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Stone Colour Matching
- Stone Repairs

Here at Spectrum, we are experts in bespoke stone repairs and stone colour matching. Not only are our expert stonemasons able to work with any detail of exterior stone on and around a building, including on steps, kerbstones, facades, and cornerstones, but they have years of training, skill, and experience in repairing and restoring stone to its original beauty – regardless of its age, colour, or condition. 

Indeed, at Spectrum we regard stonemasonry as a craft. One that requires genuine expertise, knowledge, and practice, and pride ourselves on our team’s eye for detail, agility and utmost integrity. We consider each and every stone repair project as unique and create bespoke solutions for almost all types of stone – no matter how ancient or damaged it may appear.   

We are also able to access difficult-to-reach places and heights without the need for scaffolding. This is a hugely beneficial and cost saving service that particularly came in useful when completing bespoke stone repairs on a residential property in Notting Hill, London. 

   Accessing difficult-to-reach places and heights, without scaffolding

The Project

Stone Colour Matching

Stone Repairs

  • Location:Notting Hill, London
  • Client:Property Manager
  • Project Duration:
  • Substrate:Stone
  • Access Method:Rope Access

The Site

Each stone was perfectly colour matched using state of the art technology so that it was impossible to tell that there was ever a repair carried out.

The Logistics

Although there were plenty of challenges during this project, including colour matching the stone, accessing difficult to reach stonework, and rigging our own specialist temporary anchor, our team of expert stonemasons was able to utilise their expert knowledge and training to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver exceptional results. 

All of our highly experienced stonemasons are IRATA trained and have completed extensive specialist stone repair and masonry courses. Their extensive knowledge was able to save the property’s existing stonework as typically, when the stone is badly damaged, it needs to be completely replaced. 

However, it is extremely difficult to replace a section of stonework as it is almost impossible to find both the correct colour and size. It is also very expensive to remake the exact same stone. Instead, thanks to their rigorous training in masonry, our team was able to take a small sample of the existing stone and recreate a compound that was breathable, structurally sound, and the exact same colour as the existing stonework. 

+plus point

We employ IRATA-trained stonemasons with extensive knowledge of stonework

Stone Colour Matching

Case Study

Precise Stone Colour Matching

With numerous unique challenges, and an extensive amount of stone repairs, the project in Notting Hill was particularly tricky. However, thanks to our wonderful team of expert stonemasons, the new stone compound was able to blend seamlessly with the existing stonework and leave the building looking good as new. 

As such, not only was the client delighted with the end result, but so were we. Indeed, being able to deliver another exceptional result to a satisfied client is always a significant highlight of any project we complete – whether it is a stone repair project, stone restoration project or stone colour matching project. 

We were also able save the client a significant sum money in access costs which is always a huge achievement. Our team of highly trained stonemasons, and agility to access otherwise difficult to reach places, allows us to reduce the need for costly scaffolding and save each of our clients up to 70% in access costs as well as ample time and unnecessary stress. 

+plus point
Our access methods have saved our clients up to 70% in access costs

Going Above and Beyond for our Clients 

Here at Spectrum, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond to help our clients and provide them with the very best service. We will always find a solution to any problem, and are available for consultation, quotation, and immediate bookings. 

Moreover, we operate nationwide and are in your area, so no matter where you are, we can have our specialist team come to you. To receive a free consultation, simply contact our friendly team of expert stonemasons. We will be able to assess your needs and answer any questions you may have about our stone colour matching, stone repair, and stone renovation services. 

Alternatively, if you are unsure of the service you require, browse our service wheel for more information or pick up the phone and our friendly team will be able to assist you. Call 020 3551 6206 to speak to an advisor today. 

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