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The Ultimate Guide to Stone Property Cleaning - Professional Stone Property Conservation

Many external factors influence what the façade of your building looks like. Not only the weather but also traffic and pollution have an effect on the looks of your stone buildings. As an owner or project manager, you always want your properties to look clean and the best they can. That is possible by cleaning and repairing the façade of your property professionally and properly.

Carbon, algae, mould and efflorescence are only a few of the things that have an effect on the exterior of your building. Spectrum cleans your masonry by using DOFF and TORC methods, both known for their effectiveness. The expertise of our trained operatives allows our teams to restore both difficult to reach buildings and heritage buildings. 

Cleaning Stone Heritage Properties 

You may think the exterior of your building still looks good or may not need cleaning and repairing. By having an expert look at your property from time to time you can avoid aggravating damage and high costs. 

Stone exteriors need to be able to breathe. They cannot do so when they are covered in a layer of graffiti, paint, dirt, mould or stains. If the façade is dirty, your stone or brick building become prone to structural damage. You can overcome this by cleaning and repairing your building professionally. Even if your stone property is a very old heritage building, our team of experts have the equipment and capabilities to remove years of wear. By using the proper cleaning procedures, such as Doff and TORC cleaning, we are able to remove stains and organic matter without damaging the surface layer!

Our Stone Cleaning Methods

We always start by cleaning your building and removing all the dirt and mould. Depending on what is needed we use Doff cleaning or TORC/Jos cleaning systems.

Doff cleaning is one of the most effective and powerful techniques to clean the façade of your building. When we use this technique, we clean your building with super-heated steam. We can remove stains, discolouration and mould. Whilst this cleaning system offers a wide range of benefits, one of the most prominent benefits a DOFF machine offers is that it is a non-abrasive cleaning method. As the system utilises steam, you can trust that the patina of your stone building’s facade will be conserved!

When we clean through a TORC/Jos system, we remove stains that are deeply ingrained into the pores of the stone with a low-pressure vortex. We clean masonry by using a mixture of air, fine inert powder and a little bit of water. TORC cleaning, formerly known as Jos cleaning, is primarily used to get rid of carbon, dirt, scale, micro-organisms and pollution. Like DOFF cleaning, this system can be used on a variety of materials such as bricks, wood and stone. 

By removing stains that prevent your stone building’s façade from breathing, our Doff and TORC cleaning systems can return the aesthetics of the building’s exterior to its former glory and, most importantly, conserve the building’s structural integrity.

Spectrum’s Professional Stone Property Conservation Services

The exterior of your building is what we care about most. We want you to be proud of your property. For that reason, customer service is important to us and we do our best to provide you with the best service possible. The Spectrum team is flexible and able to adapt to any circumstances. Thanks to the variety of specialist skills we can offer, including abseiling, brick pointing, and stone colour matching, we can clean and restore any building!

Spectrum is an ISO 9001 accredited company. You can trust our team and our procedures. We always work highly professional and love taking care of your building. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Book a meeting now and have your commercial or residential building restored to its original aesthetic!

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