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How to Match Exterior Stone Paint Colours - Stone Repairs

How to Match Exterior Stone Paint Colours

One of the UK’s great characteristics is the beautifully constructed buildings that sparkle across the landscape. As you travel across the country, we can spot subtle changes in the type of brick or stonework used in their construction.

However, the UK’s climate and pollution can both lead to deterioration stonework over time. While some buildings can fall into disrepair and become a sad monument to past times, property managers will seek cost-effective restoration and remedial solutions.

We have an expert team at Spectrum who are regularly asked for their advice on matching stone paint colours as part of a restoration project. In our latest blog we will share how to match exterior stone paint colours and why it is important this is done with experienced technicians under laboratory conditions. 

What is Stone Colour Matching

Contractors who are required to carry out renovation, restoration, or brick work repair on stone buildings have a unique challenge, as the original stonework used to build the exterior walls may no longer be available from the quarry that it was originally sourced from. 

Therefore, stone colour matching is required to ensure new stone and mortar is to create a consistent exterior façade and maintain the building’s heritage.

Why Might your Stone Exterior Require Colour Matching

As building owners and property managers know, all buildings will suffer wear and tear from natural elements over time. Unfortunately, stonework is no different in this regard.

Depending on the building’s location a range of factors can be attributed to the degradation of the exterior stonework. Airborne sea spray in coastal areas create salt depositions which create a tired, neglected look. Algae and carbon pollutants will over time degrade the stonework causing a need for repairs. Sunlight can also lead to the stonework fading over time too.

The result is a tired looking building in need of repair, at which point a property manager or building owner will typically look to re-paint the exterior.

To ensure the remedial work maintains the aesthetic look and feel of the original stonework, a colour matching service is required to ensure any work seamlessly blends into the building’s exterior.

How we Match Stonework Colour

The Spectrum team are well versed in identifying the optimum solutions to restore any building to its former glory. We have built an extensive level of technical knowledge to colour match any type of stone, including gritstone, limestone, or roofing stone. 

However, when we embark on a stonework colour matching service, we need to examine a small stone sample under laboratory conditions, rather than going to a local paint store to find the closet colour. The laboratory with professionally trained technicians at the helm will identify the precise tint of stone and brickwork using their specialist equipment rather than relying on the naked eye.

Typically, we use our stone colour matching techniques to identify the correct match of new stone and mortar used during restoration projects, or when previous re-painting jobs have started to show wear and tear. 

We also have the capabilities to effortlessly apply the exact match via rope access too.

Rope access delivers a quicker, safer, and more cost-effective method than traditional methods like scaffolding. Our teams, all of whom are IRATA credited, have the skill and expertise to safely abseil at height and deliver the remedial work required. 

All the buildings we operate on are surveyed and risk assessed as a priority. We use architects or surveyors to monitor the stonework restoration to ensure the work is done to their precise standards. 

To learn more about our professional Stone Matching service, click here.

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