surface type is, and what growth needs to be treated. Their expert knowledge will allow them to select the correct biocide to use during the treatment process while creating a safe access plan to reach the areas which need to be cleaned. 

Before beginning the treatment process, the Spectrum team will test the treatment on an inconspicuous part of the substrate to ensure this is the correct mix, before proceeding. 

Spectrum uses a DOFF machine to heat low-pressure water jets to 155 degrees Celsius. This is the optimum temperature to effectively loosen and remove the growth that has appeared on the building’s façade while protecting the substrate. 

We design and 3D print our own specialist equipment to allow our operatives to reach every part of the building. Using our extensive experience cleaning render, brick, and roofing surfaces, the Spectrum team are fully trained in accessing every part of the building’s exterior often without requiring any scaffolding to be erected. This means the job can be completed quickly and efficiently while keeping costs to a minimum.

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