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Our stone colour matching specialists combine their expertise and hands-on experience with laboratories' to ensure the stones on your building exterior are matched for colour and restored beautifully.

Our Stone Colour Match Service

Stone colour matching skill is essential when carrying out significant stone restoration on any restoration project. A small sample of the stone exterior is sent to our laboratory to discover its perfect match for our commercial Stone Colour Match Service. Using laboratory techniques, we can offer our clients more precision than possible if matching is attempted using samples from a local hardware store. This high standard of colour matching we provide is not just essential for repainting the exterior of previously painted stone properties but crucial when matching any of the elements that required repair in the rest of the building!

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Why Use Us For Stone Colour Matching?


Our IRATA certified operatives have been highly trained to carry out works with rope access to complete a variety technical projects repairing stone, roofing or timber sash windows. This ensures that we are can deliver every service we provide with professionalism and to exceptional standards.


No matter the difficulty, our teams meet the challenge! By combining our solution-oriented mindset with our team's diverse set of skills, there is no issue our team cannot solve!


When Spectrum work on your stone property, you can trust you are working with stone specialists! With years of experience in cleaning and resorting stone properties, our team of trained stonemasons provide professional stone services that are focused on conserving the integrity of your building.

What is Stone Colour Matching?

Stone colour matching is the process by which we identify and match any renovations to the exterior of a stone property. Due to the intricate nature of stonework and its complex texture and naturally occurring minerals, colour matching requires a combination of laboratory analysis work and experienced stone technicians with a good eye checking the stone in all light conditions. Apart from sending a sample to a laboratory, our operatives can also colour match through the application of specialist paints, using proven techniques to ensure the colours blend to perfection!

Seeking Consistency in Stone

At Spectrum we fully understand the value of choosing the correct remedy to restore any building, seeking solutions which make our clients happy. This careful colour matching approach applies to any stone we colour match, including gritstone, limestone or roofing stone, and we apply our technical knowledge as much as our eyes for colour to blend old and new stone on a building exterior.

Why Might Your Building Require Our Stone Colour Matching Service?

All buildings are subject to the Water Cycle which sees in varying climatic conditions them subjected to temperature, solar radiation, airflow which vary whether the water is present as a gas, liquid or solid. Regional variations and orientation of the building also bring other conditions into play. On North facing elevations biological matter agents such as algae will become more prevalent, whilst airborne carbonic pollutant will be deposited on surfaces. Buildings in coastal areas will also be subject to salt deposition from airborne sea spray close to the coast. The result is the stone's weathering, which can either add to the patina of a building or make it look dilapidated and neglected. At some point, the effects of this constant change in temperature and climate will lead to visible damage, resulting in structural problems if left untreated.

Managed Risk For Height

Our teams are IRATA credited meaning they are highly safety-trained and experienced in working from ropes. We choose to abseil for speed and efficiency and, by association, cost-saving. It is one of the main features of how we deliver our service, and many clients appreciate the extensive savings we deliver by avoiding scaffolding. Buildings’ exteriors are surveyed and assessed for risk as a priority, enabling us to take every step necessary to reduce and remove risk. Stonework restoration is often monitored by architects and or surveyors to ensure the work is done to their exacting standards.

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What Can Stone Colour Matching Be Used For?

Stone Repairs

Stone colour matching techniques are used to match the colour of new stone and mortar used during stone restoration projects to ensure an even result where it is hard to spot the difference between old and new.

Stone Coating

If your stone property has previously been painted but are showing signs of weathering or age, our Stone Colour Matching service allows us to restore the building to the same aesthetic it held after being originally painted!

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Diego Amaya1 year ago

Spectrum did a great job with our windows and gutters. Punctual and professional.

Ryan Wibisono2 years ago

Great guys, and the job is well done. Communication is fantastic throughout.

JMM 94133 years ago

Brilliant service and extremely friendly staff.

Melissa Loedolff2 years ago

Huge thank you to Andreia for her assistance and endless patience. The standard of communication was excellent every step of the way.

Latoya Latanea Okkers1 year ago

Been working with Spectrum for a while, We have our ups and downs but I'm happy :)

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