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The Ultimate Guide to Softwashing - Softwashing Service 


What Is Softwashing? 


Softwashing is a cleaning method that utilises low pressure, high temperatures and specialist cleaning solutions to clean substrates. It is mainly used on modern renders, such as K-Rend, and Monocouche. This is because soft washing is gentle enough to use on more delicate surfaces, with results equally as powerful as jet washing. 


When it comes to modern renders, soft washing is a fantastic alternative to jet washing. You can expect your building to look refreshed without the fear of damaging the surface. 


Why Is Jet Washing the Wrong Choice for Modern Render? 


Although the high-pressure method of jet washing might be the best choice for traditional renders such as stone, it can cause permanent damage to the modern render. Jet washing causes scratches and chips in modern render’s surface and can result in a patchy finish.


This sort of damage can often only be fixed through rerendering, so it is best to consult with render cleaning specialists before committing to a cleaning method. 


Softwashing can be used on: 


When Does a Building Need Softwashing?


A soft washing service is usually used on modern rendered surfaces such as acrylic and silicone. Although renders are long-lasting and only require minimal maintenance, they still need to be cleaned yearly to avoid looking worn down. 


A building might need softwashing for a number of reasons: biological growth (algae, moss, fungus and mildew), environmental staining, leaky pipes, amongst many others. 


You will be able to tell when it is time for another clean - buildings with render staining have an unpleasant, run-down appearance. They may look dirty, patchy and discoloured, which minimises the value of a property and creates a disagreeable environment to live in. 


It is a good rule of thumb to lightly clean your rendered building every year, to avoid the staining to fully set in. 


Softwashing Destroys Discolouration Caused By:



Soft Wash Roof Cleaning


The soft wash service we offer is also perfect for roof cleaning. Soft washing will remove any debris and organic matter, leaving your property’s roof looking brand new. A dirty roof is not only an eyesore - it can also cause damage and further issues with a property.


For example, biological growth such as moss may block drains and downpipes, resulting in leaking and staining of both the roof and the substrate below it. This shows up as unsightly discolouration, requiring even more work. 


Using a soft wash method instead of a pressure washer avoids the problem of dislocated roof tiles while ensuring your roofing material is clean and intact. At Spectrum, you can expect beautifully clean roofs with minimal disruption. 


Soft Wash Render Cleaning


Softwashing render is one of the most common services. This is due to the fact that modern render is a porous, delicate material that can easily be damaged by powerful jet washing. Soft washing ensures the same results without the fear of destroying the substrate. 


Softwashing gently cleans modern renders, removing impurities and biological growth such as moss and algae. The chemical solution that is applied in the process helps to both remove the organic matter, as well as to prevent it from returning in the near future. 


Soft Wash Brick Cleaning


Bricks are another popular material to soft wash. Masonry tends to become looser and more delicate with time. This means that the pure strength of power washing can both dislocate and damage the exterior surfaces, causing cracks and loosened bricks. 


Soft washing is capable of achieving the same level of cleanliness without the possibility of damage to the property. Applying the biocide after cleansing ensures that the biological growth will not return to your building with light yearly maintenance. 


What is Spectrum’s Soft Wash Method? 





Our soft wash method uses high heat steam and environmentally friendly soluble solutions that easily remove the dirt off your building, leaving it refreshed. When surfaces require more work than your average soft wash, we bring out our DOFF machines. Our DOFF machines can heat the water up to 155 degrees. 


The combination of high heat steam and biocide solutions results in a technique that will clear away even the most stubborn of stains, without damaging the substrate. 





At Spectrum, we understand that our Clients expect excellent service that is quick, effective and safe. 


Our specialised building cleaning method is both low-risk and high-performance - we can restore your buildings to their former glory without the use of scaffolding, up to 8 floors high. 


This is largely thanks to our unique, patented approach. It involves 3D printing tools that are necessary to clean your property quickly, efficiently and safely, with minimal disruption.


To further minimise the disruption, we use self-contained vans. This means that we bring all equipment to the site, and disappear swiftly when the job is done. The only remnant of Spectrum’s soft washing service is a beautifully clean building you can be proud of.



Why use Spectrum’s Softwashing Services?



Get in Touch 


To book a free sample clean and consultation, please contact our friendly team of soft washing experts. We will be able to assess the needs of your building and answer any questions you may have about our building cleaning services. 








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